How to Join a PS4 Party on PC? (Windows 10 / macOS)

how to join a ps4 party on pc
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Did you receive a PS4 party chat invite but were unable to join in? If you want to join a PS4 party chat on PC, firstly, download the PS4 Remote Play App on your desktop. Now, keeping the console aside, you can connect your controller to the PC and start playing.

You must be wondering how to play without the console nearby. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect to PS4 Party Chat from your PC. Stick around for the most straightforward tutorial ever!

What is PS4 party chat?

To begin with, let’s discuss what the PS4 Party chat actually is.

Basically, PS4 Party Chat is an incredible feature in the PS4 system that allows gamers to have a voice chat with other fellow gamers privately without typing it out in the chatbot and Gamers normally use Discord for PS4 Party Chat.

To experience the PS4 Party Chat feature separately, gamers need to have their PS4 console and PC in sync. Once both the PC and PS4 console are synchronized, the PS4 console can be left in sleep mode, and the game continued on PC. Isn’t that amazing?

Download PS4 remote play party chat

What is remote play?

Remote play is a unique feature for PS4 and PS5, allowing you to stream your favorite PlayStation game from any device you want. It also gives you extra features from which you can easily browse your console’s menu.

With this amazing remote play feature, nearly every new gamers face error while logging into Minecraft game using a Microsoft account. It is quite a common error for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo users but easily fixable.

Now let’s discuss what devices are compatible with PS4 remote play.

  • For android, android version 7 or above
  • For iPhone, iOS 12.13 or above
  • For PC (Windows 10 and mac 10.13 or later)

Below are the steps which will enable you to download Remote play.

  • Firstly, go over to PlayStation remote play.
  • Then, Click on the windows 10 logo. This will lead you to a page where you will be able to download and install the PlayStation Remote Play application compatible with windows.
  • Now, open the application on your PC and try using it.

You should now be able to join your friends in the PlayStation party chat on PC without any trouble.

How to Join PS4 Party Chat on PC?

To join a PS4 party chart specifically on PC may seem challenging, but with this comprehensive stepwise tutorial, you are sure to do it in no time. Follow the steps below.

  • First of all, go to the PlayStation remote play official website and download the Windows 10 or MacOS application on your PC’s desktop.
  • Once done, click on install and wait for it to install. Then open your application.
  • It is essential to check that the Wi-Fi connection of your PC and PS4 console is the same.
  • Also, note that the ps4 console is in sleep mode before you use the PlayStation voice chat on pc
  • Now have your PS4 controller and PC linked. You may use a USB cable or Bluetooth lead for this.
  • If you’re using a PS5, go over to ‘other connections’ to select the PS5 option.
  • Based on whether you registered with a PS4 or PS5, your console’s respective name will be displayed on the screen.
  • This will make sure the connection is in sync.
  • In case of a password on your console, enter it ( if asked)
  • Once you’re done with these steps, both the PC and PS console will be in sync, and you can continue playing your game.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a microphone icon. Click on it to be able to voice chat with your friends.
  • Now, on your controller, press the PlayStation option. Next, select ‘party’ from the ‘quick menu option.
  • Click on start party and then select your friends’ group from the list.
  • And you’re all done!

These steps are applicable for both windows and MacOS.


What is the PS4 Party Chat?

This feature allows users to voice chat with friends and other fellow gamers while playing their game, so they don’t have to type in the chatbox.

What is PlayStation Remote Play?

This feature allows you to control your PS console, be it a PS4 or PS5 via PC. You may also stream your game and pause and play whenever needed.

Which devices and versions are PS Remote Play compatible with.

It is compatible with :

  • For android, android version 7 or above
  • For iPhone, iOS 12.13 or above
  • For PC ( Windows 10 and mac 10.13 or later)

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Learning about the PlayStation party chat on pc and how to join and make use of it successfully may seem like a daunting task at first. Our advice to you is not to get intimidated by the lengthy steps given above.

Once you get in the flow, you are sure to get a hang and be able to use ps4 chat on pc in no time. These steps are elementary to follow through.



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