How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually? (8 Simple Ways)

There are many ways to charge the laptop battery manually. One common way to charge a laptop battery is to use a portable laptop charger. You can also use power banks to charge your laptop manually even when you are traveling and there is no electricity. Moreover, you can use solar energy and an AC adapter to charge the laptop battery.

Is there a way to charge a laptop battery externally?

You can charge your laptop battery externally with a compatible external charger. Just remove the laptop’s battery and plug it into the external charger. However, you won’t be able to use your laptop unless the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is charged, plug it back into your laptop and turn it on to use it smoothly.

Keep reading to find more ways to charge your laptop battery manually.

How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually
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How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

The batteries of laptops can undergo malfunction cause of several reasons like there might be a chance that your charger is faulty, or you may have been using it for a long time, and now it has completed his life. There might be an issue in your adapter or port that can affect a batter’s performance.

If you are sure that the charger and the port you are using are working fine and your battery is new, then here are some like hacks to manually charge your laptop battery.

Charging laptop battery via USB

In each type of laptop there are mainly categorize ports into two sections: A and B. a type ports can only send power to the devices which means that through the use of this port you can charge your mobile phones, power banks, etc. and can connect devices like USBs, and other external hardware devices.

Charging Laptop Battery Via Usb

Here the use of type B port is crucial as they can take power in. This port is used to charge laptops batteries without having a charger, it uses power banks or sometimes mobile battery to charge the laptop. Not all laptops have port B for external USB charging. Make sure to read the manual transcript of your device to get information related to the use of port B as in some devices, this port is referred to as port C as well.

Use of universal power adapter

For dead batteries, universal power acts as an external oxygen aid. As they can give them a new life. Whenever a device’s battery is manufactured, the technicians use some universal adapters to charge it properly. But one should be careful about the use of these adapters as being universal does not mean that they can be used to charge any type of battery, sometimes their use can damage the batter. So, you should make sure that the universal adapter that you are going to use is either compatible with your battery or not. Also, you must check the customer reviews of the type of adapter that you are going to use and always make a wise decision to avoid any technical issues.

Use of external battery charger

Another way to charge your laptop is the use of any third-party adapter, in other words, the use of any external adapters. Each company provides access to the external adapters to charge the laptops. You can find further details about these adapters from companies’ websites whose laptop/ battery you are using.

Use Of External Battery Charger

Once again, one must read the manual carefully to see the compatibility of the external device with your device to avoid further issues. Because the use of external devices can damage influence the performance of your laptop and, in the worst scenario, can cause severe damages.

Use of AC Adapters

Mostly each type of laptop has a hookup for AC adapters. Most of the laptop devices have compatible AC ports available by default. But if your laptop does not have one, then you must consult with the manufacturers to get one for you. Or you can use other charging techniques. Most of the batteries have this brilliant feature, and you are lucky to have one, then you can directly connect AC power with your laptop and enjoy it’s working.

Use of super batteries

The use of super batteries provides a great solution to use your laptop consistently for 8-10 hours, as these batteries have long running time. These batteries offer you an option to charge your laptops without using any original charger.

Use Of Super Batteries

If you are using your laptop while traveling or a place where you don’t have access to charging your laptop then I would suggest to install super batteries. You just need to replace your battery with a super battery to keep on working for a long time without any hassle.

Use of Solar Energy

In the modern era of technology, solar cells have been used widely to fulfill electricity needs due to their eco-friendly behavior. This means that these solar cells can be used to charge the laptop batteries. Single cells work by converting cosmic rays into electricity, this electricity can be further transmitted to many devices via batteries.

It can be used to supply electricity to both AC and DC type devices. It provides a relatively flexible, productive, and cheap solution to use electrical equipment. So if one has access to solar power the I suggest using it for charging laptop batteries as it’s economic and enhances the productivity of the device.

Portable laptop Charger

To get the best working experience with your laptop, I suggest using a portable laptop charger. As most of the time, when you are traveling and using a laptop or working in remote areas, the availability of electricity is the main issue. To get rid of this issue and keep your performance up to mark, you must use portable battery chargers. Once again, I would suggest you check the compatibility of the charger with your laptop device to avoid any issues.

Use of power bank for Charging

Power Bank For Charging

For remote working, one must make sure to have a battery with a long life. One solution is to use super batteries with great timing, but another feasible solution is the use of power banks. Each type of laptop has several ports that can let you have power in or out of the system. Usually, port C is used for letting power into your system. You can quickly get a portable charger compatible with your device and can use it wisely.

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In the era of technology, we have seen a drastic change in the working styles of many organizations. Most of the time, people carry around their own portable devices: laptops for working. But the common issue faced by the users of such devices is the battery charging to increase the productivity of the device. The use of external chargers, super batteries, AC power, etc. are some ways to charge the laptop batteries manually. Further, one should also be vigilant about the maintenance of his laptop and its battery. Each type of device has some life, and after that, they need to be by taking good care of your device, you can increase their life expectancy.

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How to charge laptop battery externally

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  1. Using an external battery is a powerful thing but I always remove my battery from the laptop and then connect it with the external charger to charge the battery.

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