(4 Steps) – How to Deactivate PS4 Account without System?

Are you planning on to sell your PS4 because you’re simply not interested anymore? Surely you can sell it whenever you want! But, before that, you must deactivate PS account! Many users may not know how to deactivate PS account. Well, that’s not big deal!

So, can you deactivate PS4 account without system?

Of course, you can deactivate PS4 account without system. To do so, please check the “web account management” on PS4 > sign up > select “management device” under “choose systems” option > click on Yes > please wait for deactivation to complete. Also, please remember that deactivating PS4 results in losing all your purchases and refunds according to the store policies.

If you wish to learn more about deactivation of primary PS4, and how you can deactivate your account without hustling much; please keep reading!

how to deactivate ps4 account without system
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What you need to know?

Regardless of how long you’ve had your PS4, there’s a chance you don’t know much about it. Here’s something you need to know; all the purchases you make on your PlayStation will be lost when you deactivate your PlayStation account. However, there’s an exception. If you’ve kept your account as primary, then there are more chances of you regaining your games and progress into your account.

However, if you’re certain you will not use your PS4 again and want to deactivate the primary PS4, you need to keep in mind that everything you have on the account will be lost. So once you’re absolutely sure, you can move forward with the process.

Deactivate PlayStation account

The process to deactivate the PlayStation account is fairly simple. You have the option to switch the PS4 mode from the console. However, it’s better to deactivate the PlayStation account. If you don’t know how then here are the steps that will help you out:

  1. On your profile, head to the “settings” section.
  2. Once you click on you, go to “account management,” and you’ll find two options: “deactivate” or “activate as your primary PS4.”
  3. Click on “deactivate” if you’re certain.

Now, let’s say you no longer have the PS4 console. Can you still deactivate PS4? Of course, you can! You can simply visit the Sony website and deactivate your account from there. But keep in mind that Some will only allow you to disable your consoles through their websites once every six months.

How to deactivate primary PS4 without system?

Here’s a troubling situation most people face when trying to deactivate primary PS4: they’re unable to manually disable the account or lose access to the account from the system. So, what do you do then?

Well, it’s not a big deal. All you can do is use the Web Account Management to primary PS4 so you can deactivate the PlayStation account along with all the devices connected to it. Remotely deactivating your PS4 has several benefits, which could include your PS4 being shipped for repair, selling your PS4 without deactivating your primary PS4, having your console stolen or lost.

Here are the steps to deactivate primary PS4 without a system:

  1. Check the wen account management and sign up for it.
  2. There, you will find an option named “Management device.” Click on it.
  3. Underneath “Choose systems,” you’ll find the options you’re looking for. Click on “Yes.”
  4. The deactivation will be complete once the deactivation message appears.

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Now that you deactivate your PlayStation account keep in mind that these steps can only be carried out once every six months. It’s always better to avoid this step if you can deactivate the primary PS4 manually.

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