(2 Easy Ways) – How to Install Brother Printer Without CD

If you have lost the printer install setup CD, don’t worry, as you can install the Brother printer without CD. There are two ways to install the printer without CD; using a USB cable and installing the printer driver from the Support Center.

How do I add a Brother printer to my computer?

After installing the printer, you need to add the printer to your computer. First, turn on your computer and click the ‘Start’ option. Next, go to ‘Windows System’> ‘Control Panel’> ‘View devices and printer’> ‘Add a printer’. Finally, select your Brother printer from the list to add the printer to your computer and print smoothly.

Keep reading to learn the two ways to install a Brother printer without a CD.

how to install brother printer without cd
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How to install brother printer without cd?

To install the brother printer without a cd, you need to have a wireless and stable internet connection, suitable printer software, and a USB cable. 

Here’s how to install the Brother printer without CD.

Install brother printer using USB cable

To use this method to install brother printer, first, you need a USB cable. Make sure you pick a USB cable that supports your printer and PC.

When you purchase the printer, it usually comes with a USB cable that is suitable for it. If a cable does not come with it, you will have to purchase it from the store.

Here are the steps to install the Brother printer via a USB cable.

  1. First, plug your printer in and turn it on.
  2. Next, power on the computer.
  3. Now plug in the USB cable in the USB port of your printer and PC.
  4. On your pc, click the start button and search for ‘devices and printers’ In the pop-up menu.
  5. Click on ‘devices and printers
  6. There is an option to ‘add a printer‘ at the top of the page. Click on that option.
  7. Look for the name of your printer and add it.
  8. Your printer will now appear on the list of printers. Instructions to connect it are also listed.
  9. Next, a page that reads ‘choose a printer port’ will appear.
  10. Click on the option that reads ‘choose an existing port.’
  11. Now choose the ‘USB port’ option.
  12. Follow the instructions given to install the printer and click on ‘ finish’ to exit the setup wizard.

Points to consider while installing the brother printer using a USB cable:

  • If your PC lacks a USB port, you can use a USB adaptor to do the job.
  • Some USB ports are pretty short. A hack to avoid inconvenience is to set up your printer close to your PC.
  • Make sure that your printer is compatible with the PC. Unfortunately, some printers are incompatible with the Mac OS.
  • You need to have the brother printer driver installed on your computer. It is readily available on the official website of brother printer. You can enter the model of your printer and download the drivers that are compatible and listed for your printer model and your PC operating system.

Install driver from Brother Support Center

Brother printer has an accommodating support center from where you can download the printer driver. In addition, you can get the driver from their official website.

Here’s how to install the printer driver from Brother Support Center.

  1. In the support center, look up the exact model number of your printer.
  2. The support center is devised especially for printer issues, troubleshoots, and FAQs.
  3. Next, go ahead and download the printer driver for your printer model. It will ask you whether you want to download it for Windows or Mac. Select the appropriate option.
  4. Once the driver for your operating system has been downloaded, locate it in the downloads folder of your web browser.
  5. In the downloads folder, go to the ‘printer driver setup file.’
  6. Open this file and move it to the printer folder.
  7. You will see a prompt to move forward to the next step.

Note: If you cannot find your driver in the printer folder, then your printer might have trouble connecting to the computer, and the pairing will not occur.

  • Another essential thing to note is that even if the printer driver is installed, it needs to be in the correct location for the pairing to occur successfully.
  • You also have the option of either selecting the full package download. This gives you access to all the functionalities available. Or you may choose custom settings according to specific needs to keep things restricted.
  • The final step is to tick ‘read the license agreement’ and click on the ‘agree’ button.
  • Your setup is no complete, and you will proceed further with the installation.

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Brother Printers are ideal for both work and home. These printers come with everything in a box. However, if you need to install the driver on your brother printer, you can easily do that using a USB cable or from the brother printer support center, along with various other methods.

Once the driver is installed, you can access all the incredible functionality of the printer and use it without any trouble. Hopefully, these methods explained In such a simple fashion will help you resolve your issue in no time and proceed with your work.

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