How to Change Mouse Dpi? [Windows/Mac]

Can’t figure out how to change the mouse DPI? Don’t worry, as it’s easy. Open your computer, go to the settings, choose the ‘Devices’ option, and open the ‘Mouse’ settings. Next, click on the ‘Additional mouse settings and select the ‘Pointer’ option. Now you can move the slider to adjust the DPI according to your wish.

Is 800 DPI good for gaming?

Yes! Mostly pro gamers have a DPI between 400-800 so that the gaming mice track perfectly. However, if you want to edit a zoomed-in photo, you must set a lower DPI so the pointer lands exactly where you want it to, and you can finish the work faster. 

Keep reading to learn what DPI is and how to change the mouse DPI on Macbook and Windows.

How To Change Mouse Dpi
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What Is My DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and it is not as technical as it may sound. When we talk about your mouse DPI, we are essentially talking about the movement of your physical mouse in centimeters before your in-game characters make a complete 360 move. For instance, you have to move your mouse 3 centimeters towards the right to make your character take a 360 turn from the right. If you lower your DPI, you may have to move your mouse 4 or 5 centimetres to the right in order to make the same 360 turn, and vice versa.

This is also relevant for photo editing as you need to set the movement of your mouse per inch. If you’re making extremely precise edits to a picture while zoomed in, you would want to keep a lower DPI so your pointer lands exactly where you want it to when you move your mouse.

This is where DPI settings come in. The following is a detailed guide to help you understand how to change your mouse DPI.

How to Change Mouse DPI on Macbook and Windows?

What Dpi Is Best For You

Most of us who use computers for editing or gaming either have a MacBook, or Windows version 7 and above. These PCs have some built-in settings that allow you to alter your mouse DPIs. In fact, the mouse settings in the control panels actually provide you with some additional settings as well like the speed of your mouse and scrolling wheel.

So basically, there are two simple ways to check mouse dpi and change it.

  1. From the fly button
  2. From settings

From The DPI-Fly Button

If ‘how to change mouse DPI’ is the question that brought you here, then you would love to hear the simplest and the easiest way to do that. When we say the DPI-fly button, we are referring to a physical button on your mouse body. It allows you to change mouse dpi by using the different sensitivity settings.

Here is how to change dpi on the mouse through dpi-fly button:

  • Locate the DPI button on the mouse. Usually, it is on the left side of the mouse or on top of it.
  • Gaming mouse also comes with an application. Download it and use the application to control settings virtually.
  • Now press the physical button to change mouse DPI. The settings will change according to your or the company’s pre-set settings.

Recommended Fly Button Mouse

There is often a limitation to the maximum DPI you can set with this physical button. Unfortunately, though, not all mice have this button. In case your mouse is not as contemporary or as high-ended, you need not worry. We have another solution for you. Keep reading, and you can thank us later.

From Settings (Windows)

A lot of people don’t know how to check mouse DPI on windows or the way to change it through settings.

Here are the steps to change the mouse DPI from settings. (Windows)

  • Enter the control panel through the start menu
  • There you will find “Mouse”. Click on it and then on Mouse Properties à Pointer Options. Now click on “The Motion” tab and set the speed of your pointer.
  • You can also improve the precision of your pointer through the “Enhance Pointer Precision” box. Simply check the box and you’re good to go. If you’re a gamer and want your mouse to operate as you want it to, enhancing pointer precision may not be the best idea for you.

The mouse will now be moving according to your newly-made adjustment. If you’re fine with them, click on the “Apply” button to save the settings.

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From Settings (MAC)

Of course, accessing mouse settings is different in Windows and Mac. If you’re an Apple user, you need not worry. We have listed a few simple steps for you as well on how to change mouse DPI on Mac.

  • Access the ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple Menu. Here you will find the option “Mouse” if you’re on iMac. If you’re using a laptop, you will see the option, “Trackpad”.
  • Once you’ve reached here, simply go to the “Tracking Speed” in the “Point & Click” tab. For iMac users, you need to access pointer adjustment speeds through the “Mouse” option.
  • Once you are okay with the new settings, apply and save the changes.

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Here’s a pro tip: If you purchase a mouse with a high-polling rate, and set DPI sensitivity at higher settings, your cursor speeds will become quite fast and smooth. On the other hand, however high your DPI sensitivity is, if you have a low polling-rate mouse, it will lag.

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Gamers are quite picky about their mouse DPIs and everyone has their own preferences. Unfortunately, not many of these people know how to change mouse DPI, which makes it difficult for them to perform at their best. If you’re such a gamer or a pro-editor who needs the cursor to make precise and accurate movements, follow the above mentioned steps on how to check mouse DPI and change it. It barely takes a few minutes.

On a further note, you will not be able to improve your mouse performance unless you adjust mouse sensitivities as mentioned in this article. Also, make sure that the mouse driver in your machine is up-to-date as it will further help you change dpi on the mouse.

That’s all we have for you today! Enjoy the improved performance of your mouse/trackpad.

How to check mouse dpi

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