How to Get PS Plus 14 Day Trial? – [Free Subscription]

PS Plus has lots of new and cool features that allow gamers to enjoy games with their friends. The best way to access features is to try PS plus 14 day trial. However, many gamers may not know how to get PS plus 14-day trial. Do you have any clue where and how to get PS plus free trial?

So, how can you access PS plus 14 day trial?

To access the PlayStation 14 day trial, firstly login with PS plus account (unregistered)  > open PS store > type in keyword “trial” > navigate through different 14-day trials > subscribe when you find it > add a payment method (no payments yet) > enjoy your PS plus 14-day free trial!

To learn more about PS plus free trial codes, let’s have a look at our detailed stepwise guide!

how to get ps plus free trial
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How to Get Free PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation plus 14-day trial is a free trial that is given to new users. It’s a great opportunity, and one can use it to know how PlayStation plus works before opting to get it.

Here are the steps to get free PS PLUS 14-day trial:

  • First, one must sign in to their account on PlayStation. Keep in mind that this account must not be registered with the 14-day trial before.
  • Next, go to the PlayStation store.
  • Search for the keyword trial, and you’ll be able to navigate through a list of PlayStation 14 day trials.
  • Once you find it, you must subscribe to the service.

You can now 

  • add a payment method (such as PayPal or a debit/credit card)
  • You may now enjoy your PS plus 14-day trial.

Note: It is essential to remember that your PS plus 14 days trial will end the free trial version once the 14 day period ends. It will then turn into the paid version. You have the liberty to cancel your subscription at the end of the trial.

An alternative method to avail of PS plus free trial is to use the PlayStation App (This app is available on both android and IOS). Then, click on the PlayStation plus by linking the email, and a 14-day free trial will now be available to you.

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How to Get Free PS Plus Trial without a Credit Card?

Don’t have a credit card on you? No worries.

here are the steps to get free PS PLUS trial without credit card:

  • First, on your web browser, search PSN now for free. This will help you find the ‘official PlayStation plus 14 day trial.’ 
  • The next step is to create a temporary email account on any email provider and select your nationality.
  • You must now use this email to create a Canadian Sony account with your legitimate date of birth. Keep in mind that this step is essential and should not be skipped.
  • Once your account is created, Sony will send you an email. Go over to the email and click on ‘verify now.’
  • Now you must go over to the PSN account website.
  • On this website, go to the account you created and click on ‘already verified.’
  • Do not enter a phone number.
  • When you go over to the Canadian store, it will stay ‘unable to find the page.’
  • You must not worry. This can be easily overcome by clicking on the PlayStation button, which can be found at the top of the website.
  • Next, click join now on the website. Search up the 14-day trial and click on the icon next to the text that says ‘free.’
  • Be sure to check once by clicking on show basket and completing your purchase. Make sure to confirm it once.
  • Sign in to your brand new ps4 account and go over to account information. You now successfully have a PS plus without having to add any credit card information.

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How to Cancel PlayStation Subscription?

If you wish to cancel the subscription once the free trial ends and before the paid version is activated, you need to cancel it before the date. How to do that?

Here are the steps to cancel PS subscription:

  • First, sign in to the PlayStation network on your PlayStation PS4 or PS5
  • Next, go to settings
  • Now in the setting, go to Account management > Account information> PlayStation subscription > PlayStation plus
  • Now turn off the option ‘auto-renew

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We have informed you about how to get free PlayStation plus using ps plus 14-day trial code. Hopefully, gamers can navigate through the process quickly without any trouble. This short yet-to-the-point guide is easy to follow through.

It has everything stepwise fashion for an easy way to get the free trial with or without a credit card!

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