[Solved] – How to Fix Xbox One Overheating and Turning Off

Quite unpleasant to have your Xbox one overheating, that too in the middle of gaming! On one hand where gamers admire Xbox for its captivating video games and high functionality, they also come up with their Xbox one overheating problems as well.

But, why is my Xbox one overheating?

Your Xbox one keeps overheating due to dust buildup or high temperature. Using your Xbox one continuously without allowing it to rest, may also produce heat. At times, placing your console over carpets/mats may also lead to overheating problems. A malfunctioning cooling fan does the same!

To dive into more reasons regarding Xbox one/one s/one x overheating, and how to fix it; please keep reading!

how to stop your xbox from overheating
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What are the reasons for Xbox overheating?

Before learning how to fix the overheating issues, you need to identify why these perfectly designed consoles initiate actions like self-shutdown. Here are the reasons for Xbox overheating:

  • High environmental temperature
  • Dust build up around cooling fan
  • No proper routine maintenance
  • Dried up thermal paste
  • Inappropriate location of airflow
  • Dust around exhaust grills
  • Nonfunctional cooling fan
  • Barricades against ventilation fan
  • Xbox Console is covered under heavy fabric
  • Exposed to direct sunlight
  • Detection of threat, damaging the chip
  • Problem with power supply or power supply cord

These mentioned causes depict that Xbox One X overheating issue is developed due to the presence of extra heat inside and around the console.

How to fix Xbox one overheating issue?

Xbox One S overheating issues are now common because gamers can play for hours without any break forcing the console to produce more heat.

The regular Xbox One overheating and turning off shortens lifespan or risks damaging the console. Therefore, you must eliminate it before it gets too late.

Here are the methods to fix Xbox one overheating issue:

1. Avoid sunlight

Occasionally the gaming setup, especially the console, is placed in an open environment to ensure ventilation, yet it overheats. It’s because the Xbox One is directly exposed to sunlight, being responsible for imparting extra heat. Keep it in a shadow and not near open windows or doors.

2. Allow ventilation

Experts design the Xbox models with a proper airflow mechanism, but if it is not placed strategically, it can cause more restrictions in airflow.

  1. Keep Xbox on a flat surface; avoid keeping it on the sofa, bed, or any other soft surface while playing.
  2. If the console is already set in a confined box, shelve, or closet, immediately move it to another place with sufficient air reach.
  3. Ensure the warm air flowing outside and does not restrain around the console all the time.
  4. Maintain at least 6 inches distance between console and wall.

3. Cleaning of Xbox one fan

The most common and evident issue for overheating is the dust layers around the cooling fan or exhaust ways. It is wise to have routine maintenance and regular cleaning by removing the top cover off your console.

The dust or debris around the fan slows down its performance and won’t allow it to rotate at its full capacity. Follow the following cleaning procedure:

  1. Take your console away from the dusty environment
  2. Unscrew the top cover
  3. Place a pin through the gap to stop the fan from circling
  4. Clean the fan with an anti-dust remover
  5. You can use a vacuum or compressed air to blow the dust
  6. Try not to touch any internally connected wires or parts to avoid damage

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4. Cleaning of exhaust grills

Dust is stored around the console over time and builds a layer around the grills and side panels. The grills and side panels are the critical points of airflow and cooling system in Xbox one console design. Follow the easy ways to fix it:

  1. Unplug all wires from the console and place it in an open space.
  2. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the dust out from the exterior.
  3. Clean off the exhaust grill, side panels, and steel components.
  4. You can use an air-compressed can or a blower to blow away the dust particles.

5. Replace the thermal paste on the CPU

It’s not always the external factors that overheat the console and disrupts your gaming session. Maybe the primary responsibility for preventing that overheating issue is already obsolete.

Microsoft manufactures Xbox with an internal cooling system; the thermal paste is coated around the CPU to prevent overheating.

  1. Unscrew the Xbox console
  2. Clean and remove the old thermal paste carefully
  3. Apply the new thermal paste over the CPU properly

This method requires expertise and precision; if the coolant is not appropriately applied or flows of the processor, it will generate more heat than before.

6. Nearby heat resources

One common mistake you may constantly repeat without even knowing would be staking other electronic devices near or underneath the gaming console. The Xbox One will surely heat up once its surrounding temperature rises and all the electronic devices such as amplifiers, radiators, etc., are heat-releasing sources.

Multiple devices stored against the side of your Xbox One console require your immediate attention and shuffling.

7. Remove any cover

The console should have a proper cooling and airflow system; keeping it covered with any heavy fabric or anything will only lead to permanent damage to the processing unit or any other part. Remove every cover, blanket, or fabric placed around the Xbox One console forthwith.

8. Replacing a power supply

Xbox One overheating and turning off is a precautionary measure, but we must be assured if the power supply is working properly or not. If you observe any discontinuation in the power supply or it becomes extremely hot you might want to follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the power cables from your console
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes
  3. Replug the cables to your Xbox one
  4. Finally, turn on the Xbox console and check whether its again overheating or not

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9. Unplug the console

Whether you receive the overheating message or diagnose through the naked eye, the very least and quickest actions you can take to fix Xbox overheating issue are:

  1. Turn off the Xbox and unplug all the power wires from the outlet.
  2. Now, wait for a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, you can shift the console to a more ventilated area.
  4. Once it becomes cool, plug in the power cables, and you are good to go.

This method only fixes your current overheating issue and will appear again next time.


Active gamers are more diverted towards gaming consoles than PCs & laptops, and Xbox consoles are the topmost gaming units all over the world. These devices for various reasons are victims of overheating issues because the constant play of high intensive games requires a high amount of energy from the CPU. Therefore, gamers will time and again face this overheating problem.

In this article, we have briefly narrated the causes of Xbox One overheating and gave simple solutions for them. With the proper placing of console and ventilation access, you can overcome these problems and enjoy your games.

For any suggestions queries related to tips mentioned in this guide, reach out to us without any hesitation.

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