How to Install and Use Better Discord? (Themes & Plugins)

The widely used app for communication purposes in the gaming world is Discord. It’s unique features and high functionality need no introduction. However, many users are curious about another similar app known as ‘Better Discord,’ which claims to enhance Discord’s features.

So, what does ‘Better Discord’ do?

Better Discord is a communication app that mimics Discord. The app also provides users with features like sharing screens and sounds, and let them voice/video chat during a gameplay. However, unlike Discord, the Better Discord allows users to have captivating themes, bots and plugins in their chats.

To dive into details regarding how to install Better Discord and how to use it; please keep reading! You will also get to know how to install Better Discord themes and plugins, rest assured!

how to use better discord
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What is Better Discord?

As mentioned earlier, Better Discord is another communication tool similar to the Discord app. However, the features may vary. Speaking of the communication-related features, Better Discord also offers people from different parts of the world to join servers and chat. It contains all the voice/video chat features, just like Discord.

However, when it comes to adding different appealing themes, bots and plugins to your chats, it is only Better Discord that has your back since Discord does not support any of these features. Moreover, there is no official announcement regarding the launch of the mentioned features any time soon.

Specific features of Better Discord

There are some attractive features possessed by Better Discord that cause users to give this app a try! Following are the unique elements of the app;


Once you start using Better Discord, that too on minimal mode, you can enjoy targeting specific channels such as audio channels.

Eye-catching themes

Discord does not allow you to add themes to chats. However, if you are craving appealing themes, then Better Discord will surely work for you since it is the only alternative that supports the addition of themes.


On Better Discord, you can customize your Discord client as per your desire without having to know any rocket science.


Adding plugins of your choice and preparing a few as per your choice is another great feature offered by Better Discord.

Moreover, Better Discord has a super-friendly interface that does not demand you to be a technical professional or something.

How to download Better Discord?

As we have discussed what Better Discord and its exceptional features is, let’s move on to learning how to download Better Discord and its installation process.

If you are looking for using Better Discord, get the app on your device! Please make sure you visit the official website to download the app without any trouble. Here’s the link to Better Discord’s official website

When you open the official webpage, You will see a very prominent ‘Download’ button on the screen. Just click on it to download the latest version of the Better Discord.

How to install Better Discord?

Installation of Better Discord is a quick and straightforward process.

Here are the steps to install Better Discord:

  • Once you have downloaded the Better Discord as per your operating system, you need to navigate to the downloaded app’s folder. If you are downloading the app on Windows, you must move to the ‘downloads’ folder.
  • Next, you need to run the downloaded file.
  • A popup window will appear.
  • Check the “I accept the license agreement” and click on “Next”

better discord install step 1

  • Select “Install BetterDiscord”

better discord install step 2

  • Choose your Discord version and click “Install”

better discord install step 3

  • Please make sure that you restart your computer before running the app once you have successfully installed the app.

The above-mentioned installation process is for Windows. However, if you wish to have Better Discord installed on Mac, please make sure that you follow the steps as under;

  • As mentioned earlier, to download Better Discord, you need to visit the official webpage.
  • Once you reach the website’s home, select your operating system correctly to have the appropriate file downloaded on your device.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, click on the file and choose ‘open’ to proceed with the installation process.
  • An ‘installation setup’ screen shows up where you have to uncheck ‘install to PTB’ and ‘install to canary.’ Once you follow this appropriately, make sure you click on ‘install.’

How to use Better Discord?

If during the installation process on Windows, you installed BandageBD and put a check on ‘install to stable,’ then using Better Discord will become a no-brainer for you.

Also, some extensions are important to use Better Discord. Besides, these extensions are only available when you have installed BandagedBD.

To use Better Discord easily, please follow the instructions as under;

  • Begin with launching the Discord app.
  • There is a ‘+’ icon that you can see on your screen, click on it to create a server on the app.
  • You need to set a name for your server and select your appropriate region.
  • Moreover, you will get a link from Discord for your server so that you can share it with your friends.
  • You can add your friends to your server by sharing the link provided to you.
  • Once you have completed the process correctly, you can make the most out of the features offered by BandageBD.
  • You can copy the link to your server and paste it on BandageBD. This grants you access to use different plugins on your server quickly.

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How to download Better Discord themes?

Undoubtedly, Better Discord themes and their customization are exceptional features owing to which Better Discord has gained a greater audience ever since its launch.

Here are the steps to download Better Discord themes:

  • You need to visit the official Better Discord Themes Page and have your favorite theme downloaded on your device in no time.
  • Next, you need to move to C:\\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\themes and unzip the downloaded file.

better discord folder

How to install Better Discord themes?

The guide as mentioned above tells you how to download Better Discord. However, in continuation to that, installation and enabling of these themes become relatively more straightforward;

Here are the steps to install Better Discord themes

  • As mentioned earlier, you must unzip the downloaded file and then paste the copied themes in the directory.
  • Moving back to the Discord app, you need to select your server and visit the settings.
  • You have to scroll down through the settings to find themes.

better discord theme settings

  • Once you have found themes, make sure you toggle the button to enable the download theme.

discord theme activate

How to download Better Discord plugins?

Beyond any doubt, Better Discord has gained popularity due to its fantastic features. On the one hand, it offers appealing themes, and it also contains several plugins that add an extra bit to your excitement.

To download these Better Discord plugins, you need to follow the steps as under;

  • To have Better Discord plugins downloaded on your device, you need to visit the official Better Discord plugins.
  • Once you download your desired plugin, you need to copy the downloaded file into C:\\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins.

better discord folder

To get your hands on how to install Better Discord plugins, please continue reading!

How to install Better Discord plugins?

To install Better Discord plugins on your device, make sure you follow the steps as under correctly;

  • As you have moved the downloaded file into plugins directory next you need to unzip the file in the plugin folder.
  • Now you have to get back to the Better Discord app and select your server.
  • Next, you need to view the settings.
  • Keep scrolling down for a while in the settings menu until you find the plugin settings

better discord theme settings

  • To activate your plugin you need to toggled the button to enable your plugin.

discord plugin settings

How to fix Better Discord not working?

Just like any other app, Better Discord can also fail to function. However, that happens rarely. But you must know what to do if your Better Discord stops working abruptly.

Here are a few quick and straightforward measures that you can take to resolve the ‘not working’ error;

  • Usually, the downloaded themes or plugins move automatically to a specific directory. However, if your Better Discord fails to process, make sure you shift these newly downloaded themes or plugins to a separate folder.
  • Ensure that you restart your computer before checking if the step mentioned above has resolved the issue or not.
  • Moreover, you can also uninstall the present version of Better Discord and download and install the latest one. That may resolve the error.
  • If you go for reinstalling the app, please make sure that you restart your PC before running the app.

Complete video tutorial

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In conclusion

Indeed, if you wish to improve your Discord server and make it look eye-catching and fun to use, then Better Discord is your go-to app. The themes and plugins it offers are mesmerizing and will never dull your excitement. This guide contains valuable information regarding Better Discord, and we hope it will prove helpful!

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