(8 Easy Hacks) – How to Fix PS4 PayPal Not Working Error?

Undoubtedly, PS4 provides its users with extraordinary games and exceptional console gaming experience. With new PS4 games being introduced, you would want to get your hands on them; but PayPal not working on PSN can be a major obstacle.

But, why is my PayPal not working on PSN?

Undoubtedly, PS4 provides its users with extraordinary games and exceptional console gaming experience. With new PS4 games being introduced, PayPal not working on PSN can be a major obstacle when it comes to purchasing your most wanted PS4 game.

To find out more reasons for why your PayPal doesn’t work on PSN, and how you can fix it; please keep reading!

how to fix paypal not working on psn
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How to fix PayPal not working on PSN?

Here are the methods to fix PayPal not working on PSN:

1. Make sure that the issue is not generic

Although it sounds a little unusual it has happened in the past. All users of PS4 were locked out of their accounts due to chargeback issues. The warehouse was quick to resolve the issue but that raises the risk of re-occurring in the future as well.

So if you’re facing this problem, the first thing to do could be to check the news and internet if it is a common problem happening to everyone.

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2. Insufficient balance

Also, make sure that you have enough money in your bank account to make the purchase. The reason of payment issue could be low balance or insufficient balance as well. Sometimes while enjoying games, we loss track of money spent on them and spend all our balance which people rarely bother to check.

So second step would be checking the account balance. If the account is fully charged, move on to the next solution.

3. Wait for a day

In case of updating your billing or credit card information too often, you might get blocked to make any purchase. We understand the frustration of waiting to play your favorite PS4 games, but in such scenarios, you might have to wait for at least 24 hours for this problem to be resolved.

This problem is one of the least to consider as in any such case, the message appears on your screen to inform you that you cannot update your credit card info as it has been updated too often.

If the message does appear, the issue is most likely to be resolved within 24 hours on its own and you will be able to purchase new stuff the next day. But if it doesn’t, look for another solution.

While waiting for the next day, do not make any test purchase or update anything until the 24 hours are complete. In any scenario, it is recommended to wait for 24 hours even if the message doesn’t appear at first, it might appear within a few hours.

4. Use alternate payment options

First, you have to wait for 24 hours and see if the problem resolves. If Paypal is still not working, you might need to add an alternate payment option to your account. Update your billing information and add new credit or debit card info to link the new payment option. You can also use a PSN card for this purpose.

5. Add the payment details again

Go to your system settings, delete the existing PayPal payment method and re-add it again. This has solved the problem for many users. The reason behind the issue and how does this method resolves it is still a mystery but it does resolve the problem, and in the end, it is all that matters.

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6. Verify your spending limit

Note that if you have spent 50$ from a new account within 24 hours, the PS4 might block further payments through your PayPal account. For security purposes, the per-day spending limit for a fresh account is 50$ by default.

If you are facing payment issues on a new account, it is recommended to check the spending limit and verify if you have crossed it already. The limit automatically extends within the first two or three weeks maximum.

If you have reached the limit and still want to make a purchase, you can call the sony representative of your area and ask them to increase the limit or remove the limitation. Even though it will take 24 hours for your request to indulge in your system, this will resolve the problem.

7. Remove PayPal from the secondary account

When you have a PayPal account linked with a secondary PSN account, that could be causing the problem. Disconnect your account from the secondary account and see if that resolves the issue.

It is not official from PayPal or PS4 but the users suggest that PayPal can only validate one PS4 account for each vendor. It blocks the payment for more than one account created for the same vendor.

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8. Check the pre-approved payments

If your Paypal account was linked to your old PlayStation, make sure you remove that before using it on PS4. For doing so, you can follow the below-listed steps to remove it from the list:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to Payments.
  3. Click Manage PreApproved payments.
  4. Delete PSN

After that, Sign out of your account and log in again to your PS4 console. Try making a test purchase to identify if the problem is solved.

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In this article, we have tried to list every possible solution to solve this issue. Read thoroughly to select the best suited fit for you as you do not have to try each one of these to solve the problem.

For general advice, it is suggested to link only one PS4 account with one PayPal and avoid updating your billing info too often as it brings up security concerns and your account gets blocked.

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