How to Find WPS Pin On HP Printer?

how to find wps pin on hp printer
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In today’s modern digital era, things had become pretty easy due to the extreme advancement in technology. Similarly, modern printers allow you to print your documents easily through a wireless connection using WPS. The term WPS is an abbreviated form of “Wi-Fi protected setup”, that lets you connect two or more devices without a physical wire.

Establishing a connection between your HP printer and a computer requires the WPS pin of the printer. So if you’re facing some sort of difficulty in finding the WPS pin on your HP laptop, we’ll teach you to, do so. But before diving deep into finding the WPS pin, let’s have a bird’ eye view on an overview of the WPS pin for printers.

What is a WPS pin?

WPS pin is a kind of unique code consisting of eight digits and allowing the connection between two or more devices. This unique code is also present on the HP printers for establishing a connection between your computer and your printer. This modern wireless technique enables a person to print his document even if the printer is in any corner of his office.

The WPS technology was launched in the year 2006 which provides a high-security network of connections between devices. Initially, people were using it for Wi-Fi routers for their security to block other users to, use their home Wi-Fi connection. Later on, people started using it in the HP Printers too for connecting the printer with a device remotely.

Where to find the WPS pin for HP printers?

Generally, almost every kind of modern version of HP printers like HP LaserJet, HP Envy 4520, HP Officejet 4650 contains a screen on the top that generates the WPS pin for your wireless connection with your device. Every time you’re going to establish a connection between your printer and device, the printer generates a new WPS pin.

In some cases, the old versions of HP printers like HP DeskJet 2652, and HP DeskJet 2600 don’t have a screen, so some people may find it difficult for getting the WPS pin code for such printers. However, after reading the article you’ll get sound knowledge of getting your WPS pin easily.

What are the main types of WPS connections for HP printers?

Generally, we have two types of methods for the establishment of a connection between the computer and our wireless HP printer with the WPS technique. One of them is the WPS push button and the other is the WPS pin. You can use any of the mentioned methods for connecting your device with your wireless printer.

The WPS push button

It is used for those HP printers which don’t have a screen on their top.

The WPS pin

It is for those printers that have a screen on their top

Connect your HP printer with WPS pin

If your HP printer contains a screen, you can easily connect it to your computer or another device in a convenient way. Just follow the given steps for finding the WPS pin code of your HP printer.

  1. Turn on or restart your printer as the first step.
  2. In the second step, you need to go to the setting and enter the control panel of your printer.
  3. Press the wireless button on your printer which will cause the light to start blinking. Now in the control panel, you’ll find an option “Wi-Fi protected setup”. Click on that option and read the instructions that the printer’s screen shows.
  4. Now click on the option WPS pin.
  5. After going through all the processes your printer’s screen will show you a generated pin code that is the WPS pin code that will connect your printer to your computer.
  6. Enter the pin code generated by your printer on the computer screen and here you get your HP printer connected to your computer.

Always remember that the WPS pin will only be available on your printer’s screen for around 10 seconds. So if you’re unable to connect your computer with your printer, you will have to generate a new WPS pin code from your printer for establishing a new connection.

Connect your HP printer with WPS push button

As mentioned earlier, some printers don’t contain a screen so you don’t have any access to the control panel of such printers. In such cases, you’re going to use another method for establishing a connection between your printer and computer and that is the WPS push button. Just follow the given steps for connecting your printer with your device using the WPS push button.

  1. Turn on or restart your printer as a first step.
  2. For using this method, it is crucial to place your printer near the computer to avoid further complications.
  3. Once you’re done with the above steps, search for the wireless button on your printer.
  4. Press the button for some three to four seconds and you will see the blinking of a small LED light in the printer which indicates the printer is preparing itself for becoming ready to be connected remotely.
  5. Now in the next step, you are going to look for the wireless button on your wireless router. After you have found it, just press the button for two to three seconds to turn it on.
  6. After that, let the lights on both the printer and router blink for some three minutes after which the lights on both the printer and your router will stop to blink which indicated that your HP printer is connected to your device and now you can print your documents remotely.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I find the WPS Pin on my printer?

Well, the answer is simple; if you have a screen on your printer you can generate your WPS pin simply from the control panel. However, if you don’t have a screen on your printer, you can still connect to your router by using the WPS push button, mentioned above with details in this article.

What is the WPS pin code?

The WPS pin code is an eight-digit code generally for the establishment of the connection between two devices. Nowadays this technology allows us to print remotely too.

What is the WPS button?

The WPS button allows connection between two devices remotely without using any wire. This button is present on almost every wireless device.

Do all routers have WPS button?

Yes, the WPS button is present on almost every router.

How many numbers are in WPS pin?

The WPS pin code is an eight digit unique number

Where is the WPS button on my phone?

Just go to the WIFI settings. There you’ll find the WPS option. You can turn the WPS on or off from that place by WPS pin or the WPS push method.

Is WPS secure?

Yes, the WPS technology is much better than the WPA or other technologies from the security point of view.

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For finding the WPS pin code on the HP Printers, we have to simply generate our 8 digits WPS code from the control panel of the printer. If in case there exists no screen on our printer we can still connect it to our device with the WPS push button. Both methods work best for creating a secured and reliable connection between your printer and device. Just follow one of them that is the best suitable for you.


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