(8 Easy Hacks) – How to Fix Lag On PS4 console?

The PS4 controller lag truly ruins your mood since it hinders your gameplay. Dealing with PS4 controller delay is important to carry on with your regular and smooth console gaming! Before attempting to fix the PS4 controller lag, you must learn the reasons behind it.

So, why does the PS4 controller lag?

If your PS4 controller lags, it could be due to broken hardware or outdated firmware. Besides, slow internet connection can also cause PS4 controller input lag. Moreover, unnecessary cache can also be the culprit!

To learn more about what the PS4 controller input lag means, and how you can fix it; please keep reading!

how to fix lag on ps4
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What is PS4 controller input lag?

To know how to fix controller input lag on android. First you need to understand what the issue is. Basically, PlayStation 4 controller lag is when you cannot register controller input completely, or there is a delay in registering it while playing your game or using the application.

Generally, the delay is very apparent to the gamer. E.g., after pressing a button on the controller, there may be a delay in the action being displayed on-screen/ monitor. This can really ruin your gaming experience.

Causes for PS4 controller lagging

When you face a lagging issue with your PS4 controller, the next thing that the gamer must be wondering is why my PS4 controller is lagging? 

Here are the causes for PS4 controller lagging:

  • issues and error with firmware
  • crash in the hardware
  • weak internet / losing WIFI connection
  • piling up of cache in the storage
  • PS device air ventilation is not adequate
  • The database is not systematic

How to fix PS4 controller lag?

Here are the methods to fix PS4 controller input lag:

1. Check controller charging

If your controller is low on battery, the PS4 may lag a little. When the Dual Shock 4 controller isn’t charging, it may present with delay and input issues of all sorts.

To confirm if it is indeed the battery issue and your PS4 controller is not charging that is precipitating delays, try connecting your controller to a USB cable. Now check whether it is working fine or not. If it is, then it is the battery that needs to be charged.

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2. Check other wireless devices

When your controller is kept close to other wireless devices, it may hinder the connection. This can lead to delays in input which you can fix by removing other devices connected nearby.

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3. Check via wired connection

Because of a faulty wireless connection, a hack is to connect your PS4 console to a USB cable. This will ensure a seamless connection. You may switch back to a wireless connection once the connection is back.

4. Restart PS4 controller

This is your last consort. If all the other hacks given above do not work for you, then do a restart instead of only a reset.

  1. Press down on the restart button to restart your PS console
  2. Press down on the reset button at the back of your DualShock4 controller.
  3. Reconnect the controller with your PS4 via a USB cable.
  4. Now turn on both your PS4 console and Dual Shock 4 controller. The latter will turn on by clicking on the PS button.
  5. The device should be in sync now.

5. Free some space

If storage is completely full, your system will malfunction, leading to delays and lagging in output.

  1. On the main screen, select settings > memory
  2. A screen displaying memory status will pop up.
  3. Selectively clear out unnecessary storage
  4. Now select options > delete
  5. If you are using this console since long, you will have an unnecessary pile-up of files and cache that can be cleared to make space.

Learn how to remove PS4 running out of space error.

6. Database revamp

Another common cause of PS4 controller input lag issues with your PS4 console database. The solution to this is performing a database rebuild. This will help to improve the overall functioning of your console, thereby decreasing lagging and delays.

Here is how to perform it.

  1. Press down on a PS4 power button for 7 seconds.
  2. Hearing 2 beeps will confirm that your console is turned off.
  3. Restart the console in safe mode by pressing down on the reset button. Release it on the 2nd
  4. Since you can’t connect your Dual Shock 4 controller via Bluetooth when you are in safe mode, connect it via USB cable.
  5. This may take some time, depending on the functioning and storage of your hard disk. If you have a higher number of games on the hard disk, it may take a longer time to build the database.

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7. Check for the latest update

By going over to the PS4 system software, you can update the software

How this is done is :

  1. by updating a USB flash drive with ample free space. You can fully format it to make sure of this.
  2. Next, create a folder in it called PS4 and another one called ‘update.’
  3. Copy the latest update for PS4 that you have just downloaded into the ‘update’ folder.
  4. Next, turn off and unplug the console. Into the USB port, insert a USB flash drive.
  5. Relaunch the console in safe mode by holding down the button for 10-20 seconds.
  6. Click on ‘system software update’ and follow along with the onscreen instructions to complete your update.

8. Reset your controller

Turn the controller around, and you will see a reset button. Take a sharp object such as a pin to press the reset button. This will reset the controller connection.

Once this is done, connect your controller and console via a USB cable. On the controller, press the PS button, this will turn it on, and you can sync your devices without any trouble.

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How to fix PS4 controller android lag

Androids are known for being versatile in their functions and easily customizable. While this is true, using a PS controller by connecting it with android may lead to PS4 controller android lag. This linking is done via blue tooth. Due to this lag, you may be unable to play games that require quick actions.

By connecting an app called ‘Bluetooth Auto Connect,’ this lag can be fixed. This app was devised to enable your desired Bluetooth device to connect to your phone without any hassle. Another incredible feature of this app is ‘continuous connect.’

Now, if you’re wondering how to fix controller input lag on android, firstly, you need to connect Bluetooth Auto Connect. Since it is unavailable on the google play store, you need to download it from a third-party source. For that, you need to turn on ‘unknown sources’ in the security settings menu.

Next, download and install APK and launch Bluetooth AutoConnect. Then go to ‘advanced options,’ scroll down and click on ‘connect now.’ Now you’re good to go.

Worst case scenario, if it doesn’t work out, go to the ‘continuous connect’ option, and it will assist in connecting somewhere between 2-15 seconds.

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We hope this article has successfully informed you that PS4 controller delay issues aren’t always due to the controller only. There are various other causes for it. Hopefully, this holistic guide and step-wise tutorial on how to fix lag on ps4 will be of immense help and solve your issue in no time.

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