Can You Hack PS4? – (PS4 Hacks and Tricks)

Due to high prices or unavailability, you might not approach a few PS4 games. however, there are some unofficial PS4 hacks and tricks to get hands on desired games. But, be careful since PS4 hacking is illegal!

So, can you hack a PS4?

Yes, you can hack a PS4. However, PS4 hacking is absolutely illegal!

how to hack ps4
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How to hack PS4 accounts?

Hacking is not only an extremely complex process but also very heavy on the pocket. Besides, it is indeed an offense and legally banned and gets you in trouble for sure. For an average gamer, hacking gets very hard and complicated. However, it is a piece of cake for an expert in the field.

Before moving onto how you can hack a PS4 account, it is crucial to know why one hacks a PS4 account. We can say that the primary purpose of hacking a PS4 account could be using a user’s credentials without him knowing.

A hacker uses the hacked information wherever he wants to. Besides, if a PS4 user wants to opt for hacking, it is unnecessary to hack the PS4 account. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that either you are up to hacking a PS4 account or PS4 games or their content, you are walking yourself into trouble.


CronusMax is an accessory to your gaming consoles or PC, which allows you to use almost any controller, be it DS4, Xbox 360 wireless controller, etc., with your console or PC.

It comes as a separate tiny device, about the size of a USB, capable of doing wonders in your gaming world. It supports PS4 Pro, PS4, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox 360 S, Xbox 360, android devices, and many more.

It is a modded controller that is tremendously easy to carry. It lets you translate the controller commands into other commands as per your desire. Also, it permits you to create macros and different profiles for different games.

A typical question that comes up in the user’s mind is that if CronusMax is legal or not; let us make it clear that as long as you are availing the benefit from CronusMax for personal usage, it is legal. However, in competitive games on national or international levels, you may get banned for using CronusMax.

Broadly, the CronusMax is nifty; however, let us have a look at both the good and bad features of the device:


  • Allows usage of any Bluetooth or USB controller with any other device, as mentioned earlier.
  • Without getting caught by the console, you can use a keyboard and mouse.
  • USB/Bluetooth support to connect DS4 controllers.
  • Remapping the keys and buttons at your convenience.
  • Permits safe connection of 3rd party devices


  • Unable to hack a game.
  • They are restricted to PS4 only.
  • Usage of cheat codes and mods to improve the functionality of the game is illegal.

How to jailbreak a PS4?

If you are unaware of the term PS4 jailbreak, we’d suggest you break the term into two, where Jail means prison and Break means breaking something. However, the term break here is more of a technical thing rather than physical.

PS4 jailbreaking lets you modify your console by following specific commands, which are undoubtedly illegal. We consider jailbreaking a hack since users opt for jailbreaking their PS4 consoles to get their hands on the games that are either not available in their region or heavy on their pocket.

If you want to know more about PS4 jailbreak, whether it is legal or not, if it gets you banned or not, and how you can do it, read our article on How to Jailbreak PS4

Best PS4 Hacks and Tricks

Use any charger to recharge your DS4

Many of you still do not know the hidden, simple and straightforward trick that you can recharge your DS4 controllers with any of your phone’s chargers readily available at your place. That does not make any difference to your DS4’s battery. It gets charged as usual.

Now that you have got to know this, you would not need to drain your PS4 console for hours just for your controller to get charged.

Save battery by lower controller bar light

No doubt, you would not want to lose your PS4’s battery to some light indicators. The light bar on your DS4 controller consumes the charging a lot. If you do not want to lag in the game owing to your drained DS4, we have a suggestion for you!

It would be better to choose a good course of action and lower the controller’s light bar. It prevents the drainage of the DS4’s battery and maintains the game’s fluidity so that you do not lose progress on your game due to decreased battery level.

Besides, dimming the controller’s light bar is healthy for your eyes as well. You would be able to enjoy longer gaming hours without headaches and eyestrain.

Change controller input for better gaming experience

It would not be a new fact to mention that several gamers prefer PC-based gaming rather than console-based, and it is pretty much understandable.

While you play on your PC, you have your keyboard and mouse to control your gaming as much as you can and that too, smoothly. Indeed, it is hard to map the settings on your controller as per your desire.

However, let us give you good news to remap your controller’s input according to your choices using your PS4 console. The console itself possesses the option to do so.

