How to Find My HP Printer WIFI Password? – (Reset Pass)

Why does my HP printer ask for a password? HP printers have a unique ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ feature that allows you to print documents wirelessly if the printer is not linking via a local Wi-Fi network. Isn’t it pretty convenient? Mostly the default HP printer Wi-Fi password is 12345678. However, you can change the HP printer Wi-Fi password too.

How to find the HP printer Wi-Fi password?

You can find the HP printer Wi-Fi password by pressing the ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ button for three seconds. A report containing the HP printer Wi-Fi password will be printed.

Keep reading to know everything about the HP printer Wi-Fi password.

how to find my hp printer wifi password
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How to Find My HP Printer WIFI Password?

Here’s how to find the HP printer Wi-Fi password:

  1. First and foremost, if you have got an HP printer with digital touch screens control panels, you have to press the ‘Wi-Fi direct‘ symbol directly.
  2. If you wish to turn the Wi-Fi direct feature on or off, you can press it according to your desire. Besides, you can also change your connection method here.
  3. There are two types of connection methods; one that requires a password that you can also call ‘manual,’ and the other that does not need any password, the ‘automatic‘ method of the wi-fi direct connection method.
  4. However, on the contrary, if you own an HP printer that does not have a touch screen, you can still have all the information from your printer that you want. Some HP printers have an ‘information‘ button; you can press it and have the wi-fi direct information reports printed out.
  5. Besides, if you see the ‘start‘ and ‘copy‘ buttons on your HP printer, you can press them together at the same time to get the informational reports.
  6. You may see another button on your HP printer, the ‘resume‘ button; you can press and hold it for a while until you get the detailed information report.
  7. Speaking of setting up the new wi-fi password default for your HP printer while you change the printer’s name, too, please make sure that you perform all the steps carefully.
  8. You have to make sure that whatever the wireless connection your smartphone or PC possesses, the same should be connected with your HP printer.
  9. When a printer gets connected to a wi-fi network, there is always a particular configuration identification figure that the printer possesses with the web; you have to note the figure down.
  10. Besides, you must get the IP address of your HP printer as well.
  11. If you possess an HP printer model that does not contain a control panel display, then you can have the network configuration page printed out to know the IP address.
  12. On the contrary, if you have got the touch screen HP printer, you can navigate to the network settings or Wireless menu to know the IP address of your printer.
  13. Your next task is to insert the IP address of your printer for your browser and hit ‘enter.’
  14. You will see the EWS (embedded web server) of the printer opening up once you hit enter.
  15. Next, you have to select ‘network-wifi direct-status.’ You will receive a message regarding redirection to a new page that is secure HTTPS-enabled.
  16. However, you must select ‘ok‘ to continue the process.
  17. There is a possibility that you might receive a message that says, ‘your connection is not private.’ In such a case, please choose ‘advanced.’ Next, choose ‘proceed to IP address of the printer.’
  18. Next, you have to navigate the ‘edit settings‘ option on your screen for wi-fi direct status and perform the changes you want.
  19. When you have made all your changes, like changing the printer’s name and setting up the wi-fi password default for your printer, please select ‘apply‘ to save the changes.

If you follow the steps mentioned above carefully and correctly, you will surely not make a mistake and get your task done quickly. Rest assured!

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In conclusion

HP printers are user-friendly on which performing different tasks never become a trouble for you. If you are looking for a guide to learn about setting up the wi-fi password default for your HP printer, then you have opened and read the right article. This article contains valuable information that will surely assist you in setting the wi-fi password default for your HP printer.

We hope it will prove helpful!

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