(9 Easy Ways) – Fix HP Envy 4500 Scan to Computer Error?

Are you facing the HP Envy 4500 printer offline error? Can’t figure out how HP Envy 4500 scan to computer works? Don’t worry, as HP Envy 4500 printer offline error is a common issue caused by hardware problems and corrupted papers. You can scan your documents easily by enabling the scanning option with our troubleshooting guide.

Why do I keep getting scan to computer not working?

The HP Envy 4500 scan to computer error can occur because of unstable Wi-Fi connection, outdated printer driver, and defective power cords.

Keep reading to know how to fix HP Envy 4500 scan to computer error and about other scanning problems and their solutions.

how to fix hp envy 4500 scan to computer error
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How to enable HP envy 4500 scan to computer?

If you are using HP envy 4500, you must have taken advantage of the printer’s ‘scanning’ feature, where you can scan any of your documents to the computer. However, sometimes scan to computer works fine, while the other times, the users have reported about HP envy 4500 scan to a computer error.

The error does not necessarily always have to do something with the printer, but mostly it is your computer that is the culprit. The copier of the printer may work fine, but the scanning feature does not. Perhaps, there is a possibility that the computer services and drivers are problematic.

Here are the steps to enable HP Envy 4500 scan to computer:

  1. There is a power button of the HP envy printer; you need to press and hold it for a while.
  2. Next, you have to restart your printer.
  3. Then you have to navigate to ‘Computer Settings,’ ‘Devices‘ and lastly click on ‘Printers and Scanners.’
  4. Look for the HP envy 4500 printer icon. Sometimes, you cannot find the icon, therefore, try installing the HP drivers and then open the HP printer icon.
  5. The computer screen shows up printer assistance right away.
  6. You will see the ‘Scan‘ option on the current screen, click on it, and then select ‘Scan to Computer.’
  7. Make sure to press the ‘Enable‘ button to enable the HP envy 4500 scan to the computer.
  8. To check if you have enabled the scan to the computer successfully, attempt to scan a document again.

Moreover, there is a possibility that your HP envy 4500 scan to the computer does not work even if you have followed the steps appropriately. It occurs due to issues with the computers services largely. You can contact HP chat support to get your problem fixed!

HP Envy 4500 scan to email

Scanning multiple documents is a piece of cake when you are using HP envy 4500 scan. If you wish to scan your documents to email, you need to make sure that your computer possesses Adobe Reader software which is essential to have before you save multiple documents as a PDF file using HP scan software.

Here are the steps to HP Envy 4500 scan to email:

  1. If you want to scan multiple pages or photos into one file, use the PDF-related shortcuts to have all your desired forms into one PDF file.
  2. You need to set the resolution settings to 300 DPI or lower.
  3. Now navigate to HP in Windows, where you will have to open HP Printer Assistance. A new screen will appear showing different HP printer models, and you will have to choose yours, which is HP envy 4500.
  4. Next, in the HP scan, you have to opt for ‘save as PDF‘ or ‘document to file.’
  5. Moreover, if you scan your pages from ADF, make sure to choose ‘Save‘ so that all the pages ultimately save into a single file.
  6. If you scan the pages or photos using the scanner glass, you have to set the next page or image on the glass and press the plus button on the HP scan preview window to scan it.
  7. You have to repeat the process mentioned above for each document.
  8. Lastly, make sure to choose ‘Save as PDF,’ and save your scanned items to the computer, select file name and folder both.

HP envy 4500 scan multiple pages

Scanning multiple pages or photos into a single pdf using HP envy 4500 is a quick and straightforward process. All you need to have is Adobe Reader software which enables you to save several documents in one pdf file using the HP scan software.

You would need to do a couple of things to have your task done. Firstly, it would be best to use PDF-related tricks to collect all the documents to be scanned in one pdf file. As mentioned earlier, you would have to set the resolution settings to 300 DPI or less.

Secondly, you would need to open HP in windows and then open HP printer assistance to select the model of your printer. Thirdly, choose ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Document to file’ in HP scan.

To scan pages from ADF, choose ‘Save’ to have all your documents in one file. If you are using a glass scanner, you would need to follow the procedure mentioned earlier in this guide. In the end, make sure you choose ‘Save as PDF’ in your desired folder, else your scanned documents will remain unsaved.

Scan photos in HP envy 4500

Here’s how you can scan photos in HP Envy 4500:

  1. you would need to visit HP customer support and install the software and drivers.
  2. Open the downloads where you will have to enter your printer model.
  3. Next, under the Driver-Product Installation Software, you would need to download the full feature driver.
  4. Connecting the printer stick on setup instructions, let the software install!

