(SOLVED) – How to Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Continuously?

how to make your ps4 controller vibrate continuously
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Sony has introduced a feature in their PS4 DS4 controllers, causing the handlebars to vibrate during a collision with another vehicle. Having that vibrant feature surely hoists your gaming experience. But, what if your PS4 controller vibrates constantly? Sounds fun, no?

So, how to make the PS4 controller vibrate constantly?

To make the PS4 controller vibrate constantly, please activate the PS4 vibration mode. Next, either you can make your PS4 controller vibrate constantly through DS4 windows (PC) or Ivibrate App (PC).

To dive into details about how your PS4 controller can have constant vibrations, we suggest you to keep reading!

How to make your PS4 controller vibrate nonstop?

If you want to make your PS4 controller vibrate continuously, then make sure to activate the PS4 vibration mode first! But how would you do that?

Here are the steps to activate vibration mode on Ps4:

  1. Head to your home screen and proceed to Settings.
  2. Now select device option.
  3. Next, go to the controller option.
  4. Click on the Enable vibration optio.

Now, you have successfully enabled the vibration mode in PS4 Controller, let us direct you to the next step!

Turn on vibration on PS4 Controller through “Ds4 Windows”

With DS4Windows, you can use your PlayStation controller on your Windows 10 PC and connect it to a virtual emulator.

Here are the steps to make PS4 controller vibrate constantly via DS4 windows:

  1. Switch on your PC and open the DS4Windows
  2. Turn on your PC and Find DS4Windows
  3. Click DS4Windows to open it.
  4. Make sure to cross-check the setting on the hiding DS4 controller.
  5. Now you will have to connect the PS4 controller while incorporating Bluetooth.
  6. Click on Rocket League to open it.
  7. Hit the free play option here
  8. Now turn off the controller while clicking on the center button + options.
  9. Connect with PS4 Controller with a micro USB port.
  10. After that, activate the PS4 Controller to turn the vibration option on.

Now, you have successfully installed the vibrating feature on your PS4 controller.

Make PS4 controller vibrate through “Ivibrate App”

To make your PS4 controller vibrate continuously via Ivibrate app, you will have to connect your PS4 device with a PC and then download the app to kick start.

Here are the steps to make your PS4 controller vibrate constantly via Ivibrate app:

  1. Connect the PS4 controller to your PC.
  2. Download iVbrate driver app on your PC.
  3. Once downloading is finished, now install the iVbrate app on your system.
  4. Run the iVibrate driver app to make your controller vibrate continuously.

You can set the intensity of the vibration level of your controller and set different vibration patterns.

How to disable vibration on PS4 controller?

If you have got bored with the vibrating feature on PS4 Controller and want to disable it then you can do it right now. All you need to do is follow these steps precisely.

  1. Navigate to Settings on your home screen.
  2. Again click on the device and then controller.
  3. Uncheck the enable vibration.
  4. Now you have deactivated the vibrating mode on the PS4 controller.


Sony meticulously designed the PlayStation 4 controller to give you a better gaming experience. You can enhance your gameplay even further with the help of those techniques and methods that we’ve discussed above.

You’re now equipped to play like a boss or go pro, although you may want to play most games with default settings. By vibrating the controller continuously, it can be made more enjoyable and impressive. Why not experience the joys that it has to offer?

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