(10 Ways) – How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Error

Discord’s screen sharing feature is one of its exceptional features that entertain users on a different level. But, sadly, many users report about facing Discord screen share no audio error. If you’ve been facing the same issue, you’ve arrived at the right spot for information.

So, why is my Discord screen share audio not working?

If your Discord screen share audio isn’t working, you might be using an outdated app version. Faulty audio drivers sometimes don’t allow audio while screen sharing on Discord. Software glitches and streaming problems are equally responsible for Discord screen share no audio error.

For further details regarding Discord screen share no audio and how you can fix it easily; please continue reading our short & stepwise guide!

discord screen share no audio
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Reasons behind Discord screen share no audio

There are several reasons responsible for Discord screen share no audio. Here we will acknowledge some critical causes primarily accountable for the problem.

Here are the reasons behind Discord screen share no audio:

1. Old version of the app

Most of the issues come up when you use an old app version. Make sure you update the Discord app timely so it does not bug you.

2. Faulty audio drivers

Audio drivers installed on your computer matter a lot when sharing audio on Discord’s screen share. If your computer possesses flawed audio drivers or the audio drivers not compatible with Discord, you will probably face the Discord screen share no audio issue.

Before moving on, taking any technical measure to solve the problem, make sure your computer is free from faulty audio drivers.

3. Administrative access

The Discord’s screen share feature enables you to share your screen with other computers that require administrative access. However, not granting access might result in Discord screen share no audio issue. Therefore, it would be best if you present the administrative access.

4. Software conflict

Different apps have their defined algorithms, so does Discord. However, not every software is compatible with Discord, and as a result, you might have to encounter that your Discord screen share is not featuring audio. To get rid of this issue, we suggest you find alternatives to such software.

5. No route for discord voice

Another probable reason that you are facing the Discord screen share no audio issue could be no route for Discord voice. However, if you wish to eliminate this reason, make sure you navigate the audio settings and make a few changes to resolve the issue.

6. Stream problem

Although Discord is one of the preferred apps, it might not be the best app for your task. For example, Discord never goes well with YouTube when it comes to streaming videos, and if you try to do so, you might face the Discord screen share no audio.

However, to avoid the issue, make sure you use alternative apps for streaming videos on YouTube.

7. Antivirus issue

Usually, antivirus files are present on every computer. Your computer might have these as well. However, these files bug Discord files a lot, and one of the outcomes is Discord screen share no audio. It would be best to disable the antivirus on your computer to enjoy Discord’s screen share audio.

How to fix Discord screen share audio not working?

Before moving on to how you can fix the Discord screen share no audio problem, let’s have a quick overview on how to enable the Discord screen share feature!

Undoubtedly, Discord’s screen share audio feature is a bonus to the app that has caused it to gain a much greater audience worldwide than ever before. Moreover, enabling this feature is a quick and straightforward process.

Here are the methods to fix Discord screen share audio not working

1. Restart your computer

You might be familiar with the famous saying ‘old is gold,’ which holds truth in it. Speaking of that, restarting your computer always works wonders! Often, some apps running in the background on your computer do not match with Discord and hence cause the Discord screen share no audio issue.

It would be best to try restarting your computer quickly before taking any other complex measure. Moreover, once you continue your device, you need to restart the app to check if the issue exists.

2. Update your discord app

As mentioned earlier, you might face the Discord screen share no audio error owing you have installed an old app version on your device. However, updating your Discord app solves many issues. Follow the steps as under to find out how to update the Discord app;

  • Firstly, you need to use key combinations like pressing Windows + R in the Run dialogue box.
  • Next, you need to type in ‘%localappdata%.’ Ensure you do not forget to press Enter once you have typed in.

localappdata run box

  • Now you need to do a double-click on ‘Discord’ and then on ‘update.exe.’

discord update

  • The update process may take a little time, make sure you wait for it, and once the operation finishes, you need to relaunch the app.

3. Administrative access

Discord did not use to show up multiple errors until it came up with screen share audio features. You cannot deny that Discord’s screen share audio element is an exception to the app. However, this feature is also responsible for Discord showing errors from time to time.

