(2 Simple Ways) – How to Disable HP Cartridge Protection?

HP printers have the restriction of using original and genuine HP ink cartridges because of their ‘cartridge protection’ system. However, you can disable the HP cartridge protection to use cheaper cartridges. Cheaper and compatible cartridges work almost like the original ones and save your money.

How to disable HP cartridge protection?

You can disable the HP cartridge protection through the internet or non-internet connection options. For the non-internet connected printers, you must locate the ‘Devices and printers’ option on the control panel. Next, select your HP printer, click on the ‘Cartridge protection tab’ in the HP toolbox, select the ‘Disable cartridge protection’ option and save.

Keep reading to know more about how to disable HP cartridge protection for internet and non-internet connected printers. Also, learn about what the HP cartridge system is and who should disable the cartridge protection on HP printer.

how to disable hp cartridge protection
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HP printers have this restriction of using genuine HP ink cartridges, instead of using any other of their choice. Most people prefer using compatible ink cartridges instead of original HP cartridges as those are cheaper and work almost the same as the original ones.

HP has introduced a “cartridge protection” system to make people buy the original HP cartridges. But consumers still tend to buy duplicate or alternative products for being cheap and readily available in the market.

What is HP Cartridge Protection?

Unfortunately, counterfeiting is the biggest threat in the global market. You are very likely to fall for original looking packing and the brand’s logo. Other than that, some people willingly choose to buy less expensive duplicate copies of the original products.

To ensure that the ink cartridge being used is the original branded product, HP has introduced the HP cartridge protection feature. What this feature does is, recognizes the difference between the original or the other brand’s product.

This system is added into the printer’s software and every time it detects any product other than the original HP’s cartridge, it displays a “Cartridge protection” error on the printer’s LED. It only stops showing the message when you replace the ink cartridge with the Original HP ink cartridge.

Who needs this feature?

Some people argue that this feature is unnecessary and a trick to force people into buying their products only. Well, to some extent this is true.

But for people who want the perfect quality, such as professionals who need to print error free documents, text, or images, this is a good initiative. Now it is easy to identify the fake or duplicate products and choose the real products for the best finishing quality.

Why you should disable HP cartridge protection?

If you don’t need that superior quality and tend to use multiple and cheaper products, you can disable this feature to continue using your preferred alternate products. Other reasons to turn this feature off could be:

  • You changed the printer yet have some old ink cartridges left and want to utilize them.
  • To prevent the hurdle and expense of buying new cartridges and want to use refillable.
  • Not using the printer for commercial purposes so doesn’t want to buy expensive branded cartridges.

Due to any of the above reasons, you can turn off this feature and use duplicate and almost the same quality ink to print.

How to disable Cartridge protection?

If you want to disable the cartridge protection feature on your printer, the steps are quite simple. But they vary on the basis of the printer type you have. For instance, if your printer supports an internet connection, the steps will be different, and if it does not have the option to connect through the internet, then the process will be simpler.

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1. Without Internet connection option

Here’s how to disable HP cartridge protection in non-internet connected printers.

  1. Go to Settings from the menu on your printer.
  2. Click on “Disable HP Cartridge protection”.
  3. Select “Disable”.
  4. Click on “Apply and Save”.

2. With Internet connection option

Here are the steps to disable the HP cartridge protection in internet connected printers.

  1. Start the device.
  2. Click on “Devices and Printers”.
  3. From the list, click on your printer and double click it to open “Settings”.
  4. Find the option “Estimated Ink Levels” and click on it to open the HP Toolbox window.
  5. Click on “Cartridge protection”. And in that tab, click on the button “Disable HP Cartridge Protection”.
  6. After that, save the changes you made and close the window.

Once the feature is disabled, you might have to reinstall the cartridge and it will be recognized this time despite not being the original HP product.

Final words

HP has introduced the cartridge protection feature to make sure that customers use the original products of the brand. It has many advantages such as the premium quality results for images, text, and important documents.

Using the original product will ensure that the print quality is up to the mark and smooth. No text or image colors are missing.

Using alternate products will be less expensive but the quality of prints could be compromised. You might not get the smooth and flawless finishing of any print. But it has its own plus points.

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To choose which type of ink and brand you want to use should be a consumer’s choice. A brand can offer its original products for better quality. But forcing customers to use your products only is not a recommended or appreciated business strategy. The customers might end up prioritizing other brands that allow them to choose between multiple products.

This feature has more disadvantages than advantages. Critics declare this as a complete money making technique by forcing consumers to buy your products.

7 thoughts on “(2 Simple Ways) – How to Disable HP Cartridge Protection?”

  1. I have a J410/1056 (61 cartridge) and when I open “devices and printers”, there is no “settings”. There is also no “estimated ink level”. What do I do?

    Thanks for time and help.

  2. Nothing I try seems to work with the HP 8028. It rejects all refilled and 3rd party cartridges. In some cases, not until it prints once or twice.

  3. HP technical service could not get my printer to print in color correctly. For some reason anything with blue would not print correctly. I just to print now in black only.

  4. I fully agree. The customer should not be held hostage to the printer maker’s cartridges. This means often to pay so much that a set of original replacement cartridges costs as much as printer itself. I am a home user, I do not need perfect printouts. If a third party cartridge set at half price of the original gives me what I need, I should be able to use it.

  5. Thanks for this information but it doesn’t work for me. I can’t even get my printer to go online because of the “Protection” message.

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