How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00? (Manual & Automatic)

Are you wondering what is the canon support code 5b00 error and how to fix it? If your Canon printer shows the error code 5b00, it means the printer can’t print due to improper ink cartridge usage.

How can you fix the canon printer 5b00 error?

All you need to do is reset the ink waste counter. You can also clean the ink waste pad without additional help to prevent the 5b00 error code from occurring again.

Keep reading to find out why we need to reset the ink waste counter and how to fix the Canon printer error 5b00.

how to fix the canon printer error 5b00
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Why does the Canon error 5b00 occur?

The waste ink accumulates, every time you print a document, that needs to be cleaned. The canon printers have a built-in mechanism to absorb the excess ink used in printing.

However, you can print documents until the waste ink absorber becomes full. As soon as the waste ink absorber becomes full, you will get the Canon error 5b00.

The canon 5b00 error due to;

  • Ink spills on your printer,
  • Ink absorber is full,
  • Waste ink counter is full.

You can fix the canon support code 5b00 error by our troubleshooting guide given below.

How to fix the Canon error 5b00?

The canon 5b00 error is a common issue many users face due to the modern continuous ink systems installed in the latest printers.

Here are the steps to fix the canon error 5b00:

  1. Reset the waste ink counter.
  2. Manually clean the waste ink pad.
  3. Clean the Printhead.
  4. Check the ink level of the system.
  5. Reset the printer.

1. Reset the waste ink counter

Here’s how to reset the waste ink counter.

  1. Begin by unplugging the power and the USB cables from your Canon printer.
  2. Now you should open the cartridge door, press down the Power button, and continue holding the Power button while plugging the power cord into the wall socket simultaneously.
  3. You need to keep holding the Power button on the printer until the printer starts resetting itself.
  4. You can release the Power button once all the lights are on.
  5. Now just wait for the green power light to turn off.
  6. You should now press and release the Power button quickly twice. The green light will start blinking for a few seconds, and then it will stabilize. You might see “Stable” written on your Canon printer.
  7. Once the green light stabilizes, close the cartridge door and print a sample document to see if the error 5b00 persists or not.

By resetting the waste ink counter, you also fixed many other error codes that might have appeared in the future. Also, if you are a Windows 10 user, reset the ink absorber after a while, as many ink spills are caused on your printer in Windows 10.

However, if you still get the Canon printer error 5b00, manually clean the waste ink pad to resolve the error.

2. Manually clean the waste ink pad

You can manually clean the waste ink pad by following the below-given steps.

  1. Firstly, open the ink cartridge compartment. The compartment can be in the front or back of the printer, depending on the Canon printer model you use.
  2. Now you have to wait for the ink cartridges to move over.
  3. Disconnect the printer’s power cord. Then, find the row of white rollers behind the ink cartridges.
  4. You will find a small square near the white rollers that will look like a foam pad.
  5. Detach the waste ink absorber by gently pulling on its rubber frame.
  6. Clean the waste ink absorber with a paper towel and try to collect all the ink waste on the paper towel.
  7. Now put all the cartridges inside the printer, back in their place.
  8. Finally, reinstall the waste ink absorber frame in the printer and press and hold the Power button while reconnecting the Power cord.
  9. Release the Power button when the printer is switched on.
  10. After waiting for five seconds, push the Power button again to reset the printer’s internal memory. This will fix the error code 5b00.

Often cleaning the ink waste pad manually works like a charm. You can also use soapy water to clean the foam pad/waste ink absorber. Let the waste ink absorber soak long enough for the ink to get loose before reattaching the foam pad.

3. Clean the Printhead

If the above-given methods didn’t fix the canon support code 5b00 error, check the print head properly and clean it to fix the error.

4. Check the ink level of the system

Sometimes a low level of ink can also cause the canon 5b00 error . So, check the printer’s ink level, and if low, fill it to its maximum capacity.

5. Reset the printer

Finally, the last option is to reset your Canon printer to factory settings.

You can also connect with Customer support, who will guide you on how to fix the Canon error 5b00. All you have to do is specify the error you are facing and the steps you took to fix the error, the rest will be done by the Customer support team.

Frequently Asked Question

Where is the waste ink absorber on a Canon printer?

You can find the waste ink absorber behind the ink cartridges in your Canon printer. The absorber is located in its black rubber frame near the white rollers behind the ink cartridges. The waste ink absorber looks like a small foam pad.


We hope you were able to fix the Canon 5b00 error with our troubleshooting guide. You can also write down your queries in the comment box, and we will help you.

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