[9 Easy Ways] – How to Fix PS5 Crashing Issue in 2024

The PS5 has an efficient functionality and support high-end graphic games, therefore the PS5 crashing issues come along! Though, the PS5 crashing problem can occur for various reasons; the most important factor is to resolve it.

So, can you fix PS5 crashing/freezing issue?

Yes, you can fix PS5 crashing! Restarting the PS5 helps mostly. To do so, you have to press & hold the power button for a while until it turns off and you disconnect it from the power outlet. Plus, you can get your PS5 an updated software to fix PS5 crashing. Moreover, keep your console cool and avoid heat.

Please continue reading to know why your PS5 keeps freezing, and how you can fix it without hustling much!

how to fix ps5 crashing issue
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Why does my PS5 keep crashing?

It is not a delightful scenario to imagine where you sit down to play your favorite game on PS5, and it turns out to be repeatedly crashing. However, if this image is actual, we suggest you stay calm since the PS5 crashing issue is one of the most everyday problems many gamers face globally.

Here are the causes for why your PS5 keeps crashing:

1. Overheating of the console

Sometimes, using PS5 for longer hours continuously leads to overheating, which can cause your PS5 to crash.

2. Impaired power cord

A problem with the power cord results in an inadequate electrical supply to your PS5, which could become a source of PS5 crashing.

3. Rest mode

Many gamers leave their PS5 in rest mode, which might be time-saving but unhealthy for the console itself.

4. Older version of the software

If you keep running the former software version on your PS5, you may often find your console crashing.

5. Simple bugs

Sometimes, minor bugs may cause the PS5 crashing issue, and you can get rid of these easily.

How to fix the PS5 freezing issue?

PS5 freezing issue is quite common, and there are a lot of hacks that you can apply to solve the problem. We will enlist as much as fixes as we can so that it becomes way more manageable for you to go for the ideally suited fix for your console;

Here are the methods to fix PS5 freezing issue:

1. Look for overheating

If you use your PS5, or any other console, for longer durations without allowing the machinery to rest, you can have the consequences. So please make sure that your PS5 is not too hot; if it is, it might be the reason for crashing.

Besides, to check for PS5 overheating, there are different signs that you can read from our other precise article.

To avoid overheating, you need to place your console in a well-ventilated room. Also, make sure you don’t put it against a table or wall; there must exist a gap between the two for airflow.

2. Restart your console

Aren’t you aware that ‘old is gold?’ Since childhood, we have had a habit of restarting anything that tends to crash, and surprisingly, primarily, it works! You can also try restarting your PS5 to see if the freezing issue has disappeared. Please follow the steps below to restart your PS5;

  1. To restart the console, you have to keep holding the power button until you hear two specific sounds.
  2. Next, you have to ensure the disconnection of your PS5 from the main supply.
  3. Finally, you have to revamp the connection, and please wait until the PS5 turns on.

3. Check the power cord

Please look for the power cord of your PS5. Sometimes, a damaged power cord is the cause of many issues on a console. If you are a regular player on PS5, you must check if your PS5 is getting enough and efficient power supply or not.

4. Try reinstalling the game

If you strongly believe that your PS5 is crashing only when you try to launch a specific game, you might need to reinstall it. At times, your PS5 does not support a game that constantly crashes every time you try to play it. For your convenience, the following are the steps to reinstall a game;

  1. Firstly, please navigate to the settings on your PS5.
  2. Next, choose ‘storage’ and look for ‘games and apps.’
  3. You will need to select the game during your PS5 crashes and delete it.
  4. Move back to the main home page.
  5. Next, you will have to navigate the ‘game library’ to download and reinstall the same game.

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5. Use an updated software

If you are bothering your PS5 with an outdated version of PS software, we suggest you not do it anymore. If you want your PS5 to work effectively and smoothly, you must upgrade the software to the latest version. Mostly, by doing so, the PS5 crashing issue vanishes.

Let’s have a look at the steps on how you can upgrade the software;

  1. Begin with navigating to the settings on your PS5 and select ‘system.’
  2. Next, you will need to click on ‘system software update and settings’ from “System Software.”
  3. For the next step, you have to choose ‘update System Software,’ where you will see two options; if your PS5 has a good internet connection, it would be good to continue with the update.
  4. Please wait for a while, and it takes time to update the software and rebuild the database on PS5 before you can finally enjoy your gameplays in peace.

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6. Opt for the rebuilding database option on PS5

Rebuilding the PS5 database may help you with resolving your PS5 crashing issues. The good part about the feature is that it does not interfere with your saved games and their details until and unless they contain corrupted files.

The rebuilding database feature ensures that all the unwanted and trouble-causing files are taken care of so that your PS5 runs smoothly!

Following are the quick steps for you to follow to rebuild the database on your PS5;

  1. First, you have to turn off your console until you turn it on again in the safe mode.
  2. Once your console is in the ‘safe mode,’ you have to pop up the menu and look for the ‘rebuild database’ option.
  3. You would have to be a little patient when you select ‘rebuild the database’ since the process takes time.

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7. Try disabling the rest mode on PS5

Though the rest mode feature on PS5 saves your time, you can return to playing whenever you want to without waiting much for your console to start. However, in the long run, it becomes troublesome for your PS5. Let’s have a look at how you can turn off the rest mode feature on your PS5;

  1. Please start by moving to the settings on your PS5, and select ‘system’ and ‘power saving.’
  2. Next, you must tap on the ‘set time until PS5 enters the rest mode’ option.
  3. You will come across a menu where you choose ‘don’t put in the rest mode.’
  4. Finally, you move back to your home page and enjoy smooth gaming!

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8. Perform a factory reset on your PS5

If none of the fixes resolves your PS5 crashing issue, it is sad, and you may need to either reach out to the PS customer support or perform a factory reset.

However, we suggest it would be great if you put the factory reset option at the bottom of the list. Please make sure that you back up your data on PS5 before you attempt to reset the factory.

Following are the steps to perform a factory reset on PS5;

  1. Firstly, you have to keep the power button pressed and held for a while before hearing two sounds/beeps.
  2. Next, you have the PS button on the controller, and please press it so that your PS5 has the ‘safe mode’ turned on.
  3. There is a ‘reset PS5’ option on your screen; please select it and wait until the process gets finished.

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9. Reach out to customer support of Sony

As mentioned earlier, the factory reset option should stand last on your list of solutions. However, before you opt for a factory reset, it would help to reach out to the customer support of Sony and see if they succeed in resolving your problem.


Undoubtedly, experiencing PS5 crashing/freezing issues may annoy you since they interrupt your gameplays. However, you can fight back against the problem and solve it quickly. In this article, we have tried our best to explain why your PS5 is crashing and how easily you can solve it! Hopefully, it will be helpful!

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