How to Fix Canon mx922 Support Code b200?

how to fix canon mx922 support code b200
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You might have come across the error code B200 while using your Canon printer. We are not happy to tell you that this error is more than a regular error and is a very serious warning that your printer is unfortunately not in a good condition.

The recommended and good solution to this is replacing it because this error is very rare to occur in newly brought printers. This certainly means that your printer has completed its life and now it’s time to say goodbye to it.

But if you cannot afford to buy a new one or just simply don’t want to, there is a solution to remove that error and get some bonus time with your printer.

What causes canon Pixma b200 error?

Dried up cartridge

Sometimes when you don’t use your printer for a long time and then use it after a while, the canon b200 error might occur. The canon mx922 uses two types of cartridges; 2 and 4+. They both are likely to dry if not used for a long time.

Replica ink cartridge

If you buy some low quality or fake ink cartridges for your printer, you will face a canon Pixma b200 error. It is recommended to use original canon ink to avoid this error.

Jamming of cartridge

There have been such cases in the past that due to paper jams in the printer, the ink cartridge also gets jammed over the printer grip. If you see canon printer error b200, check for jam cartridge as well and remove it to resume printing.


If you’re printing too many papers at the same time for a little longer, you might see canon printer error b200 flashing on the screen. What happens is; the print head gets overheated due to overloaded jobs and the printer loses connection to its cartridge. That causes the printer to stop working and display Canon mx922 support code b200.

Waste tank filled

There is an ink waste tank in canon mx922. It stores the wasted ink during the cleaning process. If the tank is already full, you will see canon mx922 error b200. You need to check the tank and empty it to resolve the issue.

How to fix the canon b200 error code?

Now since the reasons are sorted, here is how you can fix this error to keep your printer working:

Restart the printer

  • This technique does not work every time but there are chances of working out in some cases. Turn the printer off, unplug it and let it cool for at least 2 hours. Restart it again and see if the canon mx922 support code b200 goes away.

Reinstall cartridges

  • Try reinstalling all the cartridges. Remove all the old ones, replace them with new ones or just reinstall them to rebuild the cartridge connection with the printer.

Clean and reinstall printer head

  • Take off the printer head and gently clean the gold contacts on its backside. Once it’s all clean, ensure that the ribbon cable connector is firmly plugged into the printer head while reinstalling it back.
  • Once you’ve removed the printer head put it under a hot water tap and flush all the ink out before putting it back on.

Reload the drivers

  • One reason for the canon b200 error could be a corrupted driver. Reinstall the printer’s drivers again and see if that resolves the issue.

One of these methods will definitely help you resolve the error. If it’s still not resolved, you can connect the Canon printer’s customer support to guide you on what else you can do.

Changing the device

If the issue persists or keeps occurring, again and again, it may be a sign that you need to change the device. Invest some money in a new device and take a fresh start. The new device will have better quality and performance.

The reason that people prefer repairing the existing devices is budget limitations. Buying a new printer is going to cost a fortune and some people don’t have that much budget.

In that case, it is fine to keep using the old printer and take the above mentioned steps to keep it working.

Moreover, some people, especially the elderly, don’t change the device because they hardly get their hands on the existing one. The idea of bringing a new device and learning to operate it scares them and they convince themselves to keep using it till it no longer gives the required results.

It might sound weird but it is true. This is a very genuine issue with people around the world that forces them to keep using old devices for the longest time.

In that case, we would suggest that almost all Canon devices have a similar operating mechanism. So changing or upgrading the device is going to change the look and feel of it, the steps to carry our tasks will remain similar. Buying new gadgets is always worth the risk.

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Canon printers are a very reliable name in the market for providing good quality prints. The errors are also resolvable but if you’re opting for cleaning the printer head, you need to be extremely careful. It is not recommended to do that unless you have some know-how about electronics, you might end up destroying it. Try out other methods first and then go for this one.


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