How to Fix HP Envy 4520 Not Printing in Color?

how to fix hp envy 4520 not printing color
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While HP envy 4520 printers, among other HP printers, are lauded for their top-notch quality and easy usability, some technical issues arise now and then.

Are you having trouble that your HP envy won’t print in color? Are you able to get a black and white printout but not color copies? No worries at all. This article will tell you about the possible causes and solutions to this issue.

Why is my HP envy 4520 not printing correctly?

Driver Issues

If you have used an HP printer before and have a previous drive downloaded, that might interfere with the new driver being installed. Driver issues are one of the most common causes of HP envy 4520 not printing in color.

Simply uninstalling the previous driver can help solve the issue.

Color Printing Has Been Disabled

Have you ever experienced that it comes out in black and white instead of color when you try to print something?

This is because the color feature on HP envy 4520 has been disabled. If the color feature is disabled, HP envy 4520 will not print in color. Simply enabling the color printing feature will do the job for you.

Enable the button and start printing without any trouble.

Printhead Needs To Be Cleaned

If you have had the HP envy 4520 for a long time, you need to need to clean it from the inside to function properly.

The print head can be cleaned using a simple tissue paper or HP utility provided by HP themselves can also be utilized to do the job. This will help you resolve the issue.

How to fix HP envy 4520 not printing color?

The troubleshooting steps can be used for windows ten by those facing the issue of HP envy 4520 not printing in color on windows 10.

Let’s follow these simple steps:

  • First, go to devices and remove the HP 4520 printer.
  • Then, go to the control panel in your windows 10. Uninstall HP envy 4520 printers.
  • Click on ‘windows key + R’ and then on ‘run.’
  • In the ‘run’ box, type in exe /s and press ok.
  • Now click on
  • the driver’s tab.
  • If there are previous HP printer drivers in the driver’s tab, remove them and press ok.
  • Next, go to control panel > devices and printers> add a printer.
  • Now go over to ‘choose or a device or printer’ and click on ‘ the printer I want isn’t listed here.
  • Next, click on ‘add printer using TCP/IP address.
  • Type in/ copy-paste the IP address of your HP envy 4520 printers here and press next.
  • This way, you can install an HP envy 4520 printers with basic drivers, and you’ll be able to print in color.
  • Now try printing in color, and you’ll be able to do so in no time.
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Hopefully, this article has informed you well about the possible causes and solutions of the HP printer not printing color issue.

The solution is laid out in a stepwise fashion and is very easy to follow through.

If none of these solutions work for you, it is best to contact HP support and have your printer serviced. They are very responsive and take ownership of the issue. They will prove to be of great help.


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