How to Protect Carpet From Office Chair? (3 Easy Fixes)

Undoubtedly, both the chairs and carpets are an essential part of office décor! However, your regular office chair on carpet can transform the entire look from beautiful to horrible, sadly! But, don’t worry, protecting carpet from office chair is doable.

So, is there any way to protect carpet from office chairs?

Well, yes, there are many ways to protect carpet from office chairs. An additional mat for office chair on carpet should be the first thing you must opt for! Next, you must look for wheels of the chair, if they are worn out, repair these! Replacing your office chair with a new one is the last thing you want to do!

Rolling office chair on carpet is easier to get along with, but the damage it brings to the carpet is irritating! To dig into details on protecting carpet from office chairs, please keep reading!

how to protect carpet from office chair
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Are office chairs made for use on carpet?

Precisely, yes, office chairs work well on a carpet with their wheels helping you roll around as you work throughout the day. The five wheels of the chair provide robust stability to aid the user.

Here is the negative catch, though. These very wheels are why office chairs do not pair up well with the carpets, as they can destroy them by making marks, indentations, scruffs, or spills.

Is rolling office chair on carpet; a bad idea?

rolling office chair on carpet

What makes the rolling chairs on carpet destructive is the wheels that make you go around. If these wheels are manufactured of low-quality material, they are likely to be cheap but would come with another cost, i.e., destroying your flooring.

Hence, there are two essential factors to keep in mind when choosing hardware; the type and quality of chair wheels and carpet. The market offers two types of office chair wheels currently, plastic and roller-blade style. And we cannot stress enough how much you should choose the latter option every time.

Roller-blade style wheels are already encased within a soft, polyurethane material that prevents any scratch or marks on the carpet as the actual wheel never comes in contact with the carpet in the first place. Moreover, the soft material allows smooth rolling. You needn’t worry about dirt sticking to it as the material acts as a repellant to filth.

How to protect carpet from office chair?

Though, office chairs with wheels are preferred by everyone, but they also increase the need for replacing office carpets quite frequently. The wheels of chairs don’t go hand-in-hand with carpets and end up making them weary.

But, you don’t have to worry about investing into new carpets anymore! You can protect your carpet from office chair with the help of our thorough research!

So, here are the ways to protect carpet from office chair;

Change the wheels of office chair if they malfunction

This is the quickest and affordable solution to prevent the damage done by office chairs on carpet. Remember, if you are fond of saving money on daily-use hardware, it’s likely to be worn out earlier and cost you more for repair or replacement. Hence, opt for high-quality roller-blade style wheels, readily available at affordable prices.

If this is your go-to office chair on carpet solution, then let us solve your problem of surfing the internet to find the wheels. Get your hands on “Office Chair Caster Wheels,” ranked as an Amazon choice product because of its smooth frosted gliding motion and easy to fit and use mechanism.

Top-up your carpet with a chair floor mat

There are endless options in the market for those who are solution-oriented, and a chair floor mat is one such example. A good chair mat would be made up of 100% polycarbonate that prevents the wheels from sinking and provides up to 80% ease and smoothness in gliding.

Whether the damage to your carpet is because of dirty wheels or difficulty in gliding that wear and tears carpet, chair floor mats such as the Gorilla Grip Chair Mat is the way to go.

Invest in a new office chair

However, the ultimate solution has to be the replacement of the office chair or choosing a good one in the first place. With office work being 70% sitting behind screens, chairs are what makes it comfortable or drains you out. The way you sit and lean on office chairs may give you postural problems and backaches.

Moreover, they wear it quicker, from seat to wheels. Hence, invest your money in a good ergonomic chair specially built and designed to support your back when the long work hours take a terrible toll on you.

For a guide on choosing the best office chair, check out: Best Office Chair For Long Hours

How to find the best fit chair mat for your office?

The guideline below outlines the basic steps to get your hands on the ideal chair mat that efficiently complements your workspace while being comfortable simultaneously.

Plan Ahead

To get started in the first place, you need to plan ahead and think of the changes you might be making to your workspace. Think whether you are planning to install new flooring or getting a different desk or maybe a bigger chair. The rearrangements will better define and impact your purchase.

What Type of Floor Do You Have?

The flooring type, i.e., carpeted or hardwood largely determines the kind of chair mat you would go for. Since your search is for a carpeted floor, you would want to go for an option with a firm under-hold so that it doesn’t glide off your carpet as you roll your office chair on it.

It should grip easily on the underside to be safely anchored in place at all times. However, equally important is the thickness factor of carpets as the type of office chair mats varies accordingly.

Some of your safest options for carpeted floor include The Premium Plastic Chair Mat by ES Robbins, designed for high-pile carpet, i.e., one with a thickness greater than 5/8-inch. In contrast, their Plastic Chair Mat and Teardrop Shaped Chair Mat are designed for a low-pile carpet that is less than 5/8 inch thick. Other options with the firm under grips for lower thicknesses include Deflecto-oriented carpet or The Anji Bamboo Office Chair mat.

What Size and Shape Do You Need?

The flexibility in variations of office chair mats requires you to work out your workspace’s dimensions very well. To find the most suitable mat size, roll your chair around at work like you usually do and then measure the area you have rolled around. This is the most practical way of finding the ideal measurements for the perfect fit.

For desks with drawers on either side, go for a mat with a lip. For a corner work area, choose the clear plastic teardrop-shaped mat, while rectangular mats are best suited to work tables.

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There is no limit to styling and décor options and ideas. While the mix and match may bring its set of adverse effects, we can prevent our things from wearing out early and looking beautiful for a long time with correct choices and adequate preventive measures.

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