(5 Easy Steps) – How to Repair PS4 HDMI Port?

The PS4 HDMI port tends to damage being a weak point of internal hardware. Many users complain that they cannot fix the PS4 HDMI port because unsurprisingly; there is lack of insight about PS4 HDMI port repair.

If you are in the same boat, worry not, since we have got your back!

So, can you repair PS4 HDMI port?

Yes, you can repair PS4 HDMI port! To do so, you need to free the entire motherboard, and fix the new HDMI port in its socket. You can get a PS4 HDMI port from the market. However, we suggest you to bring your PS4 to the nearest store for PS4 HDMI port repair to avoid costly consequences.

Since the PS4 HDMI port repair is a not-so-easy task, therefore, it would help if you kept reading our short and simple guide!

how to repair ps4 hdmi port
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Problem with my PS4’s HDMI port

There can be a number of problems with your HDMI port resulting in unclear or no display output. Some of the common reasons are 


Most of the time, the problem is in the wire, and it is just as easy to resolve by changing the wire. You can get a new wire or borrow it from someone for the sake of testing. If this is not the case and your HDMI wire is functioning correctly, the issue must be with the hardware port, and it will be a bit more challenging to resolve. 

Loose HDMI Port

If you force an HDMI cable in the socket, it can damage some of the 19 pins in the HDMI socket, and you might need to change the port entirely in order to resolve the display problem.

You can confirm by either counting the pins or seeing if the plug-in port is loose. A loose wire is due to the missing pins, and there’s no good solution other than changing the port.

How to avoid damage?

The HDMI socket is intact on the motherboard directly, and we should be very careful with it. If you have a single cable and you use it on multiple devices, plugging and unplugging the wire constantly, then you must get a new wire.

Always pace yourself while plugging in the HDMI cable as extra force can be fatal for the port. You can easily avoid hardware damage by taking good care of the console.

How to fix HDMI port on PS4?

Here are the steps to fix HDMI port on PS4:

  1. To fix HDMI port on PS4, firstly you will need a new HDMI port from any market.
  2. Next, you will need to open the motherboard to get your hands on HDMI socket.
  3. Once you reach the socket, you will remove the damaged HDMI port.
  4. Last but not the least, you will insert the new port into HDMI socket.
  5. Finally, fix the motherboard back into its place.

Please note, dealing with motherboard on PS4 requires professional skill. Therefore, to avoid any damage, we suggest you to take your PS4 to the nearest repair shop for PS4 HDMI port repair.

Finding a store near you

If you are willing to change the HDMI port, you should know that the port only costs around 10 dollars at max, but the total fixing charges can be about 150 dollars if you visit a Sony outlet around you. At other workstations, you might find a better deal, but consoles opened at other workstations are not prone to warranty replacements.

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It is the best way to take care of your console as small changes such as changing the HDMI can cost you a fortune. If you want to get something fixed on your console, go for the permanent fix instead of alternative solutions and visit experienced professionals in your area. The better option is always Sony’s Outlet.

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