How to Lower Ping on PS4? (Boost PS4 Internet Speed)

Undoubtedly, PS4 latency issues annoy a gamer to the core! Though many gamers wish to have the PS4 latency fix, but there might me lack of insight. Are you also clueless about how to reduce latency on PS4?

So, can you fix PS4 latency issues?

Yes, you can fix PS4 latency issues. To do so, you must get the router upgraded to dispatch the data. You can get yourself a TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi router which lowers the ping exceptionally well. To fix PS4 latency issues, you can reset the router/PS4, or avoid downloads while playing a game.

Once you have updated the router, now go through our seven quick and easy steps to reduce ping and uplift your gaming experience on PS4.

how to lower ping on ps4
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How to reduce ping on PS4? – [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are the methods to lower ping on PS4:

[Solution #1] Avoid Wireless Internet Connection  

Wireless connections ensure hassle-free internet connectivity, but they sometimes have higher latency. This means that if your PS4 is connected via wifi instead of cables, it won’t be able to receive strong signals and fast data processing.

On the other hand, if you have a cable that goes from your PS4 to your router, it will surely fetch you strong signals that will process data faster.

Why is this so? When it comes to wireless signals, they take more time to switch. A few outer elements can aggravate it and hoist the latency. These can intrude on the sign, making the sign take more time to get to the switch.

The latency distinction can be significant when talking about wired vs. wireless connections. However, it can be up to 20 to 30-millisecond ping difference.

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[Solution #2] Pick The Right Ethernet Cable 

Now you want to go for a wired internet connection. Then we have suggested you buy Ethernet cables. But before pouring bucks, make sure to pick the suitable cable that fulfills your requirements. Below we have recommended types to get you to resolve PS4 latency issues.

Avoid purchasing CAT 1,2,3,4, and 5 for a wired internet connection. 

[Solution #3] Stop Downloading Stuff When Playing Game

Imagine that you are playing a game and encountering inertness or latency, check to ensure that no downloads are going on. You probably won’t realize, and there will be downloading something on the grounds.

This is because many of us set our PS4s, gaming consoles, and PCs to download games consequently. When we return home from work, our games are prepared to play.

Why is this so? Developers keep updating game features while making new changes to them. This regularly resolves bugs and improves the game with its high-end performing capabilities.

Each of these implies that our games update week after week; hence, you can have constant downloading to acquire the latest and updated version due to these substantial warzone updates, which will ultimately uplift the ping.

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[Solution #4] Resetting Ps4 Can Help

Imagine you are not doing any downloads and having a wired connection, but the latency issue is still there. Here comes the resetting console option, which will make your data run better and faster. This will remove unnecessary data from RAM and cache memory.

However, it will also ensure you strengthen your connection to the network. So, make sure to reset your PS4 for enhanced latency.

Suppose you keep PS4 in rest mode with the goal that your games can update automatically. Additionally, you can charge your regulators and remote headsets while not utilizing them. Indeed, then, at that point, I suggest resetting your PS4 once every 2 or 3 days.

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[Solution #5] Resetting Router Can Help

We hardly give any importance to the router, but resetting the router is equally important! Although it is a pretty essential step that will take a few minutes of you. It comes with a memory, and it also has a processor; both of them work closely and ensure your fast internet, which will help you boost network efficiently.

You get various types of routers when searching on the market, and some are more costly than others. Thereby having a high-end router will require less resetting. Still, you need to reset a router once a week.

But here, you might have a question about how to reset your router?

  1. Unplug your router and wait for 20 to 30 seconds.
  2. Now plug it back into the switch
  3. Let it reboot
  4. Now restart your PS4, and you will observe a significant difference in speed.

Although this can undoubtedly be one of the best methods to ensure that the router’s memory is revived, it kills all that the switch was doing or had put away.

Do you know that? Some high-end routers accompany programming that you can install on computers and smartphones. With that software, you can reset the router via this software. However, this method is not recommended, but it can prove more convenient.

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[Solution #6] Pick A Suitable Server To Lower The Ping

When it comes to improving ping on PS4, you need to check out your server regions as well. If your server is close enough, it will require a short distance to travel towards you. With nearby servers, you can have fast data processing for stunning upshots.

If you don’t have servers, make sure to buy space from the nearest one. For instance, if you live in the Middle East, you should better opt for European servers. Those living in Australia without having ocean service should better opt for servers in Asia.

Do you know that? Games like Warzone don’t come with an option to choose a server region. So you are at their leniency on this one. That being said, Call Of Duty games, as a rule, have servers to offer their players.

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[Solution #7] Reduce Ping In Ps4 Using Monitor

TVs have more latency when comparing them with monitors. It takes more time in order to send a message from your controller to the console, and then it will get sent to the TV screen. The latency ratio in TVs is generally calculated from 15 to 100ms.

The monitor is considered a better choice in this regard as it can range latency from 1ms to 5ms.  It gives you a significant advantage if you start playing the game using a monitor.

If you prefer playing a game on TV rather than a monitor, then you can go for the latest model that comes with a low latency rate. Yes, this is entirely possible because the latest technology is evolving, and modern TVs have that capacity to ensure low latency and enhanced performance.

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Wrap Up

We have tried our best to fetch you proven methods to fix lag on PS4. We hope that our tips and tricks will help you resolve that issue, and you will be able to process your position and movements pretty faster with the lowest ping ratio. If you have any queries right in your mind, don’t forget to share with us via the comment section.

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