3 Easy Ways How to Change NAT Type on PS4 – [2024 Updated]

Understandably, you cannot enjoy online gaming if you face frequent disconnections. Similarly, a user’s online gaming on PS4 may interrupt due to failure of PS4 NAT types. If you have been facing the same issue, you have arrived on the right spot, rest assured!

But, what does NAT type failed mean on PS4?

If you encounter the NAT type failure on PS4, it means you cannot resume to party chat with friends while gaming online. Mostly, it occurs due to wrong internet settings saved on your console.

We suggest you to keep reading to learn more about PS4 NAT types, the best NAT type for PlayStation and how you can change PS4 NAT type.

how to change your nat type on ps4
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What is Network Address Translation (NAT)?

The NAT is the most crucial function of a router that generally works as a firewall for the network address and multiple connected devices.

It deciphers the IP address of every device connected to the network and translates each of your individual devices’ IP addresses into one private address.

The object is to reduce network security threats and prevent recognizing the internal IP address created for the PS4.

Moreover, the NAT is designed to allow multiple devices to access the Internet (inside a private network) through a single public address. Along with the limitation in the IP addresses for a network.

There are a few drawbacks and certain benefits related to the NAT application:


  • Enhanced security feature for private networks
  • Increases the flexibility and reliability of the network
  • Easy to Solve Ps4 Nat Type Failed Erro


  • Few applications might not run smoothly
  • Consume lots of memory as well as processor
  • End-to-end IP traceability is los

How many NAT types are on PS4?

Before learning how to fix NAT types on PS4, we will need to have accurate knowledge about the NAT types. There are mainly three NAT types those are designated for PS4 consoles that can affect the internet speed. These different types can be used for various reasons, but they all still work as a NAT.

Type 1: Open type

The PS4 NAT type 1 or Open Type is known for solving the high ping issue on your PS4, but it also compromises the security. Gamers can connect the PS4 with users of any NAT type with very few chances of disconnection or interruption.

The Open Type allows direct and an excellent connection to the internet for a smooth online gaming experience while completely conflicting with NAT standards. Though the network is open and vulnerable to any security threat, it’s an exchange for lag-free gaming.

Type 2: Moderate type

The PS4 NAT Type 2 might be a perfect solution for PS4 console users as it brings equity between network safety and connectivity. Users can join chats, stream, download, and do other online activities while remaining behind the router and safely receiving external connections.

The Moderate NAT Type is connected with a router that has little impact on speed, and you might get some lag. Compared with Type one, it contributes more towards the security of other applications, allowing the connecting option to most players but with a higher lag.

Type 3: Strict type

Type 3 must be the reason you are facing too many disconnecting issues from the PS4 game because your PS4 console is protected behind a router and a firewall while no network ports are arriving. Furthermore, it holds others to connect you but entitles you to connect to the other games and players.

Keep in mind you won’t be allowed to host an online game with the NAT type 3. The PS4 Nat type 3 does prioritize security above all other functions, but it puts a lot of restrictions. The firewall keeps you from worrying about security while giving the highest chances of disconnection.

Next time you use your PS4 console for online gaming, do check your NAT type, and it is highly recommended you change it to NAT Type 2 for security concerns.

How to check NAT types on PS4?

Now you most probably wonder what NAT type you’re on in the first place that turns your gaming sessions into a nightmare. It’s a straightforward process, and before switching to a different NAT mode, let’s check the NAT Type on PS4.

Here are the steps to check your NAT on ps4:

  1. Press the power button on your PS4 and switch it on
  2. From the home page, go to Settings and select Network
  3. Select the Test Internet Connection option
  4. Wait for some time as the PS4 system analyses the network
  5. After the test, you can go into the View Connection Status Option and locate the NAT type at the bottom.

connection status

Note down the IP address and the Default Gateway; you will need these to make changes in the NAT Type.

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How to change NAT type on PS4?

Changing NAT type is not a two-step process, and you cant change the NAT types from PS4 directly. You will have to alter the settings on your network router manually, mainly depending upon the model of your router. But following detailed steps to change NAT types will give you a basic idea.

Here are the methods to change NAT type on PS4:

Method # 1: Enable UPnP in router settings

UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play is an easy method for solving PS4 NAT Type Failed Error. The function lets the devices communicate, verify and discover other devices connected to the same network router. In addition to that, it boosts the game speed and fixes laggy chats or audio in PS4 lobbies.

How you enable UPnP always depends on your router, but the initial steps are the same for almost every router brand. Just follow the process:

  1. Launch the web browser from a mobile or computer device connected to the same router network

default ip address

  1. In the URL box enter your noted IP Address and hit enter.
  2. Enter the router username and password

login form

  1. Go to Advanced settings and then Advanced Setup
  2. Select UPnP, and the UPnP page will display
  3. Select the Check Box next to Turn UPnP On
  4. Click on Apply/ Save on the setting page
  5. Restart the router to confirm the changes
  6. Go to the Settings and View Connection Status
  7. You will get the changed NAT Type

Method # 2: Putting the PS4 to DMZ

A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) network lies between the secure (home network) and insecure internet (multiplayer gamers/ public network). It means your device can receive connections from outside but will remain prone to attacks from the internet.

To put your PS4 to the DMZ, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your router interface and Find the DMZ setting
  2. Enable DMZ a box will appear on screen for IP address
  3. Input the IP address of the PS4 you have already noted from the “view connection status”
  4. Save the new changes and close the window
  5. Boot up your system and go to Settings to check if your PS4 NAT Type has changed.

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The above method is straightforward and only requires the IP address, but unfortunately, it does pose potential security and privacy threat for the console.

Method # 3: Port forwarding on your PS4 router

The Port Forwarding Method helps you get NAT Type 2 on your PS4; although this is not a guaranteed fix, it supports you switching to a different NAT Type. You will set custom ports on the router to establish the PS4 connection.

Follow the process step-by-step to set up a port forward:

  1. Open your router Settings
  2. Locate setting named as Forwarding Router, Virtual Servers, or Port Forwarding
  3. Here Add Custom Forwards ports.
  4. These are the numbers and types (either TCP or UDP) that you’ll need to add:
    • 80 (TCP), 443 (TCP), 3478 (TCP and UDP),
    • 3479 (TCP and UDP), and 3480 (TCP).
    • You should assign a name and IP address (the same you’ve written down) to each port.
  5. Confirm the changes
  6. Now again, check your PS4 Nat Type
  7. It should show NAT type 2

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So this is how you change your NAT Type On PS4 through port forwarding. On the backhand, the port forward setting forces the router to take data showing on specific ports and send it to a certain device, such as your PlayStation.


If you successfully identified your PS4 NAT Type and switched it for a better one, you should see the improvements in online gaming. Because now the new NAT type allows external data to flow ideally into your private address without any hindrance. But the primary purpose of NAT is to act as a security measure, and sometimes its controlling firewalls dismiss all connections.

In this article, we have tried to explain what is NAT Type and how to change your NAT Type on PS4. These methods will surely help you when trying to solve PS4 trouble connecting to a network or NAT Type failed error. However, when you use PS4 for online gaming, make sure you choose the type that suits you the best.

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