[11 Easy Ways] – How to Fix PS5 Not Connecting to Internet?

Ideally, you would not find PS5 coming up with significant glitches. However, we can always expect a few minor ones. Many PS5 users complain about PS5 WIFI issues and the error they receive that says ‘cannot connect to the wifi network.’

If you are facing a similar problem, you have arrived at the right article to learn about the solution.

How to fix the PS5 wifi/connection issues?

To fix the PS5 connection issues, begin with relocating the PS5 nearest to the router. You can go with restarting the router too. Rebooting the console may help as well. Please do not forget to check the status of PSN servers.

Please keep reading to find out more about why your ps5 keeps disconnecting from wifi and how to fix the PS5 wifi issues easily!

how to fix ps5 not connecting to internet
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Why does my PS5 keeps losing connection?

If your PS5 faces troubles connecting to your WiFi network, you would encounter either completely no streaming of your games or a significantly slower one.

There are a couple of reasons why your PS5 keeps dropping WIFI connection randomly.

So, here are the causes why your ps5 keeps losing WiFi connection.

  • Too many users of a single Wi-Fi network may result in PS5 internet issues.
  • You might need to look for a problem with PS5’s internal hardware. Sometimes, that turns out to be the culprit.
  • Any hindrance between your PS5 and Wi-Fi device may also be responsible for the loss of connection.
  • Either your Wi-Fi device or the modem is non-functional.
  • Sometimes, the problem may arise from PSN servers.

How to fix PS5 not connecting to internet?

First of all, you must find out where the problem lies precisely. For this purpose, you would need to check if the WiFi is working fine on other devices.

Once you know the root cause of why your PS5 keeps losing the connection, it will become easy to fix it!

Here are the methods to fix the PS5 not connecting to the internet:

1. Try restarting the router

At times, a quick restart of your router solves many internet problems. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below and see if the solution works for you;

  1. To restart the router, you will need to unplug it from the main power outlet.
  2. Next, you will have to wait for a few minutes until you plug it in again.
  3. When your router gets restarted, please check if your PS5 is now responsive to the network or not.

2. Keep PS5 connected to WIFI and disconnect others

Sometimes, if there is an overload on the Wi-Fi network due to multiple devices connected to the same network, you will encounter connection issues. Therefore, if your Wi-Fi is working slowly because of high traffic, you can try disconnecting all of the other devices except for PS5.

3. Get the updated firmware on your router

If you have been using an outdated version of firmware on your router, that may lead to PS5 network connection issue, and you cannot complain! However, we highly suggest getting the latest version of firmware to avoid any such problems and enjoy smooth gaming on your PS5.

Additionally, you must also install PS5 system updates on your console.

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4. Try a wired internet connection

Not a surprise to console users, but many people prefer having a wired internet connection for consoles rather than a wireless one. As per reports, there are fewer connection issues when using a wired internet connection than wireless.

5. Modify PS5 DNS settings

A slight modification in your DNS settings may help resolve the PS5 WiFi issues. So, it will not be a waste of time if you try this solution and see if you get a positive response. To change the DNS settings, please have a look at the following steps;

  1. Firstly, navigate to the PS5 settings and select network.
  2. Next, you will see another ‘settings,’ and then open ‘set up internet connection.’
  3. Please opt for ‘set up manually’ and then ‘use Wi-Fi.’
  4. After the manual setup, you will need to select DNS Settings and choose your primary and secondary DNS.
  5. Use and for the secondary DNS for the primary one.
  6. Lastly, please save the settings.

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6. Relocate your PS5 near to the router

It would not be new for you to know that wireless internet connections are vulnerable to deteriorate if there is a long distance. If you have placed your PS5 far away from the router, then it would be great if you tried to relocate it. However, we suggest you put your PS5 nearest the router so that the signal strength stays efficient.

7. Try rebooting your PS5

There are a few troubleshooting methods that never grow old, and one of them is ‘restarting’ the device that has issues. In the current case, if you are unsure about where the problem lies, you can try restarting both your PS5 and the router.

To restart your PS5, please follow the steps given below;

  1. First, you need to locate the power button on your console at the bottom.
  2. Please keep holding the power button until you notice two beeps.
  3. You will see that all the lights on your PS5 have turned off, indicating a complete shutdown.

8. Check for non-functional psn servers

Sometimes, you may try all the fixes to resolve the Wi-Fi issues on your PS5 only to find out that the problem lies within the PSN servers. Therefore, please keep a watch on everything. Keeping every minute thing in your mind will make it easier to trace where the problem lies.

To see if your PS5 is unresponsive to the internet due to PSN issues, you will need to check the status of your PSN account. You can use any device to visit the PSN service status page to do this.

9. Test the PS5 network connection

Testing the connection on PS5 is pretty simple; all you have to do is to follow the steps given below correctly and see the results;

  1. First, please navigate to the ‘settings,’ then ‘network,’ and finally ‘connection status.’
  2. Next, you will need to click on ‘test internet connection.’
  3. If the ‘obtain IP address’ test turns out to be successful, your PS5 and router have a connection using an IP address.
  4. The other ‘internet connection’ test indicates that your PS5 can connect to the router.
  5. The ‘PS network sign-in’ enables you to connect your PS5 to the PS5 network to play online games.
  6. The last is ‘connection speed,’ which you must be able to compare with that provided by your ISP.

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10. Try performing a factory reset on your PS5

Performing a factory reset on your PS5 would be the last thing you would want to opt for since it deletes all the saved data. However, if you are sure that your Wi-Fi and everything else is perfectly fine, and your PS5 needs a reset, we will suggest you have a backup of your data.

To perform the hard reset on your PS5 after making a backup of your PS games and data, you need to navigate to the ‘settings.’ Next, select ‘system’ and then ‘system software.’ Furthermore, select the ‘reset option’ and click on ‘reset.’

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11. Try contacting the PS5 customer support

Contacting PS5 support helps resolve many issues that you seem to cannot solve on your own. For example, if the fixtures mentioned above couldn’t help you, and your PS5 still drops internet connection now and then, you must contact the PS5 support and explain your problem.


The PS5 presents minor bugs that you can quickly resolve without investing your energy. For example, if your PS5 says that it cannot connect to the internet, you must consider it a usual problem since many gamers report a similar complaint.

In this article, we have tried our best to explain why your PS5 not connecting to internet and how you can fix it. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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