[3 Easy Ways] – How to Fix PS5 Overheating Problem?

The PS5 overheating issue is one of the frequently encountered problems many gamers face. If you have been facing a similar issue and want to learn how to fix it, then you have landed on the right article!

How to fix the PS5 overheating issues?

To avoid PlayStation 5 overheating problem, you must make sure to keep the console clean and position it properly. It would help if you placed it in a ventilated area. In addition, having your PS5 in rest mode when you are not playing, cools it down!

To learn more about the sign of heating or causes why your PS5 is facing overheating issues and what you can do to fix it, please continue reading!

how to fix ps5 overheating issues
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Signs why your PS5 is too hot

“As mentioned earlier, if you encounter any of the signs, it would be useless to panic, and hence you must stay calm. Next, it would help if you try to think about the cause that has led to the overheated PS5.”.

Let’s have a look at the signs that indicate that your PS5 is too hot;

  • Most gamers know there is a fan in consoles, and we assume so do you. If you notice that many strange and unbearable noises are coming out of the fan, your PS5 might be overheated.
  • You may start to face tons of issues while downloading games, like a game that should not take longer time to load will probably take an eternity to get loaded.
  • Similarly, all the games on your PS5 will start to work at a plodding pace, ruining your gameplay.
  • One of the signs that your PS5 is too hot is that you may see a lot of colored spots on your screen while you play.
  • Sometimes, you may not experience all of the above-mentioned problems, but touching your PS5 feels exceptionally hot, yet another or might be the only sign.
  • In addition, an overheated PS5 may cause the screen to change colors which is pretty unusual.

Reasons why your PS5 is too hot

There are many reasons why your PS5 has started to become too hot.

Here are some causes for PlayStation 5 overheating:

  • First of all, please make sure that you place your PS5 in a suitable place and position. Please put it on a table with a cooling pad, not on rugs/carpets.
  • Next, please be careful and do not place your PS5 very close to the surface of a wall. There would be no room for air in such a case, and your PS5 will get overheated.
  • In addition, please avoid placing it in a narrow, confined space with no ventilation.
  • Understandably, gamers go for PS5 for its fantastic support for high-end graphic games. But, such games demand a lot of energy from the console, and hence it becomes overheated and slow.
  • The air vents might become interrupted due to dust and debris, preventing the air from reaching your console. Please take care of small details to avoid your PlayStation 5 overheating problems.

How to fix PS5 overheating issues?

“PS5 overheating is not a significant issue since you can quickly fix it within a few minutes without investing a lot of energy, time, and money.”

Here are the methods to fix the PS5 overheating issue:

1. Place your PS5 in a ventilated area

It is not only the PS5 that would heat up, but any other machine would do so if you place it in a confined space. Your PS5 has to use a lot of energy while you enjoy your favorite games on it. Therefore, the console requires a properly ventilated area to be placed.

It would be great to keep your PS5 on a table, away from its surface; you can also use a cooling pad. Besides, please avoid placing it on carpets and rugs since that would only add up to the heat. Any thick material very close to your PS5 will interrupt the airflow, and hence your PS5 will not get the air it needs.

2. Keep your PS5 clean

If you are very fond of playing your PS5 every day for long hours, it would be great if you made a habit of cleaning your PS5 daily. The excellent part about cleaning up your PS5 is that you do not need to pull it apart.

You have to pull out the faceplates and clean the air vents using a brush or a fiber cloth. Similarly, you can clean the cooling fan with great care and put back the faceplates in their place. Pretty easy, no?

3. Keep your pet away from the console

Many people have pets in their homes that might be very close to gaming consoles. Your pet would not know if its closeness to your PS5 is blocking the air, but you would! Therefore, please keep your pet in other rooms where you do not have your PS5 setup.

Another way to fix your PlayStation 5 overheating issue

There is a feature of putting your PS console in rest mode if you are not playing a game. This way, you can return to your console when you are free and continue playing. It saves a lot of your time, but it is not healthy for your console. While you leave the console running, it gets heated up and troubles you later.

Therefore, it would be great to turn the console off every time you finish playing. It will prevent your PS5’s overheating problems.


If your PS5 is too hot physically, you will not take action until and unless it starts to crash your gameplays. PS5 overheating is a pretty common issue with its reasons and easy fixes. In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with relevant information about why your PS5 is too hot, the warning signs, and how you can resolve the problem smoothly.

Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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