(Solved) – How to Connect PS4 to Hotel WIFI?

PS4 users who are also travelers, say that they cannot connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi unless they ask for the hotel sign-in. while we have tips and tricks for you to bypass the problem, you must know whether you can connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi or not.

So, can you connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi?

Of course, you can connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi. To do so, connect the console to TV > turn on PS4 > push “X” button to choose toolbox > network > select “Set up internet connection” > click on “Use Wi-Fi” > choose “Easy” option > select the hotel’s network from the list > click on “Test internet connection.”

If the mentioned steps fail to entertain you, please keep reading to get your hands on a detailed guide to connecting PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi.

how to connect ps4 to hotel wifi
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How to connect PlayStation to hotel WIFI?

Here are the steps to connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi:

  1. Your first step is to link your PS4 to the TV, and power up your PS4.
  2. Choose the “toolbox” icon via pushing “X” to enter the settings.
  3. Next, select “Network”.
  4. Within the menu, choose the “Set up Internet Connection” from the options.
  5. Now you will find the “Use Wifi” option. Click on it.
  6. Next, there are 2 options that will appear in front of you. These are “Easy” and “Custom”. Choose “Easy” among them since this option is smoother to work with compared to the other one.
  7. You’ll now see a list of WiFi networks on your screen. Find your hotel’s WiFi network here, it will have the hotel’s name. Select it. This means your PS4 is connecting to the WiFi signal of your hotel.
  8. In order to test if it is functioning, click on the “Test Internet Connection” option.
  9. Did it fail? No worries. This means that the connection wasn’t successful. This might be due to a password. To overcome this minor issue, all you have to do is choose the “Details” option here.
  10. Now go ahead and choose the “Suggested Actions” option.
  11. Next, you have to click on “View Status of the PlayStation Network Services” and the point of this is to be led to a browser window. In case you get a message that states that the security of the page couldn’t be verified, don’t pay attention to it. Just select “Yes” to move forward.
  12. A page will appear in front of you that has the sign-in screen for your particular hotel. This is meant to sign you up for the WiFi signal for you to use it.

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This page is also meant for hotel administration to keep tabs on who makes use of their WiFi setup for their business’ security.

Here, insert all the details that are being asked of you.

  1. After you have pressed “Connected” you have to double-select the back option to reach the network screen.
  2. Here, you have to choose “Test Internet Connection”. This is to test if the last couple of steps you did made a difference.
  3. You will likely have connected to the internet and will no longer come across the “Failed” message when connecting to the internet connection.
  4. You will see other information on the WiFi signal, including its speed indicating that your attempt was indeed successful.

Are You Still Facing Issues Trying To Connect To The WiFi Directly? Here’s What You Can Do

If all the steps we have provided up there don’t work, you can try the methods we have given below to see if they work for you:

Connect PS4 to mobile hotspot

So, can you connect a PS4 to a mobile hotspot? The answer is YES!

Start off by activating the cellphone hotspot, link it to your PlayStation 4, and you are done.

In this method, you can use your phone to connect to the WiFi of the hotel you are staying at.

Note: Using your cellphone data is also an option, though it can be very pricey to do so.

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Get A Travel Router

This is also another option you can try. Just keep a travel router with you for your gaming needs.

Doing this will pass on the hotel WiFi signals to you. As a result, you can play your game stress-free.

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Signal-sharing Via Laptop

This method will work if your Laptop has Windows 10 in it. You can attempt to connect it to the hotel’s WiFi.

Here is how you do it. Just go to the settings of your WiFi, and select the “Share Internet Connection” button for signal-sharing from your laptop.

All the above steps are easy to do and sure to work for you.

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There may be some extra steps to doing this, but it is by no means impossible to use hotel wifi on PS4. We have even added the steps on how to connect ps4 to phone internet and mobile hotspot.

For the most part, your gaming experience will depend on the quality of WiFi your hotel is providing. Nonetheless, this post is your ideal solution.

So the next time you face problems connecting your console to the hotel wiFi, return to our guide on this very issue for all the right information, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Happy gaming!

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