How to Measure Laptop Size Before Buying a Case or Bag?

How To Measure Laptop Size
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Knowing the dimensions of your laptop can be beneficial in many circumstances. Whether you are out to buy accessories for your laptop, or you are ordering them online. You often need to select the right size for laptop accessories like a laptop bag, screen protector, or paper skin.

In this topic, you will learn how you can measure your laptop’s size accurately. We will discuss which units are common to measure laptop dimensions, how close most of your accessories should be to your laptop’s size. You will also learn an easy trick to learn your laptop’s dimensions without any struggle or measuring instrument.

First, we will discuss how to measure your laptop’s dimensions with a ruler or measuring tape. There are 5 steps of measurements that are used to find accessories for your laptop. We will discuss how you can measure them and what are they used for.

How to Measure Laptop Size?

What Size Is My Laptop

You need to keep your laptop on a flat surface. You can measure your laptop with instruments scaled of any unit. Although inches are a preferred unit of measurement for most products, you can convert the dimensions into other units like centimeters later on if you measure accurately.

You can find measure all the dimensions of your laptop in these 5 steps. These are all the readings you will ever need to know about your laptop.

Step 1: Measuring the Diagonal

Measure Laptop Diagonally

You first need to shut your laptop’s top and place it on a flat surface. You will measure between two cross edges either from top left to bottom right, or vice versa. Make sure that you have placed the measuring points accurately.

Step 2: Measuring the Width

Measure Laptop Width

You have to measure your laptop horizontally, either from left to right or right to left. In both cases, you have to measure accuracy and consider if your laptop is slightly trapezium. This means that if the upper horizontal length (roof) is shorter or greater than the lower horizontal length (base).

Step 3: Measuring the Depth

Measure Laptop Depth

You need to keep the one end of scale-up from the surface on which the laptop is placed and note the readings. If you have a classic design that is mostly thicker than the new blood, you might need spacious storage for your laptop. Otherwise, a bag with a small cabinet should be your choice.

Step 4: Measuring the Height

Measure Laptop Height

It would be best if you had the vertical height of your laptop from the top to bottom perspective when placed on a flat surface.

Step 5: Measuring the Screen size

Measure Laptop Screen Size

You will open your laptop’s top and measure your monitor size from one edge to the other cross edge such that only the screen is measured. You will not measure the extra cornering of the screen.

If you have taken all these measures successfully, you are good to go shopping. But if you are away from your laptop, this next method is for you as it helps you learn your laptop’s size in its absence.

An alternative method to find your laptop dimensions

You don’t need a measuring tool to find your laptop’s dimensions. Instead, you can find your laptop’s dimensions by its model number. All the laptop’s features are listed on the company’s websites, and you need to surf the web to find the correct dimensions following these simple steps.

Step 1: Search for ‘System Information’

Go to windows and search for “System Information.” Click and open the dialogue window.

System Information

Step 2: Find your ‘Model’

Find out your laptop’s model number in the list.

What Is My System Model

Step 3: Search on ‘Google’

Once you find out your laptop’s model number, search the web for the laptop’s features. You will come across the model’s detailed specifications, which will include the dimensions as HxWxD.

Laptop Measurment


You must find the specifications of your laptop’s model number, not any other similar model. Another common misconception is that people use the screen size to buy body covers while they need to fit ‘bezel,’ which is the cornering of the screen layer, and it is at least an extra inch. It is how expensive accessories go in vain for people.

Finding the best laptop bag

Best Laptop Bag

Choosing the right bag for your laptop is very important. It is one of the essential accessories. It would be best if you had a bag that has a lot of space, yet the laptop is better tightly held in a separate compartment such that it does not have excess space to bounce on impact and damage itself.

A laptop bag must have static proportions so that the laptop is safe from external damage. And that is why; you need to learn your laptop’s measurements to find a perfect sized laptop bag.

Although some people believe that larger sizes are acceptable, it is not very accurate. You can use laptop bags with elastic compartments or a locking Velcro strap for a better grip on your laptop.

The laptop compartment must be deep enough to ensure the laptop is not hanging out and is safely tucked in the space.

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I hope you have found any of these methods easy and working. You have now learned how to take useful measurements of your laptop and can confidently buy any new accessories for your laptop.

You don’t even require your laptop to measure its dimensions with the alternative method. Make sure to convert the reading in other units using unit conversion calculators as many products are listed with sizes in centimeters as well as inches.

I hope this content was helpful for you. If you have any suggestions or questions about this content, kindly let us know below.


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