How to Fix Kyocera Printer Not Printing Issue? [6 Easy Ways]

Are you annoyed by the ‘Kyocera printer not printing’ issue? Do you want to fix the printing problem but not pay an enormous repair bill? We have got your back! You can fix the Kyocera printer without any additional help. However, first, find the underlying problem by our list given below and then go through the Kyocera printer troubleshooting guide.

How to fix Kyocera printer not printing problem?

You can fix the printing problem by solving the basic problems such as paper jams or defective cords. Only then you should reset the Kyocera printer if all other solutions don’t work to fix the printing issue.

Keep reading to find the Kyocera printer troubleshooting guide and why the Kyocera printer is not printing.

6 way to fix the kyocera printer not printing [updated]
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Why is my Kyocera printer connected but not printing? 

Kyocera is a Japanese company that provides multiple products. One of the best-selling products is the Kyocera printer due to its effective printing features. In addition, there is a variety of Kyocera printers available in the market according to their different sizes and varying configurations.

However, a lot of Kyocera printer users face printing problems despite is efficient printing features.

Following are the reasons behind the ‘Kyocera printer not printing’ issue:

  • Connection problem between the printer and computer.
  • Cartridge issues that result in printer printing the wrong colors.
  • Paper jam.
  • Empty paper tray.
  • Kyocera printer roller problem.
  • Blank paper problem.
  • The printer is not responding due to defective power cords.
  • An issue in the printer password reset.
  • Internet problem.

Kyocera printer troubleshooting guide

Try the below-given solutions to fix the printing problem before contacting the support team.

Here are the steps to fix kyocera printer not printing error:

1. Fix the paper jam

Paper jam is a common issue faced by users. The paper jam occurs due to faulty printer rollers or dirty paper type. You can fix the paper jam by inspecting the paper tray and the inside of the printer. Remove the stuck papers and fill the paper tray to resume printing.

2. Fix the Kyocera toner issue and replace the cartridges

You can resolve the Kyocera printing problem by changing the toner settings. Also, if the toner ink doesn’t stay on the paper, replace the printer’s fuser assembly to resolve this issue.

 In addition, if there is a blank paper issue or the printer is printing the wrong colors, replace the old cartridges with new ones. Also, make sure the Kyocera printer detects the new cartridges.

3. Replace the defective cords with new ones

Ensure the printer is plugged in directly to the wall socket. Look for any defective cable and power cord and replace them with new ones to resolve the power supply issue.

4. Maintain a stable connection between the computer and printer

Firstly, check if the router is working. Then, ensure a stable connection between the computer and printer to resolve the Kyocera  printing issue.

5. Resolve the ‘Kyocera printer not recognized’

Sometimes the computer doesn’t recognize the Kyocera printer, which can result in printing problems. Resolve the issue with the following solutions;

  1. Replace the low-speed USB cable with a high-speed USB cable and check if the computer recognizes the printer. If the Kyocera printer is still not recognized, go to the next solution.
  2. Switch on your computer, go to Settings> Printer> Printers and scanners> Run the Troubleshooter. Now follow the on-screen steps so that the computer recognizes the Kyocera printer.
  3. Another way to resolve the ‘Kyocera printer not recognized’ issue is to use specialized software. Specialized software like DriverFix finds the latest drivers to update your devices. In addition, DriverFix also protects your PC from system malfunctions.
  4. You can also suspend Windows updates by pausing the updates for 7 days. This will fix the Kyocera printer’s not recognizing the error and allow you to print smoothly.

6. Update the printer driver

One of the reasons behind the printing problem is the outdated printer driver. So, install the latest printer driver to resume printing.

Sometimes, restarting the printer can also resolve the printing issue. Switch off your printer and plug out the power cord. Let it rest for a minute and plug in the printer back. Now, restart your printer to resolve the printing error. If this doesn’t work, you can reset your Kyocera printer.

How to reset the Kyocera printer?

You can resolve the Kyocera printing problem by resetting your printer.

Here are the steps to hard reset your Kyocera printer:

  1. Hit the ‘Status‘ button on your printer.
  2. Now press ‘1 0 8 7 1 0 8 7’ buttons on the printer.
  3. As the screen will change, press‘ 9 0 6’.
  4. The screen will say ‘Reset Disable Function Mode’.
  5. Now hit the ‘Start‘ button on your printer. And then press the ‘Execute‘ button on the printer’s screen.
  6. Hit the ‘Start‘ button again present on your printer.
  7. Lastly, turn off your printer and turn it back on to reset the Kyocera printer.

If the above solutions have not worked, you can reach the support team by calling the help number. You can discuss the issue on a call with a tech expert for an instant solution for all the queries. It is a time-efficient method to resolve the ‘Kyocera printer not printing’ issue. In addition, you can email the support team to resolve the printing error. However, emailing is a time-consuming option.


We hope that you were able to troubleshooting kyocera printer without additional help. In case you have any queries, you can always contact the support team.

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