You need to navigate to the settings, explore and suit yourself.

Learn How to fix PS4 controller lag to maximize your gaming enjoyment.

HDMI device link feature

With time, the variation and innovation of technology are remarkable. It leaves you amazed and baffled yet happy and satisfied since nearly anything is possible in this modern technology era.

The TVs we have today in our homes have begun to provide us an HDMI device link feature, which is a fantastic feature to have!

The HDMI device link feature allows the TV to connect to the PS4 console directly. The feature automatically turns on the TV when you turn on your PS4 console and synchronizes the HDMI channel. This way, you get to have maximum control over your console gaming.

Type quickly using the touchpad

Like a small surface sensitive to touch that you usually have on your laptops, the DS4 controller also possesses a similar small area on it, the ‘touchpad.’ You can press and swipe on it quickly without trying any more challenges.

Different parts of the touchpad can act as different buttons. Therefore, you can map the touchpad as per your game style.

However, today, many gamers consider the touchpad feature a waste, but we can always make something out of one thing! Using the controller’s touchpad, you can do one of the most complicated tasks on PS4 that is typing more effortless and smooth. Indeed, a brainy and first-class idea to save a lot of your time.

Wired internet connection for a better gaming experience

A wireless internet connection is not much promising when it comes to PS4 consoles. While you play one of your favorite games on your console, you require stable internet so that nothing can hamper your fun.

However, if you use a wireless internet connection, you might suffer from broken connections and low speed.

On the other hand, a wireless internet connection for your PS4 is worth it. The time that you spend on setting up the wired connection would not be a waste since it makes sure that your gaming does not suffer at any cost.

So, if you are using a wired internet connection on PS4, an uninterrupted gaming experience is on the way!

Move the stored files to the cloud

Every time you play any game on your console, you have to save the new files to keep your progress on the game.

However, we would like to ask you a question: Do you know how much space one saved file consumes? One saved file would not overload your PS4’s storage space, but the storage does get overflooded with time.

Before you receive the message on your screen that you cannot save any more files on your PS4 console because you are running out of space on PS4, it would be best if you find out the solution.

Therefore, we suggest moving your saved and stored files to the cloud, which will clear the space on your PS4 console.

You can turn your PS4 into a portable device

‘Home console’ is the word majorly used for PS4 console owing to its enormous size and the accessories that come along with it. However, you do not have to fret over this since it is now pretty much doable to make your PS4 a portable device to become easy to handle and carry.

However, definitely, it is not up to you to make a portable PS4. Different authorized companies have launched such portable PS4s for the convenience of PS4 users. The only obstacle you might face in getting a portable PS4 is money since it is pretty expensive.

However, if affordability is not the issue, you can get your hands on a portable PS4 whenever you wish!

Use the PS4’s remote play feature to stream anywhere

PS4 has given us exceptional features so we can have a fantastic console gaming experience. One such feature is PS4’s remote play. This brilliant feature allows you to stream your PS4 games on your mobile phone or any other access device. Hence, you do not have to carry your PS4 everywhere.

However, you have to ensure that you have a stable and uninterrupted broadband connection. If not so, you would not be able to move forward and use the incredible feature. Overall, the feature is similar to a supplement to your gaming experience.

Voice commands to keep up the speed of the game

As mentioned earlier, typing on PS4 is a burdensome task, but you can make it quick and smooth using the touchpad of your DS4 controller. Likewise, you can use a microphone or similar devices to voice your commands to give your teammates quick instruction while you play with them.

Both typing and voice chat matter a lot during a game since they are a communication source between the teammates and means of their victory or defeat.

Enjoy 3D movies with PlayStation VR

Sony launched a virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR that gives you 3D fun. Speaking of reality, many people cannot afford a 3D TV, but that does not mean they cannot enjoy 3D movies. So, if you cannot afford a 3D TV but own a PS VR, you can watch 3D movies with the fantastic headset.

Although it is a heavy and unmanageable device, if you wish to watch a 3D movie without having a 3D tv, PSVR is the only go-to!

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Final verdict

Hacking into PS4 might appear a complex process that requires a thorough understanding and demands your time. However, to have settings and features as per your need and desire, we assume you would not hesitate to jump into it.

In this article, we have tried covering some major PS4 hacks to augment your console gaming experience.

We hope this guide will prove advantageous!

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