How to Fix PS4 Not Taking Disc? (8 Easy Ways)

The conventional method of installing a game on PS4 i.e. via a disc, never goes out of style! Many gamers still use disc games on their PS4 consoles. But, lately, the PS4 not taking disc has become a major problem. If the PS4 ‘not taking disc’ problem bothering you as well, you’ve arrived on the right spot!

So, what to do when the PS4 won’t accept disc?

To fix your PS4 that won’t accept disc, firstly make sure that the disc is not damaged. Besides, the disc drive must be clean. Try rebooting the console and see if that helps with PS4 not taking disc problem. Moreover, you can opt for rebuilding database on PS4 in safe mode.

To get your hands on why your PS4 is not taking disc, and how you can fix it without hustling much; please keep reading our precise guide!

how to fix ps4 not taking disc problem
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Why is my PS4 not accepting disc?

There is either a physical issue with the hardware or a bug in the firmware, which prevents your PlayStation 3 or PS4 from detecting, accepting, or reading the disc.

Here are the causes of PS4 not accepting disc:

1. Dirty or damaged disc

The disc might be damaged already or must be covered in dust. Shine a light on the disk and look for scratches. One major or too many minor scratches are visible, the disk might be the main issue. Otherwise, clean it as explained below or try different discs.

2. Dirty or damaged disc reader

If the disc is neat, there is a possibility of the reader being dirty. But you should not clean it without guidance. Look for a quick guide online and try to get microfiber cloth. Before that, try the easier methods listed further in this article.

3. Faulty system

There are numerous types of bugs that can prevent your system to read or even detect if there is a disc inserted. The software problems have potentially easier solutions.

4. Fault in the eject button

The eject button sensors are commonly at fault preventing you from ejecting a disk. But you can simply eject the disc manually using the ‘manual eject screw’. But you should get the button fixed by a professional later otherwise some issues spread to other hardware.

Sometimes the problem also lies in the contaminated internal components. So the first step in fixing the PS4 not taking disc is to narrow down the cause behind it from the above list of reasons. Only then can you proceed to the actual part that is fixing the PS4 not accepting disc.

These are the common reasons for problems related to the disc of PlayStation. If you have got an idea of the problems, you can try and fix them. Moving onto the next question.

How to fix PS4 not taking disc problem?

There are a number of things that can solve all the common issues. Here’s a list of the effective actions you can take if your PS4 is not taking a disc. 

Here are the methods to fix PS4 not taking disc problem:

1. Clean the game disc

The disc might be covered in dust or dirt, so try cleaning the disc with a dry microfiber cloth in straight lines from the center to the outer edge and then insert the disc again if you are sure there isn’t a disc already present in the PS4. (never use a wet cloth or any liquid to clean the disc)

2. Check for an already present disc in your PS4

There is a high chance you forgot to eject the previous disc that you inserted long ago, or your friend might have inserted a disc without informing you. Press the eject button to see if any disc is ejected.

3. Clean the inside of your PS4 disc drive

You can clean the dust present in the PS4 disc drive using canned air. You might have to remove the top panel of the PS4 to remove the dust thoroughly if you have not cleaned it in a long time.

4. Reboot your PS4 console

Another common reason for PS4 not taking disc is a minor and temporary bug in the PS4. You can deal with this problem by turning off your PS4 entirely and letting it rest for a few seconds. After a few seconds, switch on the PS4, and if your PS4 accepts, reads, and ejects the disc uninterrupted.

5. Manual eject screw

You can eject the disc by the manual eject screw method if the eject button on the console doesn’t work. The steps to use the ‘manual eject screw’ are;

  1. Turn off the PS4 and unplug all the cables connected to the PS4 console.
  2. Now carefully remove the top cover, also known as HDD cover, to easily find the manual eject screw.
  3. Tighten the eject screw clockwise by holding the PS4 in such a way that the disc slot is facing down, which makes the complicated process more manageable, and the disc will eject quickly without any difficulty.
  4. After ejecting the disc, place the HDD panel back on the top and plug the PS4 console, to begin with, gaming.

If you still don’t understand the steps, Sony has provided the diagrams to clarify further the steps of tightening the eject screw manually.

YouTube video

6. Try different game discs

You have to make sure if the problem lies in the system or the disc. To confirm if the disc is damaged, insert multiple game discs one at a time. If another game disc works, this way you can verify if the problem is the console or the disc itself.

7. Rebuild the PS4 database in the safe mode

If the above solutions have not worked, there is a high chance the problem lies in the firmware. All you need to do is reboot your console in safe mode and select the ‘Rebuild Database’ option. However, if rebuilding the PS4 database in safe mode doesn’t work, select the ‘Reinstall System Software’ option in the Safe mode.

You can set your PS4 in safe mode by first turning off the PS4. Now long-press the power button until you hear two beeps and reconnect the PS4 controller with the USB cable. Then, finally, press the PS button on the controller.

YouTube video

8. Find damages in the PS4 disc drive

You must have noticed stickers on the disc. Sometimes the sticker of the disc gets stuck in the PS4 disc drive that prevents the PS4 from not taking any more discs. So, you need to remove the top panel and inspect for any foreign body like tape or disc stickers in the disc drive.

If you see any foreign object, remove it cautiously with tweezers without damaging more parts of the PS4.

But you should know that if your PS4 is under warranty, opening it will end it. So in this case, just use a regular blow-dry and blow air through the net grills.

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These were the common issues with PS4 or PS3 that prevent it from accepting discs. I hope the solutions would’ve been helpful. Try all other methods in the hope for them to work. Otherwise, the last option is to contact a professional. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, ask up in the comments below.


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