Step by Step Guide How to Clean Your PS4 – [Slim/Pro]

PlayStation 4 is a must-have for gamers especially owing to its features and the extraordinary gaming experience. Therefore, you must give it a VIP treatment, for example a thorough PS4 cleaning! Well, do you have any clue whether you can clean PS4 or how to do it?

So, how to carry PS4 dust cleaning?

To carry on with PS4 cleaning; firstly, you must ensure that the console is turned off. Then, detach the power cable. Next, with a fiber cloth clean it gently. Further, on the back of the console, open screws using screwdrivers. After opening the console, you can use compressed air for deep cleaning.

To learn more about PS4 cleaning, the kit required for this task, and how you can clean PS4 fan, please keep reading!

how to clean your ps4
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When should you clean your PS4?

PS4 cleaning is a must, but you need to know when you need to clean it. You see, everything tends to break down, but the more you care for it, the better you’re able to extend its life. The key is to look out for the markers. How do you know when you should carry out your PS4 cleaning?

Well, the biggest marker is the sound. Over time, your PS4 tends to collect dust, significantly decreasing its speed and risk of overheating. You can tell when its sound starts to increase. When your PS4 sounds like a jet engine, you know it’s time for a good cleanup. The best thing to do is to keep it in a clean environment already away from dust so it doesn’t happen too often. But now that the dust has collected, it’s time for cleaning. Essentially, you’ll just require a clean once in a blue moon.

What is the kit required for PS4 cleaning?

In order to make sure your PS4 cleaning is done right, you need to make sure you have the right products. For internal cleaning, you can opt for a PS4 cleaning kit, or make sure you have the following products at hand;

You can also keep a small vacuum cleaner with a hose and brush attachment. This helps with both the internal and external cleaning, making sure all of the dust is efficiently cleaned off. This can also help with cleaning PS4 pro as well as the fan and all the internal, hard-to-get places.

How to clean PS4?

The trick is to be gentle with your PS4 cleaning. One wrong move and you may end up causing damage to your PS4. Next, you need to know the proper usage of the tools.

Here are the steps to clean PS4:

  1. Begin your cleaning by powering off your console. Make sure that you have disconnected all of the cables.
  2. Next, you can softly blow on the unit and wipe the exterior with the microfiber. The exterior is relatively easier to clean, but try to keep a light hand while wiping.
  3. Turn your PS4 over. You’ll find the stickers placed over there.
  4. Peel off the stickers on the back and then use your T9 screwdriver to take out the screws.
  5. Once the back is unscrewed, you can easily slide it off. Take the can of compressed air and hold it upright. Very carefully blow air on the interior.
  6. You’ll find the screws here holding the PS4 in place. Be careful when doing this step. Make sure you hold the power supply in place as you take out the screws. Set it aside without disconnecting the power supply cable.

How to clean the PS4 slim and PS4 pro?

If you’ve invested so much of your money on a PS4 Slim, then it’s only fair that you know how to clean PS4 Slim.

Here’s a video to learn how to clean the PS4 slim and PS4 pro:

YouTube video

In all, you’ll find that the PS4 Slim and Pro models will not require you to remove their screws, nor use any tools for internal cleaning. Be careful removing the plastic cowlings since they use slight force.

How to clean your ps4 fan?

Being a PS4 user isn’t always as easy as people make it out to be, especially when you end up with a noisy fan. What you do need is a good knowledge of how to clean a PS4 fan. This is in case you’ve moved past your warranty phase. Keep in mind that once you take off your sticker while in the warranty phase, you’ll immediately void it.

Here are the steps to clean PS4 fan:

  1. The first step is to ensure your PS4 is not plugged in.
  2. Once you’re sure, keep a small zip lock bag with you. Take the screws out from the PS4 and place them in the bag for safe keeping.
  3. Carefully flip your PS4. Once it’s upside down and safely secured, you can now remove the plastic cowling below.
  4. You’ll now find that it can easily lift the cowling from the back. Very slightly slide it forward until you can see the sharp edges and wires on the front side.
  5. The fan will be visible inside. Use your canned air and make sure you blow on the fan from every angle.
  6. You’ll have to be careful while cleaning, making sure you get the grills along the left and right sides of the console.

YouTube video

Now that you know how to clean your PS4 yourself, you can easily take care of its maintenance and prolong good gameplay. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll notice a significant change in performance. Remember, it’s important to know when you need a good cleanup, but don’t do it too often, you’ll only end up damaging your PS4 instead. 

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