How to Repair Epson XP400 Not Printing Error?

how to repair epson xp400 not printing error
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Epson xp400 is an inkjet printer that supports Windows 8 and 10. Besides, it is famous for printing around 19 prints every minute for a black and white printer. However, with a colour printer, Epson xp400 can print 10 prints per minute. Though we cannot question the technicality of Epson xp400, the matter of fact is, the technology always comes with a few bugs. Therefore, Epson xp400 has minor glitches too.

If your Epson xp400 printer has stopped printing out of nowhere, you need not worry! It is one of the common errors that Epson xp400 printers come up with. This article gives you the easiest and quickest fixes to resolve the Epson xp400 not printing error!

What causes the Epson xp400 printer to stop working?

Generally, the Epson xp400 not printing error is due to the ink pads when the machine turns old. Thus, you would receive the error suddenly with a red blinking light. However, you might know that your Epson xp400 contains an internal waste ink pad that collects the wasted ink, which is an outcome of cleaning your printer.

The waste ink pads are spongy, and they have the responsibility of soaking up the extra ink while your printer is doing the job or absorbing the leaked ink when you are trying to clean the printhead. Moreover, the waste ink pad also collects the unused ink as well. So, mostly, when you receive the error that your printer has stopped printing, it is because that the waste ink pad has reached its highest limit and it cannot absorb any wasted ink anymore.

How to fix Epson XP400 not printing error?

Let’s have a light on the quick and straightforward measures that you can take to make your Epson xp400 start working again;

  • First and foremost, you have to connect your Epson printer with a computer through a USB cable.
  • Would you please wait for a while until your printer gets warm enough to get ready to work?
  • Would you please check for the printer software and drivers? If any of these are present in an old version, then you need to update them.
  • Next, you have to click on the read waste counters to get your counters checked. The read waste counter is solely responsible for finishing the checking procedure.
  • Next, to reset the page counter, please click on the reset key and click ‘ok.’
  • Once the resetting process completes, please click on ‘ok’ again.
  • Now, you have to turn off your printer and clean the waste ink pad. Once you have cleaned the waste ink pad, please turn on the printer to see if the issue persists.

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In conclusion

Undoubtedly, Epson printers are doing a great job in the printing industry with their advanced technology. However, you must keep in mind that technology tends to break down at any time, and therefore, you must prepare yourself beforehand for the fixes. This article has tried our best to guide you on fixing the Epson xp400 not printing error. We hope it will prove helpful!


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