As mentioned earlier, granting administrative access to Discord solves many issues, including the Discord screen-sharing no audio error. To grant this access, you need to follow the steps as under;

  • Firstly, you need to press Windows + E to open the ‘file explorer using the key combinations.’ Usually, the default files are present in ‘local disc C,’ so you need to direct yourself to the installation directory.
  • Once you find the installation directory, you will see the application run file on which you need to make a right-click. Then select ‘properties.’
  • The ‘properties’ box contains different tabs. Make sure you click on the ‘compatibility’ tab.
  • Once you click on the ‘compatibility’ tab, another box appears saying ‘run this program as an administrator,’ make sure you put a check here.

discord admin rights

  • Lastly, make sure you click on ‘apply’ to implement new settings right away. Relaunch the app and see if the issue persists or not.

4. Refrain from using fill window screen

Several gamers have reported that they face the Discord screen share no audio error while playing games on a full window screen. It could be because playing games on full screen mode might interfere with Discord’s permissions/access to the game and result in an audio interruption.

However, if you wish your Discord screen share audio not to malfunction, it would be best if you try to use your app or game in a minimal screen mode. Besides, we suggest you restart your computer before you opt for this quick and easy fix.

Moreover, some of you might not know how to set your screen in a minimized format, so here you go; if you are using any application with Discord on full screen, you need to adjust the sides of the screen to get it into the minimized format. If it is about a game, you need to navigate the game settings and change the screen mode to ‘windowed mode.’

5. Add discord activity

Usually, Discord is always aware of what application you are using, shifts its focus on that app, and makes sure it works according to the app you are currently using. However, with time this did not remain easy and simple as it seems. The developers received several complaints from users that their Discord’s screen share audio stopped working.

However, to overcome the problem, the developers took a wise step. They introduced a new feature to add your app’s activity on Discord while sharing a screen between different games and applications.

We suggest you try out this feature of Discord and see if it solves your problem;

  • Begin with opening the Discord app and open its ‘settings.’

discord settings

  • You will see the navigation bar on the left side of your screen, which contains different essential entries. Here, you have to look for ‘Games’ and click on it.
  • There must be a particular game in which the screen share does not support audio and bugs you. From the navigation bar, open the ‘game activity’ or “Activity Status” and select ‘add it’ to add the application messing up with the screen share audio.

discord game activity status

  • Click on the drop down menu to select your desire running game and click on “Add Game”

discord add game to game activity

  • When you add a specific game to ‘game activity’ on Discord, please make sure that no other game is already running in the background. If there is one, please remove it so that your Discord screen share audio does not mess up!
  • However, adding your game’s activity on Discord should resolve your error. Still, if the error persists, we suggest you toggle the ‘enable in-game overlay’ from “Game Overlay” tab and check if it fix your issue.

discord overlay game

6. Update your audio drivers

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for Discord screen share no audio error could be faulty audio drivers installed on your computer. Speaking of the audio drivers, they hold a significant place when it comes to technical issues. They are responsible for connecting the hardware of your computer with its operating system and applications.

The incompatible audio drivers do not allow audio transmission while you use the Discord screen share feature between different games and applications.

However, if the error is due to bad audio drivers, you can fix this in no time by navigating to the device manager and get the updated audio drivers;

  • Once you open the ‘device manager,’ using the key combinations of Window + R, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the dialogue box. Make sure you press Enter.

device manager dialogue box

  • The device manager also shows a category of ‘audio inputs and outputs.’ It would help if you expanded it further.
  • Next, you need to make a right-click on the specific sound hardware and make your next click on ‘uninstall the device.’

audio driver uninstall

  • Now you can click anywhere on the screen and choose ‘scan for hardware changes.’ However, your computer does not scan for any hardware because it does not contain sound hardware yet. Your computer will install the default audio drivers, and once it installs them, you can restart your computer and check.
  • Even if uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers do not help the problem, you can update the audio drivers to see if that works.
  • For updating the specific audio driver, make a right-click on it and select ‘update driver.’
  • If updating audio drivers also does not make a difference, you can visit the official website of that specific audio driver and get the latest version.

Moreover, we suggest you try updating all the audio drivers on your computer to make sure none audio driver bugs Discord’s screen share audio feature.

7. Reset voice settings on discord

Resetting the voice settings a little on Discord does not cause harm to other settings and might help solve the audio error. Therefore, try similarly resetting voice settings as given below to see if it solves the issue;

  • Navigate to Discord settings and look for ‘voice and video.’

reset discord voice audio settings

  • Next, you need to choose ‘reset voice settings’ to update the settings as per your desire.
  • Make sure you select ‘ok’ to save the settings you have made.

