[Solved] – How to Change PS4 Controller Color Easily?

Your PS4 controller has different colors depending on the game, players, and console activities. Having the authority of changing the PS4 controller light colors would be truly mesmerizing! So, do you wish upon changing the PS4 controller’s light colors?

So, can you change the PS4 controller light colors?

Of course, you can change PS4 controller light colors! To do this, please installed InputMapper software on your PC then connect your PS4 controller to the PC’s USB port > Click on “profile” from the left menu of InputMapper > select “new profile” > go to “configuration” > open “light bar settings” > select as per your preference > final click on “save.” 

We suggest you keep reading to learn what different PS4 controller light colors mean, and how you can change color for each user on the PS4 controller!

how to change ps4 controller color
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How to Change the Color of Your PS4 Controller 

Unfortunately, your PS4 doesn’t have an inbuilt system to allow you to change the PS4 controller color. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t! You will have to go to your computer and download software named InputMapper.

Here are the steps to change color of PS4 controller smoothly:

  1. Start by plugging the PS4 controller using the USB charger for your PS4. Connect it to your PC’s USB port.
  2. Next, open the InputMapper program that you installed.
  3. Towards the left, you’ll find the menu bar with the option “Profile.”
  4. Select the option “New profile” then go to “Configuration.”
  5. Underneath the category “Lightbar settings” you’ll find several options such as:
    • Discharging mode – changes the color of your LED when your controller has a low battery.
    • Charging Mode – changes the color of your LED when your controller is charging.
    • Fully Charged Mode – changes the color of your LED when it is completely charged.
  6. Select the one you prefer and then save the changes once it’s finalized.

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Change Color on PS4 Controller for Each User

For every user logged in to the PS4 console, a color is assigned which then lights up on the respective controllers. The PS4 controller light colors are simple – if it’s for player one, the light is blue. If you’re player two, then the light is red. If you’re the third player then it’s green, and purple if you’re the fourth player. If you want to assign these colors to yourself then here’s what you do:

  1. Begin by creating new users if you don’t have any more users – which means creating three more and the fourth will be the primary.
  2. Next, sign in to one of the users. You’ll notice that the first user logged in will make your controller light blue.
  3. Now, switch to the next user which would not change the colors according to the above-mentioned scheme. Remember; you will have to log in with the main account to control how you change your PS4 controller color.


How to change the PS4 controller color is really not that difficult. Keep in mind that, to change user color, if you make the primary user according to the color you want, your controller LED will change as well. Now, you can enjoy a great game according to your requirements!

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