How to Get Someone’s IP From Discord? (Discord IP Resolver)

Undoubtedly, gamers adore Discord for its extraordinary features like sharing sounds, screens, games, and much more, which make communication better than ever! Yet, the rising concerns are enormous, like whether they can get someone’s IP through Discord or if Discord allows sharing IP addresses, etc.

So, is it possible to get someone’s IP through Discord?

Well, officially, you cannot get someone’s IP through Discord. IP addresses are private; you can only have these when someone shares them with you. The other ways to get someone’s IP through Discord are usually illegal and not appreciated!

To dive into details regarding how to get someone’s IP from Discord and whether Discord allows sharing IP addresses, please keep reading our short guide!

how to get someones ip from discord
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What is an IP address?

An ‘internet protocol (IP) address is specific and personal data assigned to each device for identification purposes on the internet. As mentioned, it’s personalized data you should not share with anyone else unless needed, and so should people. You can only have someone’s IP address if they share it with you willingly.

However, we do not favor getting someone else’s IP address through illegal means.

Does Discord allow sharing of IP addresses?

Firstly, it is impossible to get someone’s IP address from Discord legally. Only some treachery would get you someone’s IP address from Discord, which can get you in trouble. You might have come across some unknown links sent to you on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., well these links hack your IP address and other important credentials.

Some hackers can also make a similar link to send to another user on Discord and trick them into getting their IP address from Discord. All it takes is just a single click on the suspicious link sent to you to get your IP address hacked. You can do the similar with someone whose IP address you want badly. However, we highly do not recommend such an act.

Does Discord IP Resolver help get someone’s IP?

Discord officially tweeted lately that nobody can get someone’s IP from Discord. Yet, the human nature is full of curiosity, so people keep searching for different ways to get someone’s IP from Discord.

There are several apps or software on the internet that claim to help you find out someone’s IP smoothly. Discord IP Resolver is one such tool claimed to help users fetch another user’s IP easily and quickly. However, the app comes with many requirements that you cannot fulfill all at once!

Besides, we highly discourage you from using illegal means to get someone’s IP from Discord since it may bring troubles your way!

Can you get someone’s IP from discord?

Yes, you can get someone’s IP from Discord, by legal means only.

We do not judge why you want someone’s IP address, and maybe you need to trace their physical location if they are online, or maybe you want to build up a secure and trusted connection between two users, heaven knows!

Here are the two methods you can follow to get someone’s IP from Discord;

  • You can ask another person if you need their IP address. You can google ‘what’s my IP’ and send it to the person. They will copy and paste their IP address and send it back to you.
  • If it is not a person but a website whose IP is what you want, we suggest you open the command prompt and type ‘ping’ (space) ‘website’s address’ on the DOS screen and make sure that you press enter.

The methods mentioned above are hustle-free and won’t bring you any problems later!

Is it possible to ban an IP address on Discord?

If you block someone on your Discord, you indirectly block that user with a specific IP address from entering your account. To ban IP on Discord, make sure that follow the steps appropriately;

  • First and foremost, you must open the Discord app on a desktop, mobile phone, or browser, depending on your convenience.
  • As usual, you must log in using your credentials to access your server.
  • When you are sure that you have logged in to Discord successfully, make sure that you select the server from the left side of the screen where a list should have appeared.
  • To ban the particular user, it would be best if you click on the channel they are using at the moment. Clicking on the channel helps you locate the user you want to ban from your Discord server!
  • Next, you need to click on the main panel to see if the user that you want to ban from your Discord server enjoys the VoIP channel or not.
  • Besides, if you want to find out which members are present at the moment in the text chat channels, make sure you click on them.
  • If you find the specific user in any of the channels mentioned above, you need to right-click on his/her name to create a new menu window.
  • The bottom of the menu will show you ‘ban(username),’ make sure you make a left-click on this to bring up another dialogue window.
  • The new window wants the confirmation for your earlier action, whether you want to ban the user or not.
  • If you wish to ban the user from your Discord, please make sure that you click on ‘ban’ to get your task done right away!

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In conclusion

Discord is not everyone’s favorite only due to its exceptional features and because it offers great privacy. No one can breach your privacy on Discord in any way. Moreover, you may want someone’s IP from Discord, but you cannot have it unless you ask them personally. This article does not appreciate getting someone’s IP from Discord illegally.

However, we have discussed how you can have someone’s IP from Discord legally. We hope this article will prove helpful!

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