How to Connect Canon Printer to Mac?

how to connect canon printer to mac
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Canon is a top-notch brand, and Canon printers are among an array of other quality products they provide. These include camcorders, cameras, photocopiers, computers etc.

Canon printers are known for their great printing quality, the product’s longevity, and overall customer satisfaction has remained evergreen.

However, not every person is tech-savvy, and people can understand how to add canon printers to Mac or windows.

There is no need to seek the nearest technician to help you out; this article will guide mac users about connecting canon printer to mac in the easiest way possible. So let’s dive right into it.

How to add canon printer to Mac?

If you’re wondering how to add a canon printer to mac, the first thing to get out of the way is to check which model of canon printer you’re using. Suppose it’s a relatively newer model if you might need to set up AirPrint. Otherwise, downloading the canon printer driver on mac will do.

Steps to connect Canon printer to Wireless Network

To connect your Canon printer to a wireless network, follow these steps:

  • First, turn on your Canon printer.
  • Make sure that your router has a WPS button available.
  • Do confirm beforehand that your network is using a WPA or WPA2 protocol.
  • Next, click on the Wi-Fi button.
  • Press it until the alarm lamp light flickers once.
  • Once the light turns blue, go to the router.
  • Press the WPS button.
  • Press the button for 2 minutes. This is important; otherwise, the connection won’t establish.
  • Blinking or flickering of Wi-Fi will indicate that the printer is searching for the networks available.
  • The blinking of both the power lamp and Wi-Fi indicates that the connection has been established.
  • Once connected, the flickering/ blinking will cease.
  • Download Canon Printer driver from here.
  • Once the setup is complete, the printer will be ready to use.

Hopefully, the connection has been established successfully.

Connect canon printer to Mac using wired connection

  • Turn on your Canon printer.
  • Next, download the Canon Printer driver from the official Canon Website.
  • Now, link the USB cable to both your devices, i.e. mac and the canon printer.
  • In the Apple menu, click on personal preferences and then click ‘print and fax’. Now click on the printing tab.
  • If, for some odd reason, the printer does not respond, click on the option that says ‘printer’s chauffeur download.’
  • You will see two choices on your printer’s web browser link: IP printers and default web browsers.
  • You need to click on a default web browser and select the model of your printer.
  • The include button will turn active when the connection between your computer with a printer becomes active.
  • Pick ‘include the printer on your mac.’
  • This will allow your Canon printer to be linked to mac successfully.

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This article will help you add canon printer to mac. Above is a step-wise guide to install canon printer on mac using wired network and wireless network.

Hopefully, this guide is easy to follow. For further assistance, one should contact the canon printer tech support.


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