How to Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc? (7 Easy Ways)

Since the tech tends to err, therefore, you can’t expect your Xbox one to be flawless all the time! Many users report about their Xbox one can’t read disc, which would be truly frustrating. If your Xbox one stopped reading disc as well, don’t worry; since we’ve got your back!

So, how to fix Xbox not reading disc problem?

To fix Xbox not reading disc problem, you must check if the disc is damaged/scratched. Try inserting another disc. Also, it would help if you cleaned the console. Check if there’s an update to be installed on your console. If nothing helps, try resetting your Xbox.

To have the details on why your Xbox one stopped reading discs, and how to fix it, please keep reading our simple and short guide!

how to fix xbox one not reading disc
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What causes Xbox one disc drive not taking disc?

There are a couple of reasons why your Xbox won’t read disc or won’t take the disc. 

Here are the causes of Xbox one disc drive not taking disc:

  1. One of the reasons it doesn’t recognize the disc could be that there might be a problem with the laser. It might have debris or dirt, causing this error to happen. You have to clean it regularly. In case it gets dirty, replace it.
  2.  There might even be issues with the hardware of your system. If any of the tiny components with the console get dislodged or loosen, it can negatively affect the performance of your Xbox.
  3. Sometimes particular objects can get stuck within the disc drive and cause this issue. These include coins, clips, or other small objects. Keep your console protected from dust at all times.
  4. One other reason could be the power settings of your console leading to disc reading difficulties.

How to fix Xbox one disc drive not working?

After exploring most of the potential causes of your Xbox not being able to read discs, we are now going to dive into the fundamental solution of it all. So how do we fix an Xbox One that is not taking a disc? 

Here are the methods to fix Xbox one drive not working:

1. See if the disc is damaged

Thoroughly look at your disc on either side to find any damage on it. Do you see any signs of wear, scratches, or even marks?

  1. Listen closely to pick up any noise when the disc is within the drive.
  2. Make sure to check your console for any signs of damage as well.

2. Check using another disc

You can test another disc and see if that solves the problem. If the problem goes away and the disc works, then the disc drive does not have any issues with it. This means your game disc is actually the problem.

3. Give all the parts a cleaning

Once you’re done with checking all the components, now you should attempt to clean the disc as well as the disc drive thoroughly. 

  1. The disc can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to do both sides. Deep clean by using some rubbing alcohol.
  2. With a microfiber cloth, clean all over the disc drive to be rid of debris, dust, build-up, etc. You can clean the tray with the help of any brush that doesn’t have harsh bristles. Make sure you get every last bit of dust.

4. Try updating

Maybe all your Xbox One console requires is an update. Visit the online Xbox status page to inspect the network’s services.

To see the available hard drive space:

  1. Click the Xbox button to access the guide
  2. Select Profile & system
  3. Go into Settings, then System
  4. Click on Storage.

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The way you install updates is:

  1. Connect Xbox to the internet
  2. Click the Xbox button to access the menu
  3. Select Profile & system.
  4. Select the Settings option
  5. From the available options select System
  6. Then select Updates & Downloads

You can attempt to restart to get rid of multiple problems. Push the button on your Xbox for a couple of seconds for it to restart.

5. Shift Xbox One

Your console’s position might even be the culprit here. Shift the position of the console to solve this problem of it not reading the disc. Always keep it in a flat and a leveled place.

6. Inspect power modes on your Xbox One

The Xbox One not being able to read a disc could be because the instant-on power mode might be causing this. You can turn this setting off by:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu
  2. Scroll to the Profile & System, and then select Settings
  3. Then select Power and startup
  4. Finally click on Power mode & startup
  5. Next, select Power Mode option
  6. Select Energy-saving

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Once the modes have been changed, shut off the console by pushing the Xbox button for a few seconds and then again to restart.

7. Try resetting the console

Are you still facing the same issue? This last trick might just be the solution for you.

Note: Make sure you backup the Xbox so you don’t lose important data.

  1. Click the Xbox button to access the guide. Then, click Profile & System
  2. Then go into Settings, select System
  3. Open the Console info. Choose Reset console
  4. Click on the Reset and keep my games & apps in order to only delete corrupted files.

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Resetting the system might help you solve this issue and let you play your game.


While your Xbox One not reading disc is quite the headache, this guide helps you know all the things you can try to solve this problem and go back to playing your game with ease. 

We hope this guide helped you come to a quick and straightforward solution to your problem. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback on it.

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