[7 Easy Steps] – How to Bypass HP Instant Ink Cartridges?

Want to bypass the HP instant ink? You can cancel the HP instant subscription program easily. However, you will need to change the ink cartridges manually to print without interruption. Also, after bypassing the HP instant ink, you must refill the empty ink cartridges.

How can I get my HP printer to print without Instant Ink?

Yes, you can print without the HP Instant Ink subscription program. But you will have to buy the new cartridges yourself from the shop. Make sure to replace the old and low-level ink cartridges with new ones to print smoothly. However, you won’t receive the free ink cartridges anymore that come with the HP Instant Ink program for a few months.

Keep reading to learn how to bypass HP instant ink and how to reset ink cartridges.

how to bypass hp instant ink cartridges
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What is the HP instant ink cartridges program?

Well, before we dig into methods about how you can bypass HP instant ink cartridges, you should know what exactly the program is all about? Therefore, let us tell you that HP instant ink cartridges are a subscription plan that works on monthly bills. People who sign up for the subscription have to pay a specific amount every month, whether they use the ink or not.

The HP instant ink program is about being monitored by HP all the time, and when your printer is about to run out of ink, HP will send you cartridges in advance through mails. However, the process is not ‘instant,’ but still, it saves people from worrying about ‘empty’ cartridges because if you have subscribed to the program, HP will never leave you with empty ink cartridges.

The HP instant ink cartridges program works well for a lot of people. However, some people do not opt for the program because it is heavy on their pockets, which is understandable; if you are not a regular printer user, you should not go for it. We assume you would not want to pay for something that you did not use, right?

Which HP printer models are compatible with the instant ink program?

To avail of the HP instant ink cartridges, you must know whether your HP printer model is compatible with the program or not. HP instant ink program does not work on every HP printer. If you know your HP printer model, you can click here to find out the eligibility of your printer.

What if I do not want HP instant ink cartridges?

First and foremost, you do not have to use the HP instant ink program to continue printing, and this is just a program that you have to choose whether you want it or not. Your printer still works fine without the program. However, it would help if you got the ink cartridges manually from the store for your printer.

If you subscribed to the HP instant ink cartridges earlier and did not want to continue paying for it, you can cancel the subscription right away before the next month’s bill arrives!

How to bypass HP instant ink cartridge?

Here are the steps to bypass the HP instant ink program:

  1. Firstly, you have to log in to your HP instant ink account.
  2. A window opens up on your screen showing the ‘how to override HP instant ink’ account’s page.
  3. Once you have your account page on the screen, please make sure to click on ‘my plan.’ Next, you have to select ‘edit.’
  4. You will see ‘cancel enrollment on the HP instant ink account,’ please make sure that you click on it to cancel your subscription.
  5. Next, you will come across a confirmation request for your action, where you have to click on ‘cancel service.’ This single click confirms your cancellation of the HP instant ink program.
  6. Following the steps mentioned above, you can successfully cancel the HP instant ink cartridges program, and it would not bother you. Besides, you can get manual ink cartridges for your printer and continue using the device.
  7. Also, the cancellation does not happen right away; when the month ends, your subscription will become inactive as well!

Note: it is crucial to keep in mind that you have to return all the unused ink cartridges to HP when the subscription ends. After cancellation, your printer is no more eligible to use these instant ink cartridges. Therefore, it would be best if you have already got replacement ink cartridges for your printer to continue working.

Can I have HP printer inks for free?

HP printer ink cartridges are not for free. If you use the HP instant ink program, you have to pay for it every month, and if you use the manual cartridges, you still have to pay for them at the purchasing store. However, the HP instant ink cartridges come with free trials. Using your referral links, you can keep getting free HP instant inks for a few months, but not forever!

Moreover, these referral links are shareable. You can share it with your friends and family, and each time someone signs up to HP instant ink using your referral links and codes, you get a free month of HP printer inks.

Besides, the HP printer inks are costly. As per the printer manufacturers, they have to invest hefty amounts of money to ensure the quality and reliability of ink.

Is it possible to refill cartridges on HP printers?

Well, you can always refill ink cartridges on HP printers so that they keep working efficiently. Undoubtedly, HP printers continue to give you brilliant images and printouts provided it has got enough ink in it. You can not only refill the ink cartridges but also use the remanufactured ones on your HP printer. However, refilling or reusing the ‘used’ cartridges may get you in trouble.

How to override HP printer empty cartridge?

Here’s how to override the HP printer empty cartridge:

  1. Firstly, make sure you turn off your HP printer by pressing the power button.
  2. After a few minutes, please turn it on again by pressing the same power button and wait until it finishes its setup procedures.
  3. Next, you have to open the access door on your HP printer to install the refilled ink cartridge.
  4. You will notice two dialogue boxes appearing on your screen that contains warning related to printing with empty ink cartridges, make sure you click on ‘ignore’ on these dialogue boxes.
  5. Next, you have to open the ‘control panel’ on your computer from the ‘start’s menu’ and select ‘printers.’
  6. Find your HP printer in the ‘printer’ list and click on ‘preferences.’
  7. Next, you have to click on the ‘maintenance’ window.
  8. Lastly, you have to disable the ‘ink level monitor’ so that HP stops giving you warnings and click ‘ok’ to confirm the action.

Tips to make printer’s ink durable

Here are a few tips that we have gathered for you to make your printer’s ink last longer than usual!

  • Review your documents, maybe twice or thrice, before you print them.
  • Use your printer in Draft or Economy mode, and it might be of help.
  • We do not advise getting colored prints for every document. You can use black and white images and save an extra bit of ink.
  • Make sure you use good-quality ink cartridges and not the local ones.
  • Please, do not go for the cheap printers to save money because the money you save at the time of purchase might cause you high costs later when buying ink cartridges.
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In conclusion

Undoubtedly, HP instant ink cartridges work wonders for many people who have got to print tons of pages every day. It saves them a considerable amount of money. However, not every package works well for every user. Therefore, those who wish to bypass their HP instant ink cartridges can grab the information from this article on how to cancel their subscription.

Moreover, we have also discussed that the HP instant ink cartridge is not essential to keep your printer working. You can use your HP printer even after overriding the instant ink plan. We hope this guide will prove helpful and clear your doubts!

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  1. After leaving my last job, My company Let me keep the HP printer that I had been using. We recently moved and I cannot Print . The error message says I need to update my Instant ink account and the credit card on file needs updating. I never had an account but i guess the company I worked for did. What is the workaround for this since I can’t log into an account I don’t have. Very frustrating.

  2. Very interesting. Can you order, online compatible ink cartridges, that will work with the printer, after canceling out of the program, such as through Amazon or elsewhere? Thank you.

  3. A few years ago I got a HP printer as a gift and it was set up with HP Instant Ink which I do not want , can I just use standard cartridges ?

  4. I’ve finished my subscription but now my cartridges don’t work anymore, is there a way to crack them so that i can use them till they are empty ?

  5. I bought a new printer and the instant ink plan now I ran out of color ink andnew cartage will not work WHY???????

  6. I never signed up for instant ink. I did get cartridges from the store and they were working fine until this morning when my printer is saying “Cartridge cannot be used until the printer is enrolled at HP instant ink”
    How do I work around that?

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