How to Connect PS4 Slim Audio Output to Speakers?

how to connect ps4 slim audio output to speakers
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The PS4 slim is undoubtedly the most amazing gaming console one can have. Day by day it is getting high-demanded. Especially, online gamers are falling in love with its wonderful features. Its lineup is mind-blowing. With the rise of gaming industry, the customer base for this is also raising very high.

Besides all the amazing features, it has an individual shortcoming that it lacks a digital optical audio output. You are unable to use an RCA/AV cable to produce audio from the PS4 because it lacks a sound out port, unlike the Ps3 which can create a frustrating experience for the audiophile and obviously for the user as well. This issue could stand in the way of a smooth gaming experience.

However, not all hope is gone. Some alternative methods can get your audiophile sound on speakers. In this review, we will define how to connect PS4 slim audio output to speakers in three easy ways. Let’s get started below:

How to Connect PS4 Slim Audio Output to Speakers

1. Output your PS4 Audio to the speakers using your TV

Connecting PS4 audio to the speaker using HDMI TVs is the cheapest and the easiest method. It is important to check the setting of the speaker or audio system before connecting the PS4, that the default audio output is set to the TV neither the internal speakers of the TV. Therefore, PS4 automatically improves and enhances its sound output to the device in which the console cable is inserted. That is why the setting adjustment is necessary.

Let’s have a look at an alternative method for connecting PS4 slim outputs.

2. Connect speakers to PS4 via game controller

This method is considered to be the most reliable one, as it performs much improved than having to tolerate the default PS4 audio system. A 3.5-millimeter male-to-male aux audio cable is required for managing it. If the measurements seem too puzzling, it is just a normal cable with headphone jacks on individual ends. This is available at almost all tech or automotive stores, including offline and online. Below are the steps required to connect the PS4 audio output to speakers:

  • Insert an individual end of the cable into your game controller and the other end to the speakers’ slot for Audio In.
  • Then, power on your PS4 and connect your controller to it.
  • After that, direct to the PS4 console settings and choose the Settings option.
  • Then, choose Devices near the lower side of the page.
  • Then press the X button, then choose Audio Devices, which is located at the upper side of the page.
  • After that, choose the Output to Headphones option at the lower side of the page and again press X. Observe, if the selection is greyed out and cannot be chosen, verify the connectivity of the aux cable to the PS4 controller and confirm it is correctly inserted.
  • At last, choose All Audio and select X. This will redirect the PS4 Audio from your TV speakers to the external speakers linked through the aux audio cables.

The above-mentioned method has a disadvantage, that it changes the sound quality of PS4. However, it is still great than using it with TV audio. Getting good performance cables may perhaps be capable to assist a little.

Due to this disadvantage, we are defining one more alternate method for connecting PS4 slim audio output to speakers.

3. Multi-room audio system

This procedure can use optical sound output, RCA/ AV cables, or HDMI sound output. This method assists all of them. The HDMI splitter routinely allows an individual HDMI input indicator into two distinct HDMI output indicator displays. The HDMI obtain the audio from your HDMI input source to your speakers through a coaxial digital sound output and 3.5-millimeter stereo sound output cables. They can support up to 4K sound and are well-matched with streaming stages for example Chromecast and Roku.

There will be two HDMI ports on the contrary ends of the sound extractor. The sound extractor also includes audio-out ports that are suitable with RCA, optical, or 3.5-millimeter stereo cables. It is important to ensure the compatibility between the sound extractor’s audio output and your speaker’s audio input.

Whereas the TV appears with its HDMI cable that is used for attaching the PS4 to the TV, you will require an additional on, that will be connected the TV to the sound extractor.

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Here are the steps for connecting your PS4 slim audio output to speakers via an HDMI splitter and an HDMI sound extractor:

  • Initially, use the first cable to join the PS4 to the sound extractor.
  • Then, gather up the second cable and insert one end into the sound extractor’s Audio Out slot and the other end into the TV’s HDMI slot.
  • After that, use the audio cable to join the sound extractor to your speakers. The end of the audio cable that is connected to the sound extractor, is put in the Audio Output, whereas the one on the speaker drives into the Audio Input.

This procedure has a single disadvantage of high-cost issues. It can be pretty expensive for a user on a low budget. Moreover, the audio quality is much substandard in comparison with the first method. There will be quite an obvious difference in the audio quality from the sound extractor to your speakers.

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If your TV has high-quality inner speakers, then it is sensible to prevent additional price on connecting the PS4 slim audio output to speakers. On the other hand, you can connect headphones to the controller. But this wouldn’t be enjoyable for group games, and extended use of headphones can harm your ears as well.

After reading this review and having all the guidelines on connecting the PS4 slim audio output to speakers, we hope that you will find these three methods helpful when needed to implement.


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