How to Remove Office Chair Cylinder? (4 Step Process)

Have you started noticing that your office chair is too low these days and doesn’t match the height of your desk? Well, the office chair cylinder controls adjustment of the chairs’ height! So, do you think it needs to be replaced? Let’s see!

So, can you remove an office chair cylinder?

Well, yes you can remove an office chair cylinder! To do so, you must possess a pair of gloves, screw drivers, newspaper/butter papers, a lubricant and rubber mallet. All you need to do is to remove the office chair cylinder, remove the base and finally replace the cylinder with a new one!

To have grip on a detailed step-wise guide on how to remove an office chair cylinder; please keep reading our precise guide!

how to remove office chair cylinder
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All the tools you need

For the tools needed, search out a toolbox in your house or office to do the trick. You need:

  • Rubber gloves for protection of hands
  • Newspaper or rag cloth to protect the work area from grease stains or other damage
  • A large wrench or Screwdriver to loosen and tighten the screws
  • Rubber mallet to fix the cylinder in a place free of impact marks
  • Optional: WD-40 as a lubricant to ease the removal of chair gas cylinder

Steps of replacing office chair gas cylinder

The guide below will give you a step-by-step insight on how you can fix your chair to make it functioning like brand-new again.

STEP 1: Ensure protection of yourself and your workspace

Before you start the process, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from any damage. Next, spread old newspapers or ragged clothes on the floor to prevent the floor work from getting any stains or impact damage. Finally, turn your chair upside down on the protected flooring to begin the process.

STEP 2: Remove the office chair cylinder

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For this, you need to use your pipe wrench. Tighten the grip of the pipe wrench around your cylinder as close to the mechanism as possible.

Once the wrench is firmly fixed in place, turn the pipe wrench quarter by quarter till it comes loose.

If your cylinder is screwed on, you will have to use a screwdriver to do the job.

STEP 3: Remove the office chair base

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To dislodge the cylinder from the base of the, simply turn the base upside down.

Ensure that your feet are off the area where the cylinder may fall, and the flooring is well-covered to be protected from damage.

Using a rubber mallet, hit on the back of the base for the cylinder to pop out on the ground. You can also use a hammer to do the trick, but that is likely to cause impact damage.

If the cylinder hesitates to get out, just spray it with some WD-40 and leave it on for a while. Now hit hard with the mallet to see the cylinder’s stubbornness going away.

STEP 4: Replace office chair gas cylinder

Eventually, we come to the easiest and actual task; popping the new office chair replacement cylinder into the base. Ensure to buy a cylinder with an adequate office chair piston that is well compatible with your chair. A good option would be the “Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Pneumatic Shock” available at Amazon with excellent reviews.

To assemble, set the base on the floor right-up. Place the new cylinder into the base. Now fix the seat onto the base by aligning its hole in the mechanism.

Finally, sit in your hair to make the mechanism fasten up. Give it a few minutes to settle. There you have it, a brand new functioning chair. Now adjust the seat or roll on it as you desire.

Enjoy work with your new office chair

Feel proud of the replacement work you just did. Not only did you save money by not buying a new chair, but you also contributed to environmental safety by reducing recyclable waste.

The chair is ready to have its seat revamped the seat and focus on the work without getting pain in the neck or extra strain on the eyes.

Things to consider when buying a new chair

If the minor technicality of this guide disturbs you, or you tried your best for replacement, but your chair just didn’t co-operate, it’s time to go shopping for a new office chair. Bring in a new beauty to do your office work on while you relax and roll on it.

However, don’t repeat the same mistake as you did with the previous one. Keenly consider the vendor you buy from and research well for his reputation. While buying the chair, feel free to analyze the material’s quality and texture. Sit on a sample chair to evaluate your comfort level.

But don’t just stick to the analysis of the seat. Inspect down to the base, inquiring about the type of cylinder fitted and its guarantee and warranty.

To learn why it is essential to know about the type of cylinder used in the chair making and a better guide on choosing an office chair, check out our article best computer chair for long hours.

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We believe that this guide will help anyone looking forward to getting rid of the problem without spending too much money. Such acts also make a person self-reliant and solution-oriented rather than materialistic.

By now, you might have realized that it is much easier to replace the parts of daily-use hardware than to change the entire thing and bring in a new one. However, spend liberally when buying chairs in bulk for office and do not buy cheap to save up a few pennies as that then costs much worse in other ways.

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