(5 Ways) – How to Fix Brother Printer Not Printing Black

Are you wondering why the Brother printer is not printing black and how to fix the ‘Brother printer won’t print black’ error? You can fix the issue by cleaning the clogged print heads, replacing the old cartridges with new ones, and using branded ink cartridges.

Why is my Brother printer not printing even though it has ink?

Sometimes the ink or toner cartridges get dislodged from their place. Paper jams, empty input tray, and clogged print heads can also cause the ‘Brother printer not printing black’ error. Remember to reset the drum counter and toner after replacing the ink cartridge, so the printer recognizes the new ink cartridge.

Keep reading to resolve the ‘Brother printer won’t print black’ error.

how to fix brother printer not printing black
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Why does my brother printer won’t print black?

Here’s why the Brother printer won’t print black.

1. Installation of a new cartridge

We are unaware of the logic and link between the new cartridge and brother printer that stops printing black in documents. However, many professionals believe that if you have recently installed a new cartridge on your Brother printer, it may come up with ‘not printing black’ issues.

Therefore, it would be better to check if you have installed the cartridge properly to avoid the relevant problem.

2. Usage of ‘almost’ an empty black cartridge

If you see that your Brother printer has recently started producing unsatisfactory documents, it indicates that you need to replace the black ink cartridge. Suppose you continue to use the black ink cartridge that is about to empty. In that case, you allow the air to stuck into the printer nozzle, which would cause further irritating issues while you print your documents.

Besides, once the air fills up the printer nozzle completely, your brother printer will cease to print in black. Therefore, as soon as you get the error from your printer about the black ink cartridge turning low, it would be better to replace it at the right time.

3. Brother printer with ciss

Suppose your brother printer has an accompanying ‘continuous ink supply system,’ which increases the capacity of the printer to retain extra amounts of ink. In that case,the chances are that your printer will come up with a ‘not printing black’ issue. The reason can be clogging of the printhead, which usually occurs when a printer contains CISS fitted.

There are other reasons for a brother printer with CISS not functioning normally, like irregular printer use and bad quality ink cartridges.

4. Incomplete removal of ‘breather’ tape

When you install a new ink cartridge in your Brother printer and forget to remove the breather tape on it, your printer will mostly like to come up with not printing black issue.

5. Usage of poor quality ink cartridges

The quality of ink cartridges plays a significant role when it comes to the functionality of any printer. If you do not use ink cartridges compatible with your Brother printer, you will most likely get the ‘not printing black’ issue from your Brother printer.

How to fix brother printer not printing black?

Here are the steps to fix the Brother printer not printing black.

1. Print regularly

To prevent the clogging of the printer nozzle, it would be better to use your Brother printer regularly. When people do not use their printers regularly, they usually complain that ‘brother printer not printing black properly.’

2. Proper placement of ink cartridge

If you have recently installed a new black ink cartridge, and still your Brother printer does not print black, you might have placed it wrongly. Therefore, it would be best to take out the cartridge and put it back again correctly. Hopefully, it will resolve the issue!

3. Removal of the breather tape

As mentioned earlier, the breather tape on the ink cartridge needs to be removed before you install a new ink cartridge in your Brother printer. Let’s say you have installed a new black ink cartridge, and you have not removed the label/breather tape; the chances are that your Brother printer won’t print black.

4. Use branded ink cartridge

As mentioned above, using poor-quality ink cartridges can harm your Brother printer. The most usual outcome is that your printer won’t print black. Therefore, it would be best to buy and install the highest quality ink cartridges in your printer so that you don’t have to face any issues.

5. Clear the printheads

If you have not used your Brother printer for a long time, it would be better to clean the printheads first before you resume your printing activities. You can use a piece of cloth soaked in warm water to clean the printheads.

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Without any doubt, the brother printers are famous for their excellent services in the printing industry. These printers go well for both office and home-based work. Though these printers do not show up with significant glitches, a few minor ones are common. The most common error you may face while using a brother printer is not printing black.

However, you must not worry about it! In this article, we have tried our best to summarize the causes and tips to fix the relevant issue in the best possible way! Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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  1. My printer is Brother MFC-J985DW
    It will not print – the message comes up about a paper jam, but there is no jam anywhere. It also will show “cannot print error 35”
    Is there anything I can do?

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