How to Charge a PS4 Controller?

how to charge a ps4 controller
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The PS4 console and its advanced DS4 controller go hand-in-hand. None is valuable without the other. It would be best to have both the PS4 and its controller make the most of your gaming. However, the controllers require charging so that declining battery levels do not interrupt your gameplay.

If you wish for smooth and unhindered playtime with your PS4, you need to keep a watch on your PS4 controller charging not to swap the controllers during the game. This article primarily focuses on charging a PS4 controller, how much time it takes, and how to recharge it if you have lost the cable, and much more.

So, let’s get started!

Can you charge a PS4 controller from an outlet?

Charging your PS4 controller from a wall outlet is a doable task and relatively easy since you do not have to keep your PS4 console running for hours to recharge your PS4 controller. Though you can charge your PS4 controller from an outlet, you need to ensure two things; firstly, you must have a USB wall charger, and secondly, if the charger’s compatibility matches with that of the controller’s.

Moreover, charging your PS4 controller from a wall outlet does not constitute the only option you have. You can also use the USB ports on your PS4 console to charge the controller. With either option, the time the PS4 controller takes to recharge remains more or less the same.

However, charging a PS4 controller from a wall charger, you must check the charger’s output, which should be 0.8amp, since the controller takes 0.8amp whether you choose to charge it from a wall charger or PS4 console. If the output of the wall charger is less, it will exhaust the controller.

How to charge a PS4 controller?

Charging a PS4 controller is a pretty much simple and convenient task. To keep the functionality of your PS4 controller high, you must charge it at least once a year so that it does not betray you while playing your favorite games on PS4.

Following are different methods you can opt for to charge your PS4 controller;

1. Charge the controller via its USB cable

  • When you buy a PS4 system, it comes with a PS4 controller, USB cable, and other essential accessories. To begin charging your PS4 controller, you need to connect the controller using the USB cable that we just mentioned.
  • For PS4’s controller’s charging, you need to make sure that your PS4 console is either turned on or in rest mode.
  • To check the controller’s current charging status, you need to press and hold the PS button on the controller and look for the battery level on the screen.

2. DS4 controller’s charging via charging stations

If you have lost the controller’s USB cable and think it’s worrisome because you will not be able to recharge your PS4 controller, you might be mistaken. Without having the USB cable, you can charge your PS4 controller using tiny, advanced stationary devices called ‘charging stations.’

Moreover, these devices do not have compatibility issues.

3. Use battery packs to add more power to the DS4 controller

You can use another easy-to-carry technology to charge your PS4 controller, known as ‘battery packs’ or ‘power banks.’ All you need to do is charge these power banks and use them when your controller’s charging levels decline, and you do not want to opt for other charging methods.

Charge the controller when the PS4 is in rest mode

Rest mode of PS4 allows you to do different tasks; for instance, you can download games or their contents or charge your PS4 controller while your console is in rest mode.

If you wish to charge your PS4 controller while your PS4 console is in rest mode, here’s how you do it;

  • While your console is turned on, go to ‘Settings’ and open ‘Power Save Settings.’
  • Next, click on ‘Select Features Available in Rest Mode.’
  • A window will pop up where you have to turn on the ‘Supply Power to USB Port.’ Set this to ‘Always’ or ‘Three hours,’ any more convenient option to you.
  • Modifying these settings permits your PS4 controller to recharge when your console is in rest mode.

Is it harmful to use the PS4 controller when it is charging?

A straightforward answer to this question would be to use your PS4 controller while getting recharged via your console. Understandably, you cannot wait on your game just because your controller is on charging.

There is no evidence of battery damage if you use your PS4 controller while it is on charging. However, you must keep in mind that this action will increase the time required by your controller to charge completely. Besides, you can damage the charging port on the controller due to rash movements while you involve in the game ultimately.

How can I save battery life on my PS4 controller?

Do you often wonder if there are any tried and tested tricks and tips to save the battery life on your PS4 controller? We assume you do! Following are a few tips to make your PS4 controller’s charging last longer;

1. Set the light bar brightness to low

The light bar on your PS4 controller consumes a considerable amount of battery, especially when set to the highest level. Make sure you put this brightness to the lowest level to prolong the battery timings.

2. Disable controller’s vibration

Another tip to make your PS4 controller’s battery lasts longer is to turn off the controller’s vibration.

3. Minimize the controller’s auto turn off time

You can also save battery life by reducing the turn-off time of your PS4 controller while you are not using it. We suggest you set it ‘After 10 minutes’ so that the controller does not consume charging when not being used.

Save your controller battery by fixing PS4 turning on and off problem.

4. Lessen the controller’s volume

The PS4 controller’s speaker takes the battery as much as its vibrations or light bars do. Therefore, if you wish your controller’s battery to last long, you will need to reduce the controller’s speaker volume.

Can I make my PS4 controller’s battery live long?

A worth discussing query often arises: What can one do to make the PS4 controller’s battery live longer. Speaking of the battery’s more extended and sustained health, we suggest you put it on charge when it shows zero charging and leaves it until it gets fully charged. It is the most reliable method via which your controller’s battery will work for a long time.


How long does it take for a PS4 controller to charge?

Either you charge the controller using a wall charger or PS4 console. It will take two hours to recharge completely.

How to tell if a PS4 controller is charging?

Either look for the light bar’s color on the controller to see if it is charging or press and hold the PS button to directly check the charging’s progress.

What is the color when the PS4 controller is charging?

If the controller is charging, the light bar on the controller flashes orange or amber colored light slowly. When the controller is ultimately charged, the light bar turns off.

How to increase the PS4 controller’s battery life?

If you wish your PS4 controller’s battery life to last longer than usual, it would be best to charge it fully when it is completely drained.

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Final verdict

Charging a PS4 controller is a critical yet essential task else, its low battery level may become a hindrance in your console gaming. In this guide, we have tried our best to cover valuable and helpful information on charging a PS4 controller and related queries.

We hope it will prove helpful for our readers.


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