[Complete Guide] – How to Get Unbanned from PSN?

Undoubtedly, your playstation opens you up to a whole new world of games and with its upgraded features. But, many gamers report that they get their PS account suspended very often! Is your PS account suspended too?

So, why is your PS account suspended?

Well, you can get your PS account suspended due to using cheats and codes to win a game. If you have used false credentials to create a PS account, it will get suspended. Besides, threatening or bullying anyone using the online PS platform also leads to account suspension.

Having your PS account suspended is truly frustrating. But, please don’t worry! We suggest you keep reading to learn about how to get unbanned from PSN.

how to get unbanned from psn
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Causes behind PlayStation support suspension

When you create an account on PSN, you automatically agree to their terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to them could result in PlayStation account suspension. Sometimes, you may not even understand what you did wrong.

Here are the causes of PlayStation support suspension:

  • Did you engage in or encourage illegal activities? These could include terrorism.
  • Did you use false information to create an account?
  • Did you abuse or threaten PlayStation employees?
  • Did you impersonate another player or other people?
  • Did you use cheats or exploit bugs for an unfair advantage?
  • Did you distribute, create, or utilize unlicensed hardware or software?
  • Did you threaten or bully another player?
  • Did you share false reports to misuse the grief reporting system?
  • Did you encourage hate speech?
  • Did you share someone’s personal details without consent?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself when dealing with PlayStation support suspension.

What do the error messages mean?

If you’ve opened your PSN account and received an error message then it’s time you look into how to get unbanned from PS4. However, error messages can tell you what is stopping you from connecting to your PSN account. There is a lot that an error message can tell you. Here are a few error messages and what they mean:

Error Code Meaning
8002A231 Your PlayStation account is suspended.
8002A227 Your account can no longer use the PlayStation Network.
80710016 Often, this means that your PlayStation has a problem with your IP; it’s similar to WS-37397.
WS-37397-9 You have a connection error.
WS- 47468-7 Your PlayStation account is banned.
WS-37337-3 Your PlayStation account is suspended temporarily.
WS-37338-4 Your PlayStation 4 is now permanently banned from the network.

How to get unbanned from PS4?

To get unbanned from PSN, firstly check whether the error matches your PS support suspension. Yet, if you do not understand, please stay calm since we have got your back!

Here are the steps to get unbanned from PSN:

  1. Start by going on the PlayStation website and reading through the Terms of Service. This will give you a better idea of any rules you may have broken.
  2. Next, check your bank statement. Usually, there’s an error from your bank and PSN has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to being owed money.
  3. Backtrack on your payments, perhaps you asked your bank to hold off on all payments and this could lead to a temporary ban on the Network. Also, note that if your account is empty then this could also be one of the problems.
  4. Use a different PS4 to sign in – you can also use a different browser on your phone or computer. Note that if you’re able to sign in there but not on your console, then the problem is not with your account. You may need to look into your PlayStation console.
  5. Give PlayStation a call and get help in identifying what your problem may be.
  6. If you have exhausted all of the efforts and found no difference to your account then you may be facing a permanent ban.

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What to do in the case of a permaban?

If you’re dealing with a permanent ban then the only solution you have is to contact the PSN support line and ensure that the ban is not done as an error. Apart from that, here are a few things you need to know about a permanent ban:

1. How to ensure it’s not an error?

In this case, you go over all of the guidelines mentioned above and call the PSN helpline to understand how to get unsuspended from PS4. They’ll also be able to go over your account and explain the reason that you were banned as well. All of the investigations are carried out before the permaban and the decision is final, so there is no chance for an error.

2. How many bans does it take to get a permaban?

If you have a total of twenty bans on your list then you may be reaching towards a permaban. Each rule you break can lead to a certain number of days for suspension. For example, swearing can lead to seven, fourteen, or even thirty days. Similarly, every offense has its set number of days for PlayStation Network suspension. You can get more information on this once you check out their ToS.

3. How do you know you have been unbanned?

Usually, PlayStation will send you a safety notification letting you know that your account has officially been unsuspended. Of course, this is if the ban is temporary. Be careful and don’t let the joy overcome you and lead you to yet another ban!


If your PlayStation account is suspended, you can still try out a VPN hack to bypass the ban and play games. Rest assured PlayStation support suspension is not permanent unless you’ve done something major, and chances are, you haven’t. So, enjoy your free time and wait out the ban. You’ll be back on the network in no time!

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