(4 Easy Ways) – How to Fix Kodak Printer Not Printing Black

Are you facing the ‘Kodak printer not printing black’ issue? Have you tried replacing the empty cartridges? Sometimes, clogged nozzles, dirty print heads, and outdated printer drivers can cause the Kodak printing black issue. But, don’t worry, as we have got your back!

How to fix a Kodak printer not printing black?

Have you recently changed the cartridges? First, check the newly replaced cartridges for the plastic cover. If there is protective plastic on the cartridge, remove the plastic. Also, install the latest printer drivers and unclog the clogged nozzles.

Keep reading to find more solutions for the Kodak printer not printing properly.

how to fix a kodak printer not printing black
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Causes of Kodak printer not printing black

Here are the reasons for the Kodak printer not printing black:

Damaged printer: Maybe the printer has been damaged internally or externally, causing issues in printing.

Ink Cartridges: Due to any sort of issue with the ink cartridge, the printer could cause the issue.

Printer drivers: Missing files or corrupted printer drivers are a major reason

Faulty printhead: Faulty printhead could be a reason for the issue.

How to Fix a Kodak Printer Not Printing Properly

Here are the methods to fix a Kodak printer not printing black:

Method 1: Check Printer’s calibration

If your printer is not printing black that could be due to incorrect calibration is your printer. Keep checking on the settings every time you replace or refill any cartridge. Even if you have just finished calibrating, always verify it so you won’t have this issue in the first place.

To avoid the extra work, there is a feature inside your printer you might not know about. The feature ‘Self diagnostic’ helps you in identifying all types of internal errors. Run this feature every time you install the new cartridge.

This test detects all the errors for you and makes it easy for you to resolve them. And along with ‘Self detection’, you have to run Printer’s cartridge alignment feature to avoid this issue.

Method 2: Clean the dirty cartridge

If the printer is being used quite often, there is a risk of cartridges getting dirty and stop printing black ink. In that case, you have to take out the cartridge and clean it gently with alcohol dipped cotton swab. Do the same with the printer drums as well. Once it’s thoroughly cleaned, put the cartridge back in.

This process will help clear out the stuck ink particles that get in the way of printing black ink. The printer will be able to extract the black ink from its cartridge and print the documents.

Method 3: Observe & eliminate cartridge tape

There is a plastic cover on every newly bought ink cartridge. That is wrapped around to protect the ink cartridge from leakage. Most users ignore that plastic tape, and just unwrap the cartridge and place it in the printer. This leads to issues in printing black.

The protective tape is very small and hard to detect due to which most people don’t remove it beforehand. Always look for it and remove it before installing the cartridge.

In case you have already installed the cartridge, it is advised to take it out and verify if the plastic tape is removed if the printer is facing any issues.

Method 4: Update drivers

Outdated printer drivers could also stand in the way of smooth printing. If no other method is working, then try updating the drivers and that will most probably resolve the issue.

To update the drivers, there are three different methods to do so:

  1. Download the latest drivers from the website of Kodak and install them one by one.
  2. Update drivers through the computer’s control panel.
  3. Update the OS and new drivers will be automatically installed.

Installing through control paneis a little hard but mostly used and recommended method. Downloading from the website is also fine but time taking. And it is rare to see someone updating the complete OS only to update the printer’s drivers.

After you update the drivers successfully, reboot your system and the printer and try taking out

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Kodak printers are very popular for being high quality and delivering flawless prints. But due to any of above mentioned reason, the issue of these printer stopping to print black ink is also very common. This issue could be frustrating as it is hard to understand. People relate it with less or no ink in cartridge but there are other factors causing this issue.

Detecting the real problem will help you resolve the issue fast and easily. That’s why troubleshooting the cause is always recommended before going to the solution.

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