The type of the printer and its features will decide where you have to load your documents, in the glass scanner, document feeder slot, or automatic document feeder.

  1. Navigate to HP in windows and look for your printer model to open the HP printer assistance.
  2. Next, you would need to choose ‘scan a document or photo‘ to have the HP scan opened.
  3. Lastly, choose the shortcut that is compatible with the file type and your desired outcome. Afterward, make some necessary changes in the right pane, if required, and click on ‘scan.’

Fix HP envy 4500 not copying error

Your HP envy 4500 might not execute your command of copying due to hardware problems, excessive loading of the printer for copy work, or copying unapproved or corrupted papers.

Here’s how you fix the HP Envy 4500 not copying error:

  1. Cleaning your glass scanner with a dry cloth before copying a document may help fix the error.
  2. It would be best not to copy the images with a high-resolution graphic as it could be beyond the printer’s capability and hamper the copying process.
  3. Make sure you do not load the pages or photos to be copied excessively; else, you will not have your task done. It would be best to copy one document at a time.
  4. Adjust the copy settings of the printer appropriately.
  5. You can also try updating your printer’s software and its drivers to make sure nothing is wrong with the firmware.

Fix HP envy 4500 printer offline

to have your printer work efficiently requires an excellent internet connection; else, it leads to printer offline error, and consequently, the printer ceases to function.

Here are the steps to fix Envy 4500 printer offline error:

  1. There is a tool named ‘HP Print and Doctor Scan.’ Please make sure you get it because it is the key to fix the problem.
  2. To settle the printer offline problem, you can also opt for resetting the print environment.
  3. Set your printer to the default one for printing.
  4. It would be best to have the latest printer drivers and updated software on the computer.

Fix HP envy won’t print wirelessly

When your HP envy 4500 does not print wirelessly, it is primarily due to a poor connection between the printer and the router or changes in print settings.

Here’s how you can fix the HP Envy won’t print wirelessly error:

  1. Please navigate to the Configurations menu of your printer and update its software to the latest version available.
  2. You can also check if the error goes away once you connect the devices to a new router, but make sure it is linked to your Internet Service Provider.
  3. It would help if you turned off other routers not in use currently.
  4. Check if the USB cable is attached to the printer. If it is, make sure you detach it when printing wirelessly.
  5. As mentioned earlier, for most HP envy 4500 troubleshooting problems, the ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ is your go-to tool!

Fix HP envy 4500 printing blank pages

If you are using non-HP papers for printing on HP envy 4500, it may result in printing blank pages. Besides, not enough ink cartridges or multiple papers stuck together will cause the same issue.

Here are the steps to fix the HP Envy 4500 printing blank pages error:

  1. First of all, make sure that you know what pages does your HP envy 4500 support.
  2. Next, you need to make sure that ink cartridges must not be empty.
  3. We suggest you not use non-HP ink cartridges.
  4. Set the paper stack correctly so that you do not have to face the paper jam error.
  5. Do not forget to clean the printhead regularly, which is responsible for transferring the ink onto the pages.

Fix HP envy 4500 won’t print black

If your HP envy 4500 is not printing black anymore, it could be due to changes in print settings or not enough black ink cartridge. 

Here’s how you can fix the ‘HP envy 4500 won’t print black’ error:

  1. Take a dry piece of cloth and clean the nozzle of the black ink cartridge.
  2. Push the black ink cartridge inwards and take it out from the slot. Check if the ink level is sufficient to print black.
  3. If need be, discard the old ink cartridge and have a new one.
  4. There is a protective seal on a new cartridge. Make sure you remove it.

Fix HP envy 4500 won’t connect to the computer

You might have encountered the HP envy 4500 won’t connect to computer error owing to USB issues, wireless issues, or maybe you do not have the printer drivers or software updated.

Here are the steps to fix the ‘HP Envy 4500 won’t connect to the computer’ error:

  1. Have the latest version of printer drivers and software on the printer to avoid any issues.
  2. Before you set up a network or USB connection, make sure you have the printer drivers already installed.
  3. If you set up the printer wirelessly, you would not need to connect the USB cable to the printer.
  4. Lastly, you can try resetting the print environment if all else fails to help you.
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In conclusion

Using HP envy 4500, it is not new to encounter different scanning, printing, or copying errors. However, these errors are not problematic and pretty much fixable. In this article, we have tried to cover nearly all the scanning errors like hp envy 4500 scans to computer, scan to pdf, scan to multiple pages, printer offline errors, etc. The guide also contains doable solutions.

We hope it will prove helpful.

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