How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server? [SOLVED]

Almost every gamer knows about the fantastic features of Discord. Still, some people might not know that Discord also permits the video calling and screen sharing feature that makes gaming easier and more fun! This article contains useful information which will help you to enable screen share on the Discord server.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will have a grip on setting up the screen share on Discord and solutions to relevant errors that you might face during the process.

how to enable screen share on discord server
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What is Discord screen share?

Undoubtedly, the Discord app provides one of the best platforms for users to chat with their team members either through voice or text. However, as mentioned earlier, the app does not limit itself to voice or text chat only. It allows you to share your screen with teammates or co-workers, either using it for gaming or business purposes.

Moreover, enabling the Discord screen share does not require installing any additional software or programs, which makes it easier for the users to make the most of the feature.

Can you screen share on Discord desktop?

A simple and straightforward answer to the question is, yes, you can set up screen share on Discord desktop. Supporting the screen share feature, Discord allows you to choose 480p to 720p quality as per your desire. Besides, if you have premium, you can stream in 1080p or 4k as well.

Can you screen share on Discord mobile?

Sadly, the Discord app does not support the screen share feature on Discord mobile yet. However, you can view live streaming on Discord mobile without any interruption. Moreover, while you live stream on Discord mobile, the audio and video call features are still accessible.

How to screen share on discord server?

The screen share feature on the Discord server is phenomenal, making it unchallenging for the users to communicate with their team members or colleagues. It makes the sharing of visual information pretty quick and easy. To enable screen sharing on the Discord server, all you need to do is to follow the steps as under;

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Video and camera settings

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ present on the right side of your username in the form of a cog icon.

discord settings

  • Find out the ‘App Settings,’ and select ‘Voice and Video.’

discord voice and video settings

  • Next, you need to go to the ‘Video Settings’ and select your video camera from the drop-down menu.

discord video settings

  • If you want to make sure that everything is functioning properly, you can go for the option ‘Test Video’ present on the right of your screen.

Web browser settings

If you do not have the Discord app installed on your PC and are using it on the web browser, then to use the feature successfully, you need to click on the Allow button to confirm the camera access.

allow discord camera and microphone

This confirmation allows the Discord to have access to the microphone and camera of your phone or computer. These additional web browser settings ensure that everything is up to the mark!

Adding friends to your Discord server

  • To add friends on Discord, begin with clicking on the Discord icon and go to the ‘homepage.’
  • To view your friend list in Discord, make a click on ‘Friends.’
  • In the search bar, type in the username of your friend to add up on Discord.

add friends to discord

  • The above step will show you your friend’s name. Click on it so you can directly send a message.
  • There is an icon to start the video call with your friends right above the message window.

video call discord

Share your screen with your friends

If you wish to share the screen with your friends on Discord, follow the steps given below sequentially;

  • While on a call with your friend, go to the call profile and select the option to share the screen.

turn on screen share

  • There are three modes of sharing your screen on Discord. One is to share the entire screen. The second allows you to share the application window only. The last one constitutes sharing of browser tab only.

discord screen share options

  • Screen sharing on Discord is smooth and quick with great video quality, unlike other screen-sharing platforms. Moreover, you can choose the ‘Stop sharing’ option whenever you want to.

Discord screen share feature (Desktop)

To begin the screen sharing with your friends on Discord desktop, make sure you have already started the video call. To proceed, you can use many other features given to arrange the settings at your convenience.

Read the guide thoroughly given below to learn more about the Discord screen sharing feature on Desktop;

1. Expand down arrow

Using the expand down arrow on your screen; you can easily expand your screen. You can see the arrow on the top left of your screen. Once you start the video call, you have to click on this arrow to expand the screen to the maximum height in Discord.

2. Swapping from video to screen share mode

Did you know that you can swap from video to screen share mode while on a video call on Discord? Well, now you know! Clicking on the screen share icon (icon with monitor-like display picture) on the Discord enables you to go to screen sharing mode from video call.

There are three modes of screen sharing, as mentioned earlier. Choose whatever you want to.

3. Mute toggle and user settings

An icon resembles a microphone on the Discord; this icon refers to ‘mute toggle.’ This icon is present on the left of the ‘Leave call’ button and allows you to mute or unmute as per your desire.

Besides the ‘mute toggle’ icon, there is an icon for ‘user settings’ that is pretty much similar to the one in your Discord homepage window.

4. Leave Call Button

As mentioned above, there is a ‘leave call’ button on your Discord. The button’s function is self-explanatory; that is, when you click on the button, the call drops right away. Ensure that you do not press this button unintentionally because it does not ask for confirmation but terminates the call quickly.

5. Video marquee

To bring a user from the video call group into focus, you need to click on the user’s avatar. While you focus on one specific user, you can keep others on the right side of the screen in a marquee. To change your focus to another user, click on his avatar to do so!

Also, switching to another screen is easy since doing so will make your video call window pop up in the form of a picture-in-picture view, and you can adjust this new window on your screen at your convenience.

6. Toggle full screen

Another valuable feature of Discord is Toggle full-screen. If you wish to expand your screen to the fullest, make sure you click on Toggle full-screen icon to get your task done. Besides, you need to press the ESC key simply if you want to exit the full-screen.

7. Share sound while sharing a screen

If you have enabled the screen sharing feature on Discord, it is your choice if you want to share the sound as well with your team members or not. However, sharing sound while sharing a screen is pretty much a straightforward process.

To enable sharing the sound with your team members, make sure you toggle the ‘Sound’ in the application window.

Fix Discord screen share not working

Several users often come across different problems while enabling the Discord screen share feature on their Desktop. Some encounter the Discord screen share feature is not working while others face the Discord black screen share. The good thing is, no matter whatever the issue is, you can always fix it!

To fix the Discord screen share not working or turning black, follow the steps as under;

  1. Begin with restarting your PC, a method that never gets old to fix minor bugs.
  2. Once you have restarted the PC, open the Discord app, where you will have to restart the screen share feature.
  3. At times, automatic switching of GPU might cause troubles. Therefore it would be best if you check for GPU.
  4. It would be better if you update the GPU to its newest version.
  5. The measures mentioned above should solve the problem, ideally. However, if your problem is still present, the last thing you can do is to uninstall and reinstall the Discord app.

How to stream on Discord?

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In conclusion

Undoubtedly, Discord’s screen share feature is beneficial for the users since it allows them to show their team members whatever they are doing on their desktop screen. However, in this guide, we have discussed the common issues that users usually encounter while enabling the screen share feature on the Desktop, along with their easy and quick fixes.

We hope this guide will prove helpful!

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