How to Raise Office Chair Without Lever?

Office chairs play a significant role when it comes to comfortable environment of an office. The essential part of these chairs is the office chair height extender since every individual prefers a particular chair height for personal ease. Any clue about how to make office chair higher?

So, is it possible to raise office chair without lever?

Well, yes, you can raise office chair without lever. To do so, you must measure the height that suits you well. Next, gear yourself up for detaching the seat using tools. At this point, you will need wooden pieces to raise your chair’s height. However, having a threaded post on your chair also helps making your office chair taller.

If you wish to have a stepwise guide on how to raise office chair without lever, please keep reading our article!

How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever
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Why do we need to raise the chair?

How To Make Office Chair Higher

If the chair is shorter than the table’s height, or the person is shortly heightened, then you might need to raise the chair to bring it to a comfortable position.

Other than that, if you will keep sitting on a short heightened chair, you might get back pain, your posture will be affected, you might have to lean on to the table and many other issues could arise.

So it’s better to adjust the height rather than getting neck or back pain along with bad posture. Because you spend most of your time sitting on that chair in the office.

How to Raise Office Chair Without Lever?

If you are wondering how to raise chair height that does not have a lever, here we will go through the process step by step to makes it understandable and doable.

Measure the distance

Identify the proper height if you’re at ease. You can check if your feet are staying flat on the floor and also, look out at your knee position. If it’s above the waist, your posture is not right and you need to adjust it. Measure the current height.

Then, measure the distance between your knees and the ground in a properly comfortable position. Note down both the distances and calculate their difference. That would be the height your chair needs to be raised to.

Detach the seat

Now to adjust the height, you will have to detach the seat from its bottom. To do that, you need to place it upside down. Open the screws of the chair with the help of a screw driver. To not destroying the cushioning of your seat, you can use a cloth or old towel to protect it.

The screws of chairs that attach them with the bottom depend upon the models and brands. Most of them have a general type of mounting screws though. You can open them easily with the help of an Allen wrench or screw driver.

How to make chairs taller

Using wooden pieces

You can use wooden pieces to raise the height to a few inches. You will have to place the pieces in between the seat and the lower part of the chair. You will have to use a drill and make a hole in the wooden piece. It is recommended to use a 2×2 inch piece for a better grip. Then you have to pass long screws and nut through those holes. The number of woods depends upon the number of screws in the chair.

You can place the wooden pieces in between the seat and the lower part. After adjusting them, you have to attach the seat back and reattach it. This will help you raise the chair to a few inches.

This method will require a little more effort and energy. As it includes removing and rebinding of screws tightly. So it is recommended to take help of a professional if you doubt it.

Through threaded post

If you need to raise it a little more, you may have to check if your chair has a threaded post for height adjustment. For that, you have to lubricate the threaded post by putting the chair upside down.

To save your clothes and cushion from getting dirty, you need to remove the additional oil. It will also clean out the dirt and debris stuck into it. That dirt also stands in the way of adjusting the chair’s height with a threaded post.

Secure the base with your feet to prevent it from moving right or left. Then you have to move it in an anticlockwise direction to increase its height. You can move it in a clockwise direction if you want to lower the height. Continue turning it until you reach your desired height.

Once you see a difference in height, you need to sit on the chair and see if it’s the actual height you aimed for. Don’t rush into fixing it, that might waste your whole effort and you will have to repeat the whole process.

If you’re not satisfied with the height, you can keep spinning it. Each spin increases the height to approx. 1/4th of an inch. By that calculation, to raise the chair up to 2 inches, you will have to spin it for at least 8 times in an anticlockwise direction.

This method is relatively easy but for executing this, your chair must have a threaded post. If it does not have that, you will have to use wooden pieces to raise it to an approximate height.

If your chair has a lever, that’s great. But it does not have it that does not mean that you have to sit uncomfortably. These tips are the ultimate office chair risers, and you will be able to raise office chair without lever.

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Sitting in an uncomfortable position for long time will affect your spine health. It will cause body aches, neck or back pain and several other underlying problems. So it is best to get it fixed with investing minimal efforts. These methods will help you do it and you will be able to do it by yourself.

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