2 Easy Ways How to Get Aimbot on Xbox – [Xim & Cronus]

Being a regular console gamer, you would know that aimbot is ethically wrong because it is straightforward cheating! Yet, gamers wish to have aimbot for Xbox. However, they lack know-how on whether they can get aimbot for Xbox or not?

So, is aimbot for Xbox available?

Yes, aimbot for Xbox is available. However, it is pretty much difficult to get an aimbot for Xbox. Consoles like Xbox One, the X and S series are highly secured and you won’t be able to get an aimbot unless you bring third-party devices in between.

Please continue reading to know how to get an aimbot for Xbox and much more exciting information!

how to get aimbot on xbox
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Can you get aimbot on Xbox?

Yes, you can certainly get aimbot for Xbox by using third-party devices such as Cronus Zen or XIM Apex. Both of these are a form of a mod to your gaming devices which thereby provides precision, faster hits, and significantly better gameplay.

Mods such as these allow players to work around the boundaries of security and current equipment.

Since Xbox aimbot cannot be used directly, these mods give players complete control over the Xbox One framework. You also have the option of aim assist which is available in certain games and can be downloaded. However, players prefer Xbox aimbot so they never miss a shot.

Xim apex aimbot 

XIM Apex is a USB-shaped drive that gives you control over your Xbox console’s file.  While it doesn’t have a screen or several other features, you can still connect your keyboard, mouse, and controller to it, and is easier to set up.

XIM Apex aimbot for Xbox is easily available on Amazon and some of the hacks you can benefit from are:

  • Fast shooting/quickfire from both your secondary and essential weapons
  • Aimbot Fortnite option will provide codes for aimbots
  • You can squat, go left or right, and even bounce when discharging a weapon through the move fire feature.
  • You can fire using a hair-trigger arrangement.
  • Run consistently using the continuous run feature
  • Develop the point help using an auto-aim.
  • Rabbit jump whenever you want by using rabbit hop.
  • Simplify fast perusing through the speedy scope.

How to enable Xbox aimbot? 

Enabling the Xbox aimbot requires the XIM Apex. However, before you understand how to enable the aimbot, it’s important to know the backlash you’ll see in-game functions.

What are the different recoil types in games?

Below are some types of recoil that you’ll find in games:

  • Vertical: This is when the weapon raises after it is fired eliminating the element of surprise.
  • First Shot: It applies only once the primary weapon is fired.
  • Horizontal: This cannot be controlled through the mouse and is randomized.

What are the console anti-recoil methods?

Below are some of the anti-coil methods for the console:

  • Increment aim assist
  • AI Consistency
  • Lift
  • Movement of the mouse
  • Attachment of weapons
  • XY ratio increment
  • Ballistic Curve

How to set up xim apex for Xbox?

Below are some steps you can follow to enable XIM Apex aimbot for Xbox:

  1. Once you insert your XIM Apex into your PC, download the latest firmware offered to you.
  2. Now, on your USB connect, connect your mouse on the right port, your Xbox aimbot on the center, and your controller on the left port.
  1. On either your PC or smartphone, download the XIM Apex manager (Android/Apple).
  2. You’ll now be led to the list of games; pick the ones you want to play and then fix your mouse’s pulling sensitivity – the rate of messages your mouse can convey to your console.
  3. On the application, go to the worldwide settings and change to the highest pulling rate – 1000Hz is the maximum pulling rate for XIM Apex. Note that different mice had different rates and programming.
  4. Select your mouse DPI to be between 3,000-4,000 DPI.
  5. Change your in-game settings to match your ideal settings then return to the list of games. Click on the URL which will open the game settings.
  6. Check the preparation mode and select the pencil icon on the game. Toggle the settings to your liking.
  7. If you feel like your mouse stammer is not right then go to the application again and synchronize the settings to common/turn off.

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Cronus zen 

Just like the XIM Apex, the Cronus Zen allows you to set up the aimbot Xbox One. The popular mods include aim assist, reduced recoil, quick scope, rapid-fire, etc.

You’ll find that the Cronus Zen not only has an updated hub design, but also an integrated screen along with two USB ports in front for your mouse, keyboard, or controller.

Gamers have recommended Cronus Zen for its easy use and simplicity of applying the settings according to the requirements of your game. The best part is that settings can be tweaked both on the integrated screen as well as on the software!

How to set up Cronus zen on Xbox? 

If you’re interested in setting up the Cronus Zen to use aimbot for Xbox, follow the steps below:

Note that there will be two cables in your Cronus Zen box – the longer cable will connect to your PC on the left side of your Cronus Zen while the shorter one is for your Xbox on the top.

  1. Download the Zen studio software from the Cronus Zen website. Also, download the universal updater from the collective minds site
  2. Make sure your universal updater software is up to date then connect the provided cable to the PC while holding down the blue button on your Cronus Zen device.
  3. When the device is recognized, leave the button and see if there are any updates required from you. If there is here, click on update; it will be completed in just a few seconds.
  4. Launch the Cronus Zen software and go to the Programer tab. You’ll find the game packs here made by Collective minds.
  5. Go to the tab named Library and find the scripts for several different games created by the community. Note that the packs you pick from here will need continual updates.
  6. Select the game and press the play button to save the changes.
  7. Now, you are ready to plug in your Cronus Zen device to your Xbox One and your controller to your Cronus Zen.
  8. For a wireless connection with the controller, first, check your controller and ensure that it is not connected to another device – this can be done by connecting it to your PC and waiting for the logo to turn white which means you can safely turn the power off.
  9. Now you can unplug the controller from your PC and turn on the controller. Now you can press the sync button for three seconds. When the Xbox logo turns white, press the blue button on your Cronus Zen; you are now connected to your device.

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Now that you know how to get aimbot on Xbox, you can easily enjoy great gameplay and win several competitions with just a little mod. Do keep in mind, though, that if you’re caught using an aimbot for Xbox then you will be banned since it is considered cheating.  

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