8. Discord audio settings “Push to Talk”

As mentioned earlier, Discord can catch any audio activity and transmit it appropriately. However, ever since Discord’s screen share audio feature has launched, different errors have been reported regarding the audio action.

However, changing audio settings on Discord might help you to resolve the error;

  • Open the Discord settings and select ‘voice and video.’
  • Find the ‘voice settings’ and see the position of your input voice bar. Make sure it is not set to an inaudible volume.

discord push to talk

  • However, if Discord’s screen share feature is still not supporting audio, you can manually toggle the ‘push to talk’ option and check if that helps you.

Typically, Discord detects the input audio automatically without having to toggle the ‘push to talk’ option; however, sometimes there appear bugs that demand you to toggle this option to resolve your audio errors on Discord.

9. Discord cache

Sometimes, clearing the Discord cache helps to solve many issues occurring with the app. Therefore, we suggest you try this fix as well if the rest does not work.

To clear Discord’s cache, make sure you follow the steps as under appropriately;

  • Once again, press Windows + R using the key combinations so that the ‘run’ function shows up.
  • In the dialogue box, type in ‘%appdata%’ and press Enter to continue.

appdata run box

  • A window will pop up on your screen, look for the ‘discord’ folder and make sure you ‘delete’ it.

appdata discord

However, taking this measure to help to resolve your problem does not affect Discord on your device. Next time when you run the app, the computer will develop a new folder for Discord’s new cache.

10. Reinstall discord

So far, we have discussed a handful of fixes that should help your Discord screen share no audio error. However, if none works out for you, you can still go for the one last fix, reinstalling Discord.

To get your hands on how to do the reinstalling process, please continue reading;

  • Open your windows settings

windows settings

  • Next, open ‘apps.’
  • A search bar shows up, type in ‘discord,’ and when it opens, choose ‘uninstall.’

uninstall discord from windows settings

  • Now that you have uninstalled the app, you have to visit the official Discord webpage and download the upgraded version.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the app again, try using the screen share plus audio feature and see if it works efficiently now.


How can one share a screen on Discord?

Discord’s developers have added a fantastic feature of screen share. The users can use the feature by enabling it on Discord.

Is it possible to share the screen on Discord?

Yes. Discord’s screen share feature has become relatively easy and fun to share screens between different apps and games.

Why does my Discord not support screen share?

The latest version of Discord supports the screen share feature. However, an outdated version might bug you.

Can I share audio while sharing the screen on Discord?

Yes. You can easily share audio/sounds with your friends while utilizing the screen share feature on Discord.

How can I enable audio sharing while screen sharing on Discord?

If you wish to share audio while screen sharing, make sure you turn off the screen share feature first. Next, you have to enable the sound mode on the app. You will see the ‘share now’ button, do not forget to click on it to share audio while screen sharing on Discord.

Why is my Discord screen share not supporting audio?

If you possess an outdated version of the app, faulty audio drivers on your device, software bugs, or improper audio settings, your Discord screen share may show up with no audio.

Can I share sound on Discord?

No. sharing sound on Discord and sharing audio while screen sharing on Discord are two different features. To share sound on Discord, you have to make a voice call and talk on Discord.

Can I stream with sound on Discord? If yes, then how?

Streaming with sound on Discord is a doable task, and here is how you do it; you have to make a video call and turn on the screen share feature to stream the video. Moreover, to add sounds, go to Discord settings and enable sound mode.

Does Discord mobile support screen share?

Yes. You can share screens on Discord mobile.

Is there any way I can play computer sounds through Discord?

Yes, you can. You have to navigate to audio settings in Discord and enable the voice settings so you can talk and play your computer sounds through Discord.

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In conclusion

We cannot deny the fact that technology comes with bugs too. On the one hand, it makes sure we make the most of it and enjoy it, but it also tends to mess up. Discord’s screen share feature was a great addition, and now that you can share audio, it is exceptional! However, many users complain about the Discord screen share audio not working.

If you also encounter a similar error, take a deep breath and relax because this error is fixable. We have tried our best to share the easy and quick fixes with you so that you can get rid of the error. We hope this article will prove helpful!

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