How to Fix “HP Smart Can’t Find Printer”? [3 Ways to Add]

It’s frustrating when the HP Smart can’t find the printer. Updating and reinstalling the Smart app is one option. Other solutions depend on the type of connection you use. Whether you use Wi-Fi or a USB cable, you must look for a stable connection between the printer and your device (mobile or computer). Make sure to replace the defective USB cables with new ones.

Why is the HP Smart not finding the printer?

Loose connection between the router and printer, improper setup, and outdated app can cause HP smart cannot find printer error. Therefore, always ensure the printer and the device with the HP Smart app are connected to the same network. Also, check if the printer’s Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to the network.

Keep reading to fix the ‘HP smart can’t find printer’ problem.

how to fix hp smart can't find printer
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How to Fix ‘HP Smart Can’t Find Printer’?

You know HP Smart automatically detects the printer on the wireless network. However, you can manually add the printer to HP Smart if it doesn’t.

There are three connections you can use to add your printer to HP Smart;

  1. USB printer
  2. Network printer
  3. Wi-Fi Setup mode

Here’s how to resolve the ‘HP Smart cannot find printer’ issue;

Add the Printer in HP Smart via a USB Cable

Follow these steps to add a printer in HP Smart through a USB cable;

  1. Begin by resetting the printer. Just unplug the power cord from the HP printer and plug it back in after a while.
  2. Now connect a USB cable to your printer and device that has HP Smart.
  3. Click the HP Smart app to open it.
  4. Choose the ‘Add printer’ option and follow on-screen commands to install the printer on your device. (Mobile or computer)

Add a Printer in HP Smart via Network Printer Method

Follow the below-given steps to add a printer in HP Smart if you use a network connection;

  1. First, reset your printer by unplugging the power cord from the HP printer and plugging it back in after a while.
  2. Switch on the HP printer and open the HP Smart app on the device.
  3. Next, select the ‘Add Printer’ option and then the ‘Network Printer’ option.
  4. Ensure the device and printer are connected to the same network.
  5. Follow the commands on the screen, and the HP Smart app will detect your printer and add it to your device.

Add Printer in HP Smart Via Wi-Fi Setup Mode

(This solution applies to printers with a Wi-Fi setup button, like HP Envy 6000)

Below are the steps to add a printer in HP Smart with the Wi-Fi setup mode;

  1. Reset the HP printer and long-press the Wi-Fi button on the printer for 10 seconds.
  2. Next, open the HP Smart app on your computer.
  3. Choose the ‘Add printer’ option to allow the HP Smart to find your current printer automatically.
  4. Click on your printer and choose the ‘Setup‘ button.
  5. The printer will be installed on the computer after you have followed the commands on the screen.

You can also reset the HP Smart app to resolve printer detection problems.

Here’s how to reset the HP Smart App;

  1. Open your device and go to settings.
  2. Choose ‘Apps’ and then ‘Apps and Features.’
  3. Look for the HP Smart app and select the three dots to choose ‘Advanced options.’
  4. Finally, select the ‘Reset’ button.


How do I get an HP printer to recognize the wireless network?

Here’s how to make your HP printer recognize your wireless network:

  • Check printer settings: Ensure the wireless feature is on and connected to your network.
  • Restart devices: Power off the printer and router, then turn them back on.
  • Verify network credentials: Double-check the network name and password during the printer setup.
  • Improve proximity: Move the printer closer to the router for better signal strength.
  • Update firmware: Download and install the latest printer firmware from the official HP website.
  • Reset network settings: Consult manual or HP support for instructions on resetting network settings.
  • Contact HP support: Seek further assistance if the issue persists.

Why can’t my computer find my printer?

Below are the reasons why your computer is unable to find your printer:

  1. Connectivity issues: Ensure the printer is properly connected to your device with a USB cable or connected to the same network for wireless printing.
  2. Driver issues: Check if the printer driver is installed correctly on your computer.
  3. Compatibility problems: Confirm that the printer is compatible with your computer’s operating system.
  4. Printer queue and status: Check the printer queue on your computer to confirm there are no pending print jobs or errors. Also, verify that the printer is not in an offline or paused state.

Why can’t my phone find my printer?

Below are the reasons why your phone is unable to find your printer:

  1. Connectivity issues: Check if the Wi-Fi on your phone is turned on and connected properly.
  2. Printer compatibility: Some printers may not have compatible drivers or apps for certain mobile platforms.
  3. App or driver requirements: Visit the printer manufacturer’s website or your phone’s app store to download the official app for your specific printer model.
  4. Printer visibility settings: Some printers have a “mobile printing” or “wireless direct” option that needs to be enabled.


Always update your HP Smart app to prevent this problem in the future. If reinstalling the app and adding the printer manually doesn’t work, contact HP Support, and the experts will resolve the HP Smart cannot find printer problem.

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