How to Remove Printer Ink From Skin?

how to remove printer ink from skin
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If you are a regular printer user, making it essential for you to change your printer’s ink cartridges very often, you might have suffered from the irritating and stubborn ink on your hands or maybe somewhere else. However, if the ink stains are present on clothing fabrics, they might get removed using a detergent, but if these stain your skin, they might stay there for a more extended period which would indeed become a nuisance.

We believe you would not want to experience or even imagine a scenario where you get stuck with your printer ink spilled all over you, and you are unable to get rid of the stubborn ink from your hands and elsewhere. Of course, you can change your clothes but what would you do with your hands? Furthermore, you would surely need a way to get the ink all removed right away because you might have meetings the following morning.

Well, you need not panic if you ever find yourself stuck in a similar situation. This article will guide you to remove the printer ink from your skin quickly to avoid any stubborn stains. Besides, we will also discuss how to prevent getting printer ink stains while you attempt to change the printer cartridges. So, let’s get started!

How to get ink off your hands?

Understandably, printer ink stains consume a lot of time if not taken seriously, and they usually do not go away easily and quickly. However, here we will state a few critical materials/chemical mixtures that might help you eliminate these printer ink stains then and there. However, some of them are essential oils, while others are different chemicals. Therefore, please make sure that they do not reach inside your body in any way;

1. An essential oil – tea tree oil

You might have heard about the essential oils, and tea tree oil is one of them. Very often, people use tea tree oil for skin and hair care routines. It has anti-bacterial properties; when applied to the skin, and it helps the skin get rid of germs and, most importantly, stops bacterial organisms from growing further.

Many people use tea tree oil to remove ink stains as well. You can try dropping a few drops of the oil on a piece of cloth and rub it a little on your skin to remove the ink stain. However, you might need to repeat the process multiple times to remove ink stains permanently. Once you have performed the procedure, please do not forget to wash your hands properly.

2. Try applying the rubbing alcohol

People use rubbling alcohol for several purposes. You might have it in your bathrooms as well because it helps in getting rid of the germs as well. However, it is also famous for removing ink stains from the skin. So, if you ever get printer ink spilled on you while trying to change the ink cartridge, we suggest you try rubbing alcohol.

All you have to do is apply the alcohol on your skin and rub it a little, not too harshly. Afterward, please do not forget to wash your hands, not only with water but use soap as well.

3. Nail paint remover

Girls must know about nail paint remover. It contains acetone and helps in removing nail polish from nails. However, people have found another use of nail polish remover, removing the ink stains. All you need is to apply a little nail paint remover on the area of skin where ink stain is present and rub a bit.

However, please make sure that your surrounding wooden furniture does not get nail paint remover, or else it will lose its polish.

4. Hairspray

If you are looking for different materials that can help you get rid of the ink stain from your skin, hairsprays might become your savior. All you have to do is to apply a little hairspray. However, please do not apply to the ink-stained area directly. Once you have rubbed the spray on your skin, please wash your hands with water and soap; afterward, do not forget to apply lotion.

5. Bleaching agent

You must know that bleaching agents are solely for removing highly stubborn stains from clothes and never for the skin. Therefore, if all of the above ingredients fail to work for you, then using bleach is the last option on your plate. However, if you decide to use bleach on your ink-stained skin area, please make sure that you get it diluted with water first.

How can I avoid printer ink from getting on my skin?

Nothing can ensure that you would not get ink on your hands while you try to change your printer’s ink cartridge. However, taking a few measures might help you the maximum from getting ink stains on your hands.

You might know or not, and all the ink cartridges come with different designs and instructions. Therefore, please read and follow the instructions before changing the ink cartridges.

Another important measure that you can take is wearing latex gloves while you change the ink cartridges. It would save you from getting stubborn ink on your hands and clothes.

You can use the refill kits if you do not want to remove the ink cartridges all over. However, before you get involved in refilling kits, you must know how to perform the procedure; otherwise, it would become messier for you.

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In conclusion

Beyond any doubt, getting ink stains on your hands while you try to replace your printer ink cartridges is pretty much annoying and becomes further frustrating when you cannot get them removed. Therefore, in this article, we have tried our best to summarize the ingredients you can use to get rid of the printer ink stains quickly and easily. Moreover, we have also shared some tips to avoid getting ink on your skin.

Hopefully, it will prove helpful!


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