How to Fix Brother Printer ‘Check Connection’ Error? [2024]

Have you just received a ‘check connection’ error on a Brother printer while scanning documents? Are you worried that you will have to pay a costly repair bill? Fortunately, we have got your back as we can guide you on how to fix the Brother printer ‘check connection’ error.

How to resolve the brother printer ‘check connection’ error?

There are multiple ways to fix the brother printer check connection error, but the most recommended solution is to uninstall, restart the system, and reinstall the application. After reinstalling the application, you can scan documents easily.

Keep reading for more solutions to resolve the ‘check connection’ error without additional tech expert help.

fix brother printer check connection
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How to fix brother printer check connection error?

If you have received the ‘check connection’ error, there might be a problem with the printer, PC, or wi-fi.

So, follow the below-given troubleshooting guide to fix the brother printer ‘check connection’ error.

  1. There is a possibility that the brother printer scanner might not be working due to defective power cords. Therefore, check whether the brother printer is plugged in correctly and get rid of the damaged power cords to replace them with new ones. 
  2. Next, if you are using Wi-Fi to scan the documents, check if the wi-fi device is working and providing a stable connection. 
  3. Furthermore, make sure that the computer and brother printer are connected to the same wi-fi. Also, your computer should use the same wi-fi as the brother printer and not more. If the computer uses more than two wireless connections, you can get a ‘check connection’ error. In such a case, choose one connection and disable others. 
  4. There is a possibility that two or more computers and brother printer are connected to the same wi-fi. This can also cause a connection error. Just disable the same wireless network from all other computers except one and use that computer to scan documents wirelessly. (the computer connected to the same Wi-Fi as the brother printer).
  5. If you have a spare PC at home, use that pc to scan documents. If documents are scanned on the spare pc, it means that your previous pc is defective, and you need to get the pc repaired. 
  6. Brother suggests uninstalling, restarting the system, and reinstalling the application to fix the brother printer check connection error. 
  7. You can also use the ‘Scan’ option from the Control Center software. Check the firewall settings if the printer scans through the control center’s scan option instead through the ‘Scan’ button on the brother printer. 
  8. It might be possible that the security application is blocking your scanner’s communication. In such a case, check your firewall settings. If it’s turned on, turn it off and scan the documents again.
  9. Scan your documents with the ‘Scan’ button on the printer after turning off the firewall settings. If this doesn’t work, you need to check if the ‘Scan to’ button is registered on the network. 
  10. If you have received a connection error message related to the Control Center when scanning the document, use the Connection Center software to resolve it. You can download the Control Center software (scanner driver) from
  11. Another option is to uninstall the scanner driver from the brother printer, reboot the computer, and reinstall the scanner driver from After reinstalling it, scan your documents by pressing the scan button on your device.
  12. The last option is to turn off your Brother printer, router, and computer. Now wait for 30-50 seconds and then turn on all the devices again. This is known as ‘power flee’ that removes excess power outrage from your devices. 

However, if you still receive a brother printer check connection error, get additional support from the PC manufacturer or the internet service provider. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why does my Brother printer say check connection when I try to scan?

The ‘check connection’ message means that the brother printer doesn’t recognize the connection of the USB cable, LAN cable, or wireless network.

Why is my brother printer not connecting to pc for scanning?

The firewall settings might be on. Disable the firewall from the computer to resolve this issue and scan again. 


There might be a problem with the brother’s printer, internet device, or the pc if you have received the ‘check connection’ message on your brother’s printer. So, always start by checking for the defective cables. Then only reinstall the scanner driver to fix the brother printer ‘check connection’ error. 

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